Conrad was being ridiculous. Me? Rebelling against Shin Makoku? Controlling His Majesty? What was he on?! I carried out my duties, and performed tasks that I deemed to be the most suitable. If he was the chosen Maou, then there was no reason that the kid could not protect himself. In fact, it'd be absolutely absurd if the Maou, the most powerful person in Shin Makoku, could not protect himself against a human child. A trainee pirate at that.

I tried to explain, but he only got angrier. It was strange, I didn't understand his logic at all. Why was he treating His Majesty like a young child who had to be protected and spoilt? Just because I did not adopt that attitude...that automatically meant I was turning His Majesty into a puppet? That made no sense!

"If you do something like that again, putting Yuuri into a dangerous situation-"

His glare startles me, the easy smile I had forced upon my face slips.

"I will not think twice about taking your life."

My heart stops. But I hurriedly school my expression back into indifference and confusion. I think I did a pretty good job of it, even though my insides are churning around as if threatening to break out of my body.

"I will not think twice about taking your life."

He's walked off by now, back straight and footsteps steady. He was serious.

"I will not think twice-"

I suddenly foundd it hard to breathe. My chest was tight, squeezing in from all sides as if wanting to crush me. I slid down to the floor, frantically trying to even the pace at which I was panting before I hyperventilated.

Deep breaths, Yozak, deep breaths.

Even so…

"-taking your life."

…I rub at my forehead.

"your life."

I tilt my head back and stare at the starry sky…and swallowed.

My closest friend…the one person I care about more than any other…the man who I would follow to the ends of the earth….has just told me he was willing to kill me.

He was willing to kill me…for a child he barely knew.

He was willing kill me…for upsetting a child he barely knew.

He was willing to kill me; ready to kill me. My life…was of no importance to him.

Before I knew it, there were tears trickling down my faces, but I swiped them away with a rough fist.

This was beyond having no chance of a relationship.


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