Perry had now been human for about 3 weeks and seeing Doofenshmirtz everyday was starting to become more awkward. It was just the way Doofenshmirtz looked at him and acted around him, it was all so…tense. The blush in his cheeks hadn't been that strong since he invented the ball gown inator. He still hadn't given him a proper reason WHY he had invented that anyway. Even when they fought whenever their hands met there always seemed to be a pause and the glint in the doctor's eye said 'we're holding hands'. Although even though it was mainly Doofenshmirtz who acted this way around him, Perry knew that whenever the doctor blushed he was usually blushing with him. He couldn't take it anymore he had to get this sorted out.

Doofenshmirtz was stirring in his sleep hugging his pillow tight towards him. All these feelings, all these things…they were taking time away from his evil. But…it was just something about the Platyperson that…moved him. Gah! But he was almost a boy, a teenager, a scrawny little child! There was no way that could affect him. He had never felt like this before, torn. His cheeks turned a deep red as he hugged his knees. He couldn't…love Perry. He thought it through, the way he was acting, the way he couldn't stop thinking about him, the way he felt when their skin met…Doofenshmirtz swallowed the lump in his throat. He held back the tears in his eyes running fingers through his hair…he just couldn't. It was just so wrong! He ran for the door. he needed a walk, now!

Perry stood at the DEI building getting out his key. It was a surprise meeting his nemesis at the door blushing hard and sweating…as usual (or at least it had been usual these past few weeks). Doofenshmirtz clutched his lab coat tight closer to his throat, there was that feeling again beating rapidly in his chest. "P-perry the platypus? I er…w-what are you doing here?"
Perry looked down yet again feeling the heat in his cheeks, Heinz looked so cute when he was like this. He tried to focus taking out a piece of paper and a pen. He began to scrawl out his question but the sudden rain made the ink run. He sneezed reaffixing his hat.
Doofenshmirtz was still puzzled why was perry here? What did he want and why did he feel like this? He noticed Perry's coldness "H-here come in I can't have you catching a cold" he took Perry's hand feeling electricity zip up his spine.
Perry was pulled into the DEI building his hand almost trembling, being entwined with Doofenshmirtz' surprisingly smooth hand. 'What is he doing i…' he was shaking.
They finally got up to Doofenshmirtz' bedroom where he had made him some hot cocoa. Doofenshmirtz sat next to him feeling the bed springs squeak under him. An awkward paused ensued. They both wanted to say things to eachother, say how they felt and ask that question that was both on the tip of their tongue…do you love me?

"I…" Doofenshmirtz finally began. Perry looked at him 'I know…'
They were both speechless, their lips fused together with such passion, both of their cheeks radiating off intense heat. Doofenshmirtz put his hand on Perry's back pulling him close. The kiss hardened and Perry's hat fell to the floor. Doofenshmirtz pushed Perry down on to the bed. Perry blushed surprised 'wha…'
"It appears you are trapped Perry the Platypus…" he smirked breathing into Perry's ear. Perry squirmed feeling Doofenshmirtz hand glide across his torso. His fingers dug into the covers giving out a small 'ah' sound. Doofenshmirtz smiled unbuttoning Perry's pants "You're heart is racing Perry the Platypus…" Perry gritted his teeth feeling Doofenshmirtz' hands get more adventurous 'stop it you evil son of a…!' Perry pushed Doofenshmirtz over now gaining the upper hand (like he usually did). Doofenshmirtz stared up at Perry slightly frightened. Perry then smiled unbuttoning his collar 'If anyone's gonna be on top it's me'