Chapter 16: Epilogue

Leroy Jethro Gibbs waited for the elevator to reach its requested floor. He was sorely tempted to flick the emergency stop and spend a little while longer with the woman beside him.

Unfortunately, Jenny had warned him that she needed to do some work today and she would reward him later if he could behave himself. He had decided that behaving himself for the moment would be the best option.

Especially as he was sure she would crack first and he would be able to tease her over it.

The elevator doors opened and he walked into the squad room. It was still intact, which was better than he had expected after a phone call from Ducky the night before. His agents were going to be in serious trouble when he found them.

They were sitting at their desks, acting as though nothing had happened in his absence. He hid a smirk, knowing better. As he passed DiNozzo…

"Ouch!" Tony was out of his chair in an instant. "Hey, boss. Director."

Jenny nodded at Tony as Gibbs found his chair.

"What was that for, boss?" Tony demanded.

Gibbs glared at him. "You know what."

His senior field agent winced. "It was Ziva's fault as well."

"He started it," the Israeli snapped.

"And I'm ending it," he warned.

Jenny smiled at him. "I need to get to my office," she noted.

He watched as she headed for the stairs. He was about to get up and follow her when Abby barreled into the squad room.

"Gibbs!" she squealed, launching herself at him.

"Hey, Abs," he managed to get out as she tried to squeeze the life out of him.

"I missed you so much," she told him, releasing him from her death grip. "Everyone missed you, but I missed you more than most."

DiNozzo muttered something under his breath about not missing the boss, but Gibbs chose to ignore it.

"So, did Mommy and Daddy have a fun time on vacation?" Abby inquired, her eyes sparkling.

Gibbs let his gaze drift up to the catwalk where Jenny stood. Although it hadn't been a vacation, it had certainly done them the world of good…