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Sirius: (comes in running) WAIT, WAIT, WAIT... you forgot something... (He looks at her expectantly. She blinks once and gasps)

Paradise: Oh right... wait, I didn't forget.

Sirius: (points at her accusingly) Yes you did. You only remembered because I showed up (grins)

Paradise: How'd you know I wouldn't have done it (grins back)

Sirius: (grin falters slightly then crosses his arms across his chest) because I came back in time to make sure you do it

Paradise: LIAR

Sirius: (mock gasps and looks at her) would I ever lie to you (smiles sweetly)

Paradise: Yes

Sirius: (Laughs sheepishly, placing his hands behind his head) Yeah I would

Paradise: (Sticks her tongue out at him) for that I won't put you in my story

Sirius: (Frowns, but grins again) I'm already in your story

Paradise: (grumbles) Damn...anyways on with my very first chapter (smiles brightly)

Sirius: (laughs and waves) enjoy...

I always wanted to do that, it's too fun (laughs). Okay now I'll stop, on with the chapter...

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"Did you finish off that Potion essays?"

"Yeah, barely got it all done."

"Well it's your fault for slacking," replied a third year boy.

"No it isn't. I blame you and those stupid Quidditch tickets," shouted his friend.

"Aw come on, you know you had fun," his friend scowled at him.

"Whatever... oh hey James!" said the boy's friend as they both passed, waving at the older boy sitting alone as they continued walking. Said boy did not respond or look in the direction of the retreating third years, showing no indication of hearing their greeting.

Seventeen-year-old James Potter was sitting alone in one of the compartments of the Hogwarts Express, waiting for his friends to arrive after bidding their parents good-bye. It was James last year at Hogwarts and he wanted it be the best and most memorable last year. But most of that ambition came crashing down when a certain red-haired girl kept on refusing his offer to going on a date with him.

For six years James finally realised that Lily Evans the girl he fell in love with would never say "yes."

James sat there thinking… yes thinking and all on the first day of school. A small frown playing on his lips, his subjects of thought was about said red-haired girl, one Lily Evans and what he overheard Lily saying to her best friend Alice, just when he past their compartment trying to find one he could sit in. But now he wished he hadn't. She always said it to him but the way she said it when he overheard her made him think he was foolish enough to think that Lily Evans would ever go out with him or even care about him for that matter.


"Damn isn't there one single compartment to sit in," said James as he walked past each one checking if it was occupied or not.

"… Anyways Lily, it's the last year of Hogwarts. Are you even planning on giving a certain boy a chance?" said a voice; James recognised it as Lily's best friend Alice's. James inched a bit closer to hear what they were saying.

"I don't think so Alice, he's as annoying and big-headed as ever," said Lily to her friend; both of them didn't notice James listening on the other side of the door, too engrossed in their own conversation.

"...Lily it's been six years. I know you don't like him but you never know he might have changed."

'I don't like him. I hate him," she said in a hard and cold tone. "And giving him a chance is not going to happen."

"Oh come on Lily, I'm your best friend, you got to give me some credit. I noticed the way you look at him sometimes, when he does those really impressive spells in class and when he jokes around. I even seen you try to hide a laugh or a smile when the Marauders pull off a pranks," Lily looked at Alice surprised, while Alice was looking at her with a 'don't-be-surprised-I-know-this-stuff' look.

James started to smile. If that was true then Lily was finally noticing him.

"I… I… I don't know what you talking about," Alice gave Lily the look again. "Stop that Alice I don't like James Potter. He is an annoying, self-centred, arrogant and good for nothing jerk. The pranks are cruel and he and his friends are always pulling them on the Slytherins. He does them for no reason and laughs about it later and the way he messes up his hair and shows off in front of everyone. It's just so stupid. I hate James Potter Alice and I don't care if he dropped down dead," finished Lily in a dead set voice, trying to mean all the words she said.

James stiffened, not caring at all that he was ease-dropping. He knew he shouldn't have, maybe it would have been a lot less painful if he didn't. But he listened to everything she said and the way she said it broke his heart. There was no hesitation in her voice, it was firm and filled with so much revulsion. He couldn't believe what he was hearing; it was one thing listening to her say it in front of him and another behind his back. Was he a fool to go after a girl who wanted nothing to do with him after all?

"Well I still think you should give him a chance," said Alice breaking James out of his thoughts. Lily just shook her head and Alice gave a big sigh and then changed the subject. James stumbled forward, he had heard enough. He took a moment to compose himself and started walking again. Five compartments down he finally found an empty one.

-End of Flashback-

So there James sat alone in the compartment, thinking on what Lily said as he stared at his Head Boy badge. With how much trouble he got into in the past years at Hogwarts and the detentions him and Sirius got into, James didn't know what was going on in the Headmasters mind when he decide to make James the well known trouble marker, leader of the Marauders, un-registered animagus, the Head Boy. He hadn't even told his friends yet and he chuckled at how they would react when they find out that he was given this responsibility.

The compartment door opened and in came Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, James three best friends.

"Hey Prongs," said Sirius as he took a seat next to him. Remus and Peter sat opposite them. "Finally found a compartment I see, would have joined you if Mr and Mrs Potter hadn't gotten a hold of me and told me to try and stay out of trouble this year," he laughed happily, for once enjoying the caring affection he craved for, being deprived of it by his own family.

James smiled, his parent tried to make him and Sirius lay off the pranks a bit more and concentrate on their studies ever since he ran-away from his parents house. But honestly they were both doing well in every class and they had Remus to act like a tutor and lecture them about NEWTS this year. Beside he knew Sirius loved the attention his parents gave him, it had been one wild summer he thought with a grin.

"It's a good thing too; we need to study for our NEWTS now. They are the most important exam we're going to take," said Remus as he looked at Sirius and James amused.

"Yeah yeah! We know Moony, but there is nothing wrong with having some fun along the way," replied Sirius "it is our last year after all."

"True," said Remus as Peter nodded in agreement. James just smiled at his friends and looked down at his lap, where he still had the badge in his hands.

Remus looked at him and noticed the shinny object in his hands. "Hey Prongs, what you got there?" he asked, Sirius and Peter looked at James curiously.

James grinned and held up his Head Boy badge, "say hello to your new Head Boy."

"James… as Head Boy," said Sirius flabbergasted. He took the badge from James and examining it. "Whatwas Dumbledore thinking placing you as Head Boy? I think those sweets of his have finally gotten to him."

James kept on grinning, taking the badge back from his black-haired friend, "don't know. But watch out Padfoot. You don't want to get on the wrong side of me now would you, wouldn't want me to put you in detention."

Remus and Peter laughed at the face Sirius made.

"Yeah right Prongs, you are my partner in crime," he said in a matter of fact way, "if I go down your coming down with me. Don't think some added authority will change that," Sirius smirked as James laughed.

"You know James this might actually impress Lily. I'm sure she'll notice you this time," said Remus.

James looked at Remus with a frown, "I don't think so Moony. I think it's high time I should just forget about Lily. It's obvious she doesn't like me at all."

Now this shocked the rest of the Marauders. James wasn't the type of person to give up easily, especially when he'd been after Lily for a whole six years they've been in Hogwarts. He was stubborn to the end; James would have been excited at the prospect of impressing Lily even more and hoping to get a date with her.

"What are you talking about James? You really like Lily, heck I even know you love her," said Sirius, this time surprising not only Remus and Peter, but James too.

James just stared at Sirius.

"W-what?" he stumbled out.

"Oh come on mate. We've been friends every since we started Hogwarts and you helped me so much with my pureblood problems and you were the first who didn't care that I was a Black. You're my best mate as well as my brother, you wouldn't think I won't notice anything about you in this matter," said Sirius with a smile, leaning back against the seat and placing his arms behind his head.

"Wow Sirius! That was somewhat…insightful. Didn't know you had it in you," laughed Remus despite the tension.

Sirius just stuck out his tongue at him and moved his arms to cross it on his chest, raising his nose in the air; "I can be sensitive when I want to be Moony."

Peter laughed as Remus turned to James and saw him sitting quietly with a deep look on this face. "James…?"

James looked up and nodded and turned to Sirius, "your right Sirius I love Lily, have for a long time. I just know she doesn't feel the same way," he sighed.

"Now what make you say that Prongs. You don't know that, maybe after all these years she might actually start liking you," said Sirius.

James just shook his head and told them everything he heard of Lily and Alice's conversation. After he finished, they all sat in silence. James was actually glad; he didn't really feel like talking about it anymore.

As if sensing James need to get off their current topic, Remus broke the silence. "Well we can discuss this topic on a later date. Now I got Prefect duties to attended to," he got up and motioned for James to follow him, "you too James you got to introduce yourself to the rest of the prefects."

"Yeah James, give them a reason to be shocked about," laughed Sirius, following Remus lead and trying to lighten the mood.

"I'm sure Snape will be surprised," joined in Peter, grinning. James laughed, glad that his friends understood him so much and got up to follow Remus.

"Thanks guys, we'll see you two at dinner," he said as Sirius and Peter nodded and he and Remus left the compartment.

Half way to the Prefects compartment, Remus said with a smile on this face, "well at least you'll have your own dorm and won't see Lily much this year."

James mood brightened a little more at hearing that, "you're right Moony. No chance of seeing Lily at all this year, except for classes and meetings." Smiling at finally bringing James mood up a bit, they both kept walking, talking about how they spent their summer.

When they got to the Prefect compartment and opened the door, they saw none other the Lily Evans sitting on one of the seats near the window. They quickly noticed a shinny badge similar to James reading 'Head Girl' sitting on top of her school robes.

"Or maybe not!" thought Remus warily as James and Lily looked at each other in shock, both rooted to the spot.

"This is going to be some year," concluded Remus looking between James and Lily.

Lily glared at him, "Potter," nodding once in his direction.

"Evans," he greeted her in the same way and sat near the door. Remus sighed and sat opposite James and turned to smile at Lily.

"Hello Lily. How was your holiday?"

She smiled brightly, "they were good thanks. I went skiing with my parent and my sister stayed with her boyfriend," she scrunched up her nose in distaste. "I don't know how she can stand him. I can't, but he agrees with her with the whole normal thing, so I guess they match."

Remus nodded and Lily asked him about his. James sat quietly, his head leaning back against the seat and his eyes closed. He was dead...yep he was, no point denying it. Sharing the same dorm, the same bathroom, going to the same meetings, he was stuck. He was stuck with her for the rest of the year. Not that he minded, he could put up with it really. But being so close to her and knowing that she hated him... "Stupid Dumbledore, this is entire his fault," he thought angrily, cursing the old man.

"So what are you doing here Potter?" said Lily, breaking James out of his thoughts. He looked at her for a second before smirking, holding up his badge for her to see.

"Guess who?"

Lily gaped at him and looked at Remus, then back to James and back to Remus again.

"But I thought you were head boy Remus. You're more suited for the job, not this big-head," Remus only smiled and shook his head, as James glared at her.

"James is more than capable of being a head boy. There's a lot to him that you don't know Lily and besides I prefer being a prefect," Remus grinned in James direction, receiving a thankful smile.

Lily stared at James and sighed in defeated, "great. I'm stuck with him."

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