Hello! I know, you all want to kill me dead. And I deserve it, what with my working on like three stories at once and all.........*sigh* Anyway. I just saw G.I. Joe last night, and liked the movie a lot. Now, if you are a hard-core G. fan, just know that I knew absolutely NOTHING about the series before seeing the movie. So my writing will be following movie continuity ONLY. I'm sorry if I screw some things up. Anyhow, Snake Eyes was my favorite right off the bat, and when I got home I had to do what I always do with a new favorite character- either draw a picture, write a story, or make a video. Well, looks like Snakes here is going to get all three. I thought I'd start with a story. So, with out further ado- here is my attempt at G.I. Joe.

"SNAKES!" Scarlett shouted over the turmoil, relieved to see their resident ninja leap down the short flight of stairs from the upper level, sprinting right along with them as the tried to escape the rapidly decaying Cobra base.

Hitting the elevator pod, Scarlett was still driven by adrenaline, and spent the ride up wishing the machine to go faster; she'd be only too glad to be rid of that filthy place. Next to her, Snake Eyes stood, bent forwards slightly, something unheard of for the disciplined fighter. It didn't even register that something might be wrong in Scarlett's mind until they reached the transport waiting to get them out of that hell hole.

As soon as they were safe inside the carrier, Snakes collapsed, a strangled cry coming from inside his normally silent helmet, causing Scarlett to whip around in shock as his heavy body hit the floor.

"Snakes??" She said, deeply alarmed. Dropping down to her knees, she bent over him, everyone else too busy to notice.

Snake Eyes was curled in on himself, hands clenched into tight fists, head tucked into his chest. He wasn't breathing, but it was obvious he was still conscious, unless his muscles had just coiled in on their own.

"Snakes, come on, what's wrong?" She asked, unlatching his helmet and pulling it off, stroking his short, dark hair. His eyes were screwed shut in suppressed pain, and Scarlett could feel a poisonous shot of fear lance through her.

"Snakes, you gotta talk to me, were you wounded?" She said, trying to stay calm while her eyes roved over his body, looking for a breach in his armor.

Shaking, Snake Eyes pulled one hand away from his chest so he could sign to her, gasping a lungful of air as he did so.

Chest burning I think Storm-

His hands were shaking so badly he couldn't finish the message, his remaining symbols turning into nonsensical motions.

Scarlett began to panic, but tried not to show it. Snake Eyes was rarely ever wounded, and he always had the determination to fight through the pain long enough to tell them what was wrong before. If he was unable to relay information, it was bad.

"Ok Snakes, Ok. Just try and relax." She soothed, pulling his upper body into her lap and stroking his hair.

"We need some help here!" She shouted, somewhat angered that she was the only one that noticed Snake's condition.

"Holy- what happened to him??" Ripcord exclaimed, kneeling next to the ninja's side as well.

"I don't know." Scarlett snapped, unintentionally unleashing her frustration on him.

"Alright, sorry." He said, backing up.

Scarlett hung her head. "I'm sorry Rip, I just-" She looked down at her still curled up friend. "He's never acted like this before, it has to be bad. He can't even tell me what's wrong."

Rip looked confused. "But I thought he didn't talk."

"He doesn't. But he is very good at sign language." She said, still trying to comfort the silent Joe.

Ripcord's eyes widened. "You mean he can't even sign??"

She shook her head.

"I'll go get the medic, he's working with one of the other Joes at the moment, but I think Snake Eyes is worse off right now. See if you can get anything out of him."

Scarlett nodded, going back to her friend as he began to quiver. She bent close to his scarred head, trying again. "Snakes, we really need to know what's wrong, is there anything you can tell me? Storm Shadow what? What did he do to you?"

Still shaking, Snake Eyes moved his hand to his abdomen, brushing his fingers over the smooth armor, his fingers coming away wet. Barely able to stay conscious, he first brought his fingers to his own mouth, and then held them towards Scarlett.

Understanding, but puzzled, Scarlett held his hand and wiped some of what she now realized was his blood onto her fingers. Tentatively, she tasted it. It had a strange tang that blood never had naturally. He'd been poisoned.

"Oh Snakes, alright, I got you, just try and breathe through it, we'll get you home soon."

Just then the medic came running over, and immediately crouched down to Scarlett's level.

"What happened?" He asked, moving in as Scarlett shifted to give him room.

"He was poisoned, looks like he has a cut on his abdomen that was made by a poisoned blade. Storm Shadow, apparently."

The medic put his hand on Snake's shoulder, bending down so he could talk to him. "Snake Eyes, can you lay on your back for me? We need to get your armor undone and I can't inspect you properly curled up."

Slowly, the disciplined soldier forced himself to uncurl, jerking violently as he did so, a white froth starting to build in his mouth.

"This is bad…" The medic muttered, undoing the near invisible clasps on Snake's armor. "Scarlett, hold his head, we need to keep him from going unconscious, see if you can keep him awake, I fear if he falls under the poison he won't wake up again."

Those few words clenched Scarlett's heart like a vice. Behind her, Rip put a hand on her shoulder. She jumped, not realizing he was there. "Rip- I"

"Just talk to him Scarlett, he'll be ok." he said quietly, keeping his hand on her shoulder as she turned back to him.

"Hey, Snakes, remember how you promised to beat me in the shooting arena someday? And how ninjas always have to keep their promises? Well," She stroked his hair continuously, holding his head and neck as he jerked. It was all she could do to keep her voice steady. "You gotta stay awake or you'll be breaking that promise, ok?" She said, unable now to keep tears from clogging her voice. Behind her, Rip squeezed her shoulder, trying hard not to break himself. He'd come to really like Snake Eyes, even though it was still odd trying to communicate with someone who didn't talk.

At Snake Eyes' side, the medic had finally gotten the armor unclasped, and now Snake's entire upper body was visible. He was sweating and bleeding profusely, his body quivering violently as the poison worked its way through his system. On his lower abdomen an angry red slash marred his flesh, puss already beginning to ooze from it, the wound unable to clot and very swollen. Taking Snake's wrist in hand, the medic monitored his pulse, pressing a stethoscope to his chest in an attempt to gain more information. An ugly trace of inflamed veins had begun to show all over the Joe's abdomen, a frightening amount of them clustering closer and closer to his heart.

Trying not to look at her friend's dire condition, Scarlett bent still closer to Snake's head, her hair now touching parts of his shoulders. "Please Snake, please fight this." She kissed his forehead, not even sure if he could hear her.

"He needs the anti venom as soon as possible, but with the equipment I have on board I can't analyze what kind he needs- I give him the wrong dose and it'll kill him outright."

"Well, can't you at least give him something to dull the pain?" Scarlett asked, almost hysteric as the body in her arms jerked again.

The medic shook his head. "No, we can't do anything much for him until I know what the poison is, otherwise his system won't be able to handle it. As it is, if he wasn't in such good condition, I doubt he'd still be alive."

Scarlett bit her lip. "Can you discern anything??"

The medic turned back to his patient. "If I can get him to talk, I might be able to tell some symptoms. If I can tell what he's suffering from, I can tide him over till we get back to base- until then, I don't know what to do." Keeping his fingers on Snake Eyes' wrist, the medic tried to discern the symptoms. "Snake Eyes, can you tell me if you feel tired? Move your hand towards me if yes, away from me if no."

Feebly, the wounded ninja moved his hand towards the doctor, slowly slipping into more shaking. Scarlett feared a seizure would overtake him any second.

"Do you feel cold?"

Again, yes.

"Do you have full control over your body?"


The simple movement caused Scarlett to stiffen, tears now running down her cheeks.

Still resting partly in her lap, Snake Eyes looked miserable, his hair drenched in sweat, his chest contracting sharply as he tried to breathe.

Pressing his stethoscope to Snake's chest again, the medic listened carefully, the look on his face making Scarlett want to shake him till he told her what was wrong.

Looking up quickly, the medic barked orders. "Scarlett, he's very short of breath and I fear respiratory

arrest. Stay close and be ready to breathe for him if need be. Rip, I want you to stand by for chest compressions, just in case."

Numb with emotion, Scarlett began whispering the same line over and over to the wounded man in her lap. "You promised, stay here…..you promised, stay…"

In front of her, Rip moved into position while the medic got a syringe out of his medical case. "I'm not certain, but I think it may be Cobra venom. That would explain his paralysis and severe pain, and if that is the case I can give him a small amount of anesthetic. Unfortunately, we weren't expecting any kind of snake venom underwater, and all the antidotes are back at base." The medic looked grave. "In the end, he probably won't make it unless he gets constant CPR. He's doing very well considering, but even Snake Eyes can't keep from going into an arrest under this kind of poison."

Scarlett squeezed her eyes shut, holding onto Snake Eyes even tighter as his body began to convulse, the froth building in his mouth, threatening to make him choke on it.

Steadying him through the seizure, the medic gave him the pain killer as soon as it was over, monitoring him constantly with a mobile heart monitor as his condition worsened.

For a time, the poison seemed to get no worse, but then, without warning, he went into another seizure, this one longer than the last.

Scarlett held onto him as best she could, trying to remember her job was to keep him from hurting himself; instead of what she wanted to do- make him stop shaking completely.

Once the violent convulsions finally ended, Scarlett sagged, her back resting against the wall of the transport.

Before she could even let the breath she was holding out, the medic shouted something incoherent, and the monitor began beeping unsteadily.

They were still many miles from base.

And Snake Eyes had stopped breathing.

A few things I would like to say.

1 Yea, I know Snake Eyes is supposed to have blond hair, but frankly, he didn't in the flashbacks in the movie and I think he would look better with brown.

2 I did look up the symptoms of Cobra venom poisoning, but am not a doctor, so my medical writing is not going to be perfect. I do hope I can do better here than with some of my other stories though.

3 This may end up being a Scarlett/Snake Eyes story. I kinda like the pairing.

4 The plot bunny was born because there was one scene when it really looked like Storm had clipped Snakes in the stomach with his sword, and to me it just seemed like he hadn't gotten away unscathed.

5 Reviews and constructive criticism, heck, even suggestions would be great. I don't know yet how far I'm taking this story, so reviews would be love!!