"You looked flushed," Conrad said, pulling the King's face closer than was necessary. I wasn't blind, I could see the way those calloused hands lingered a little longer than was normal; I saw the way his Majesty's flush became a blush at the contact. It doesn't take a genius to realise…then again, Wolfram hasn't seemed to have seen it. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

"Yozak and I will go to the institute in the east and west."

I gave a smile, couldn't help but be excited at the prospect of being alone with Conrad, even just for a little while. His majesty protests, but I'm thankful he gives in and heads to the private room with Wolfram.

Wolf likes the new King, maybe he'll manage to woo him in the time it takes Conrad and I to find something. I'm not hopeful, but we had just experienced three miracles thanks to Wolfram being there, so…maybe.

"What's the matter?" Conrad said the second we were alone.

"Hm?" I return, not entirely sure what my Captain was talking about.

"You look a little down," he replied, "something bothering you?"

"Not in particular." I lie to him, as always when the topic swayed towards my hidden affections. It hurts, to feel this way. Really hurts. It wasn't like I had ever expected anything, the possibility was pretty much impossible from the very start.

But I still couldn't help feeling that little bit relieved when Julia died. Conrad was smothered with grieve, which was painful to watch. He drank, he slept, he fought and fought and fought until there were no longer any enemies left. It was a complete devastation. But in those moments, where he would clutch at me, lost to the delirium of sleeplessness and drunkenness, I would get to hold him close. Rare contact, even as his tears dripped into my shirt, soaking it in rough patches. I enjoyed those rare contacts.

"You're not still thinking about testing Yuuri are you?" His tone suddenly turns serious. The dull ache in my chest twists slightly.

"Hm," I offered him, noncommittal. "I'll start on this side, see if I can find anything on the residents." And I rush off, before he has a chance to speak. The ache was twisting more and more, as that deep-rooted fury had flashed pass those eyes. He would hate me. Conrad would hate me, if I ever so much as hurt a hair on his precious majesty's head.

Not that I would. I am a loyal soldier. But knowing where he stands so strongly…it's just painful.

Painful to know that the one I cared the most about would forget about me without a thought if his majesty was ever in danger.


Random drabble inspired by [and based on] the latest manga chapters. Because there was WAY too much Conrad and Yuuri bonding. It made my inner Yozak cry in indignation and angst...

Disclaimer: KKM does not belong to me.