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Charlie's POV:

"Tell me one good reason why i should be glad that my teenage daughters boyfriend was sneaking into her room behind my back?!"

"Well, all he was doing was making sure i was safe during the night." She suggested.

"Okay, let me ask you both this," I sighed. "If you found out that Jacob was sneaking into Renesmee's room at night, would you be 'happy' that he did that because he was just 'keeping her safe'?" I asked.

The both sighed.

"Not fair, using my own daughter against me." Edward mumbled.

"You have three second head start." I hissed.

"Charlie, just calm-" He begged.


"It's no big deal its just-" He started to back up


"Edward run!" Bella said.

With that, we both took off into the woods.

"Dad!" Bella called out. "Let him go, please!"

I had Edward by the throat and pinned up againts a tree, his feet an inch off the ground.

"Any more secrets you want to tell me?!" I asked him.

"No Charlie-" He said. I tightened my grip. "I mean, no Mr. Swan!"

"Are. You. Sure?" I said through clenched teeth.

"No more secrets!" He promiseed.

I let go of him, hoping he'd drop to the ground but he landed gracefully on his feet.

"Can't wait till that new born temper wears off..." Edward mumbled. It took everything I had not to turn around and pin him againts the tree again...