Bella's POV:

We were all in the living room. Renesmee was sitting on the floor with two stacks of paper and crayons. One stack was blank paper, the other was of her pictures that she drew. Emmett, Jasper, Jacob and Carlisle were on the ground next to her, a crayon in each of their hands. Nessie had everyone rapped around her finger, so she was able to get the men in the house to color with her. Edward was at the piano, playing a soft, quite song. Rosalie, Esme and I were on the couch, laughing to ourselves as we each watched the guys color. Alice was on the other side of the room on her cell phone, complaining to Seth. Apparently, he was making decisions about come over, then changing them to not coming over, all just to mess up Alice's vision.

"I don't care if your bored!" She said into the phone. "Are you coming over or not?"

Well, I don't know, let me think about it. He chuckled. He has way to much fun picking on her. She rolled her eyes and sighed. Then, her eyes glazed over and she stared off into space. Jasper shook his head, we all just assumed Seth changed his plans. Suddenly, the piano music stopped and Edwards head snapped up towards Alice. Jasper looked at Edward, then jumped up over to Alice. He took the phone out of her hand and held both her hands in his other.

"She can't talk right now." He said into the phone before snapping it shut. He pushed the phone in his pocket and walked Alice over to the couch. We all got the hint that this was serious. Alice was sitting on the couch and Jasper was kneeling on the floor in front of her, her hands still in his. We all gathered around, other than Jacob and Nessie, who watched from a distance.

"What do you see?" Jasper asked."Charlie." She answered. I sucked in a breath and Edward came over and rapped his arms around me. "A shooting. In the hospital. Carlisle. You phone." She was still in a daze.

"Grandpa Charlie coming over?" Renesmee asked. Jacob looked at Edward and Edward shook his head."Come on Ness, let's go get some ice cream okay?" Jacob said, lifting her up in his arms and heading out the door. I head a car start and leave the house. Alice came out of her daze and looked up at me.

"I'm sorry." She whispered, very quietly. Then, Carlisle's cell phone went off.

"Hello, Dr. Cullen." He answered. I could hear a stressed voice on the other line, telling about how the serif was in bad condition and Carlisle had to get to the hospital. "I'm on my way." Carlisle said, heading out the door."What's going on?!" I demanded. "What happened to Charlie?!"

"Bella, Charlie was shot." Edward explained.

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