Jack had been called to a meeting at UNIT, in the centre of London, and he had decided that if he had to go and waste his time then so should Ianto.

Ianto wasn't happy when Jack dumped this information on him in the late evening before the meeting. Jack saw Ianto's unhappiness at his demand, but the emotional that crossed Ianto's dace wasn't for the reason Jack thought. Ianto dreaded the mess that he would have to face when to got back to the Hub, left by the team in his absence. All the empty coffee cups and pizza boxes, endless piles of paperwork and cleaning, if he missed even a morning it was pretty hard to catch up on the mess. What would the place look like if he was gone for two days?

Ianto put his foot down when Jack told him he was driving. If Jack was making Ianto go on this stupid meeting, fair enough there was nothing he could do about it, but he could stop himself from being ill on the journey if he drove. During long journeys with Jack in charge Ianto tended to hyperventilate at Jack's erratic driving and high speed. Unfortunately if Ianto drove, this meant that Jack had plenty of time to br bored. Be bored and get into trouble. Most people would think that there wasn't really a lot of trouble that someone could get into sitting in the passenger seat on a major motorway, but Jack was special. He played with the radio stations, then swapped to trying out the CD's in the glove box. He never read books so his mind was never occupied, so he contented himself to playing with the seat belt, the lighter and he took all the things out of the glove box, replacing them in a different way.

Halfway to London Ianto's long lasting patience finally gave out at a service station.

"For god's sake Jack! Will you behave?" said Ianto angrily, slamming the door to the SUV as he exited the vehicle.

"I'm bored," replied Jack on a long sigh slowly trailing behind Ianto towards a coffee bar.

"Well find something to do! You know it takes a lot to rile me, but you've reached my limit. I can't continue to drive if you keep doing this. So pack it in!"

Jack had a twinkle in his eye when he rounded the SUV swiftly. He grabbed Ianto's arm before the other man could walk any further towards the service station building. In the time it took Ianto to blink, he was looking at the bright lights of Costa Coffee one second, the next he was looking straight into Jack's face with his back plastered against the cooling engine of the SUV.

Before Ianto could do anything to fend him off, Jack smiled and leaned in to kiss him. Ianto's head was spinning and the world tilted on its axis. Jack's last thought was 'I'm not bored anymore'. After what felt like hours, but was just minutes, Jack pulled away breathlessly.

"Well I think that'll hold me," and with that Jack stepped back, away from Ianto and the SUV, and sauntered off to the amenities in the service station, a slight spring in his step. Ianto was still where Jack had left him 5 minutes later.

"I brought you a coffee. I saw you eyeing it earlier. Though you might need it for the drive."

Jack held out his peace offering and smiled at Ianto. He walked around to the driver's side of the car and chivalrously opened the door. He waited while Ianto stepped into the vehicle, still a little dazed, and closed the door softly. Ianto stowed his drink and started the engine while turning to face his companion.

"We'll talk more about this when we get to London. We need to find you some activity to keep you occupied while I drive."

"I'm ok now," said Jack slyly, "I've got plenty of things to keep myself occupied now. I'll be fine." Jack winked then turned back to face the road ahead, a smile on his face.