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"- - Maru-san…" Shikamaru's eyes tightened and eyebrows knit together. "Shikamaru-san…!" His eyes blinked open and found himself in musty smelling, thick aired, high ceiling room with a bright light shining in his eyes. The atmosphere felt like a weight that was pressed on his chest, making it hard to breathe. He rolled his head to the side groggily and saw familiar navy blue eyes staring down at him, concern lighting them up. Sandy blond hair flapped into the smooth face, and bruises decorated the tan skin.

"Oh, thank God you're awake, Shika-san!" Temari said, relief flooding through her body. Shikamaru sat up and looked at her, looking slightly dazed.

"…Temari-san?" he asked, blinking a few times, trying to focus in the light of the room. Temari gave a soft smile.

"Are you ok?" he asked noticing her bloody lip, and what looked like a broken nose. He looked at her arms and saw the many, many bruises scattered on her limbs. Temari stared at him, looking like she didn't want to answer that question. Her hair was out of the usual four ponytails, so it just draped over her shoulders lankly.

"Never mind me, how are you feeling?" she asked, nodding down to his abdomen. Shikamaru looked down and saw that he was shirtless, and had a bandage wrapped around his stomach. It didn't even hurt, there were very small specks of blood scattered around the bandaging.

"I feel…fine…" he frowned, putting his hand over the blood speckled bandage. He remembered that the man stabbed him, and as soon as he remembered the face he jumped to his feet and grabbed Temari. He finally realized what was going on. "Where are we? Where's the guy?"

"Guy? H-he's in…the-" she pointed to the door behind him, but before she could finish explaining, Shikamaru interrupted.

"Where's Naruto?" he asked, his voice growing louder. Temari's face sank. Shikamaru's heart started to race as his mind processed everything that was going on around him. Where he was, who was there, he eventually started to notice other people in there, most of them on long metal tables, sleeping in a dreamless sleep, trying to regain energy.

"I…I don't know," the sand Kunoichi mumbled, looking at the tables with Shikamaru. "He took Naruto-kun and a whole bunch of other kids away…haven't seen them in a while." Shikamaru felt like his heart skipped a beat. For one thing, he was afraid for his friend, and for another, he had to admit, Temari was very cute when she was worried. He shook his head quickly, shaking the thought from his mind. No, no, no, this is not the time nor place to be thinking things like that… he thought with a slightly embarrassed scowl.

"Is there a Haruhina Suzuka here?" Shikamaru said to the room. All the people that were awake looked over at him, and then pointed at one girl curled up in the corner farthest away from him. Shikamaru moved around Temari and hurried over to the cowering young thirteen-year-old.

She looked so different from the pictures he's seen of her. Her long, flowing, shinning brown hair was pulled out in parts, making it look matted, uneven, and oily. One of her brown eyes was swollen and bloodshot, her nose was broken like Temari's, and she had a split lip and several missing teeth. She moved farther into the corner when she saw Shikamaru hurrying over to her. She let out a low whimper when he stopped just a few feet ahead of her. Shikamaru's heart twisted as he saw her. She looked like a puppy somebody just felt like kicking in the ribs. He knelt down in front of her slowly, as to not startle her.

"Suzuka…?" he asked gently. She whimpered with a slight nod, hiding her face in her hands. Shikamaru inched closer, feeling everyone else watching him. "I'm Nara Shikamaru, your mother sent me to bring you back."

Suzuka looked up quickly, looking somewhat hopeful. She adjusted her position so that she was kneeling in front of him. Shikamaru was horrified to see that her left ankle was twisted in the completely wrong direction. Suzuka opened her mouth, but nothing more than a hoarse croak and a strained noise of some sorts came out.

"What have they done to you?" Shikamaru asked, his voice barely above a whisper. He felt a delicate touch on his shoulder, and he looked behind and saw Temari looking at him. Yet again, looking very concerned.

"She can't talk. This guy…he's somebody neither you nor I can beat. He tortures for the sake of torture. He made her scream so much she lost her voice," Temari said firmly. Shikamaru looked at the girl, and saw her nod.

"A hard-core sadist, eh?" Shikamaru sighed, standing up again.

"Yes. You're lucky, I guess, he likes his new experiments to start out uninjured. That's why you are completely healed."

Shikamaru felt the bandage again and growled. This man was insane; he was torturing people for his own fun and games.

"What has he done to you?" he asked, looking at Temari again. She turned away and moved to an empty table substituted for a bed. Supposedly it was hers. "Temari-san…! What has he done?" Shikamaru practically yelled. He felt like he was going to go into a complete frenzy. Temari ignored him, obviously not wanting to talk about it. "TEMARI!" She turned to him quickly, very shocked. "I just want to help!" he sounded desperate. He waited, but when she refused to say anything, he went back to the table he woke up in. Her eyes followed him around the room. Temari sighed slowly, debating whether or not to tell him. It felt like hours went by in silence, but he couldn't tell.

"He did a lot," she finally spoke up. By his guess it must have been a long time before she decided too. Just about everyone in the room was asleep by then. Shikamaru looked over, curiosity written all over his face. "Some of the things I just don't want to talk about," she winced and she blinked small tears out of her eyes, and continued, "He hurt me, Shika-san."

Shikamaru noticed how different she was acting then when he last saw her. "Temari-san, did he force himself on you?" he asked unwaveringly. Temari stared for a moment, and then nodded silently.

"He has to all the girls," she mumbled, looking at the ground. Shikamaru knit his eyebrows together and looked at the other kids, and Suzuka in the corner. "He likes her the most. You can tell."

"…yeah…" Shikamaru said sadly. "I have to get everyone out of here."

"Why you?" Temari asked.

"It's my mission. And I promised that this one will be a success," he said, referring to the promise he gave Tsunade after his mission to retrieve Sasuke failed. "I am going to get everyone out safely," he said again.

"Big words for such a weak boy," a creepy voice sent a chill up Shikamaru's spine as it came from directly behind him. He saw Temari flinch when he watched her look at the man behind him. Shikamaru turned around, very slowly, trying to remain calm. There he was, the man that captured him.

"Aaah…" he grinned, his multi-colored eyes squinting as he looked at Shikamaru. "Don't worry; I'm not here for you today. I get you tomorrow." Shikamaru shivered and watched as he walked over and grabbed Suzuka viciously, pulling her up against her will and dragging her out of the room. She looked like she was screaming, but no sound came out. Shikamaru was going to chase after them, but Temari jumped to her feet and held him back.

"Do NOT follow them out!" she hissed in his ear. "He will hurt you!"

"I don't care! I'm bringing her back sooner than later!" he snapped, breaking out of her grasp and rushing to the door. It was already closed and locked. A stainless steal door that slid open, only on the guys' command, ingenious for a base of operations. Nobody but him would be able to get in or out. But that wouldn't stop Shikamaru, but if only he was thinking straight. He didn't stop to think of a plan, a way to help, to get out, oh no. He crashed into the door, banging on it, yelling at the top of his lungs. This place was already getting to him, he couldn't stand it.

Temari and several others had to grab him and pull him away, knowing he wouldn't stop. They, although they didn't know him very well, didn't want him to get into trouble. Obviously Shikamaru struck an interest in the man, or else he would have left him to die instead of heal him. They pulled him away from the door and Temari smacked him as hard as she could on the back of the head, so hard he saw colorful fireworks on the door, where he was intently staring, trying to get out of their grasp.

"Calm down idiot!" she ordered, her old attitude back for that brief moment.