Flying is best on a broom:

Soft, whispered voices buzzed through his head. There were so many, but he had no idea what they were saying! Most of the voices were male, but there were the few that were female. They all sounded worried though. Were they worried for him? Did that mean that he knew these voices? Without bothering to open his eyes, Harry listened to the conversation that the voices were having.

"Is there nothing you can do Poppy?" One of the male voices asked. His voice was quiet and broken, like he had been crying.

"No. I'm afraid not Remus. You know that it's impossible for anyone to survive the killing curse, yet Harry has survived it twice. My guess at what happened was the residue from the first curse stayed in his body all of his life, causing no damage to his body, but when the second curse hit it sent his body into this unbalanced state. This is his body's way of fighting the curse." Poppy explained.

"BY DESTROYING HIMSELF FROM THE INSIDE?" Another voice shouted. Was this voice always so loud?

"By expelling the curse remains by any means necessary." Poppy snapped. She sounded very irritated, but Harry could hear the genuine concern in her voice. Someone sighed. "Until the curse has fully left Harry's body he is going to suffer through many of these attacks. Severus, is there any type of potion that you could brew to control these attacks?"

"Only to a degree. I can try to brew something to initiate an attack, and then after I analyze a sample of his…blood I will be able to make a proper potion to help him heal after the attack."

A choked sound caught in Harry's throat. He remembered now. He remembered the attack that had forced Harry into unconsciousness in a pool of his own blood. He remembered the final battle and how he had lost two of the voices that he had heard. If Remus and Sirius were dead then how come he could hear them? How come Poppy was talking to them like nothing had happened? Was he dead? Where was Teddy? Was he alright? Had someone found him?

Green eyes flew open, surprising the people who had surrounded his bed.

"HARRY!" Many voices yelled, though not at the same time, echoing his name.

Harry tried to say something, to ask what the hell was going on, but all that came out of his mouth was long garbled sounds. Shaky hands clenched at his throat and fear danced in his eyes. Warm hands pried his much smaller ones away from his throat and held them tightly.

"Sh-sh-shh Cub, it's okay. Don't panic." Came Remus's soothing voice. But…Remus was dead, wasn't he?


Bringing Harry to the Infirmary caused more of a disturbance than Remus had thought that it would. witches and wizards who were at the Department of Mysteries screamed in rage and tried attacking Remus, thinking that he was actually a Death Eater in disguise trying to kidnap their savior. Of course, this just pissed off the werewolf and made him run away faster. When Remus showed Harry to Poppy, to his great relief the Mediwitch didn't question him and just got to work on Harry.

Only when Harry was stable did Poppy turn to him. Remus was 'graced' with the darkest glare he had ever seen on the woman.

"Remus. John. Lupin. What in the name of Merlin is wrong with you?" She asked in a dangerously low voice.


"Don't even young man! What was going on in your mind when you left this poor boy alone?"

Remus looked at the floor, suddenly finding his feet very fascinating. "I didn't…"

"You didn't what? Go on, tell me, I'm dying to know!"

Shame flooded through Remus at the jibe. He didn't know what she wanted to hear, but when he opened his mouth words just started tumbling out. "I wasn't in control. Moony was. He felt that Sirius was in danger and…well…he was Moony's first priority. He didn't think about what would happen to anyone else. We've already lost Sirius once; to have to go through that again would kill us." He said softly. His hands were buried in his hair, gripping handfuls at the roots. He wasn't talking to Poppy anymore, and she knew that, but she listened and waited for him to finish anyway. Her face softened and she placed an hand on his shoulder.

"I heard that you had fallen through the veil, how on Earth did you escape?"

The werewolf's face scrunched in confusion. "I'm…I'm not sure. I think Sirius knows. You'll have to ask him."

"And where is he now?"

"With Teddy, he should be here soon."

"You do realize that we will have to administer Veritaserum to the two of you, right?" Remus nodded.

The two waited for Sirius to make an appearance. As they waited, they watched as Harry's chest would rise and fall in slow, semi-strained breaths. They did not have to wait long, Sirius walked into the infirmary shortly after their conversation, carrying a sleeping Teddy in his arms. Sirius looked like he was about to punch something, and he probably would if he wasn't holding onto the baby.

"Did you have to deal with all their shit Rem? It's fucking ridiculous!" He yelled angrily.

"Sirius Black! Mind your tongue!" Poppy yelled. Sirius spared her a sheepish look before he turned his attention back to Remus and his unconscious godson lying on the bed.

"Is he okay?"

Remus snorted bitterly. "Define okay."

Sirius paled. "That bad?"

"Yes." The two fell into an uncomfortable silence, neither noticing when Poppy slipped away and into her office.

"He's alive and stable. I guess that this is more than we could ask for at the moment." The couple sat quietly staring at their godson until Albus came into the infirmary. He was flanked by both McGonagall and Alastor who were glaring at the Headmaster's back. McGonagall looked like hell. Her hair was disheveled, her wand arm was wrapped in gauze, and parts of her robes were singed. Alastor looked the same, if not grumpier than normal. The only evidence that he had been in the battle was the slowness of his movements.

Albus stopped next to Harry, ran a withered hand through his dark hair and gave Sirius and Remus pointed looks. "Are you boys ready for your Veritaserum? I will not allow the two of you to be near Harry and Teddy until we are sure of your identity." He received two eager nods. "Minerva, the potion, please."


It's scary when you wake up and you can't talk even though you try to. It's scarier when all you want to do is scream because there are supposedly dead people standing over you and holding your godson.

Harry opened his mouth to let out a scream, only, no scream came out. His throat tightened so the only sound that escaped was a mangled sob. The sob turned into a choking noise as his mouth pooled with bitter blood.

"Harry!" the Sirius imposter yelled. Harry turned his head in his direction. Harry had to admit that the man was a rather good imposter, he had everything down from the long sweat matted hair to haunted gray eyes. He must have been staring at the imposter for too long because having his head at that angle was making the blood ooze out of his mouth, something he was grateful for. He accidentally looked down and he was horrified to see bright green splotches in his blood.

"Shit." The Remus-wanna-be adjusted the baby in his arms as he called for the infirmary's matron.

Poppy ran to Harry's side at a speed that Harry had never seen before. She fumbled with her wand before shooting and orange spell at the teen to make his body go lax. Slowly, the bleeding stopped and Poppy spelled the blood into a jar and sent it to Severus's potions lab with a flick of her wrist.

"Harry,' Harry took comfort in the affectionate tone she used. "Don't talk, just nod your head yes or no alright?" She waited for the slow nod that came from her patient. "Good. Well, firstly I am sure that you have noticed that your godparents are here, alive. Let me assure you that they have been questioned under Veritaserum after they came in here with you. If their presence is discomforting you or you want me to make them leave, let me know. (Harry shook his head violently making Remus and Sirius chuckle softly.) I thought not. And don't you worry young man, I gave them a stern talking to about their little stunt." Poppy and Harry shared an amused smile. "Now, let's get down to business. I know what's wrong with you. However, there is no definite cure because you are the first person in recorded history that this has happened to."

'Great, just what I need.' Harry thought, scowling.

"Don't give that look young man! Your body is rejecting every killing curse that your body has received. My guess at what happened was your magic was more powerful than the spell and absorbed it, locking it away. You must have been hit by another killing curse during the battle because was ever was keeping the curse at bay became unbalanced. Your body couldn't hold both of them and is now expelling them from your body however it can. I have talked to Severus and he has agreed to work on some kind of potion to help you get through this faster and easier, I have sent him some samples of your blood to look at as per his request, but he keeps asking me if you are alright. He is very protective of you dear."

The teen smiled because he knew that it was true. Making a motion with his hands, Harry indicated that he wanted a quill and some parchment to write with. After Sirius transformed a vase and some flowers for him, Harry was writing away.

Is he okay?

"Yes, we've been medicating him. His eye will grow back within a month, but his muscles have been slightly damaged. He will be restricted to a wheelchair for a week and then he will have to use a cane for a while as he rehabilitates. At least he's alive though."

Harry nodded, but he did not look too happy. Good, what about everyone else?

Poppy smiled at him, brushing some hair out of his face. "Your friends will survive Harry. They are all anxiously waiting to see you. Would you like me to send them in for you dear?" Harry nodded and the woman was off. The moment she was out of sight, Sirius had pulled Harry into a tight hug.

"I'm sorry cub. I'm so so so so so so so so sorry." The man kept repeating his mantra of 'I'm sorry' as he buried his face into the top of Harry's head. Harry smiled and hugged his godfather back. Soon the duo was joined by Remus, who held the both of them and Teddy as close as physically possible. Harry inhaled deeply, breathing in the scent of his godparents. Sirius smelled like grass and that after shave he liked so much, Remus like chocolate and wood. They were odd smells but they worked really well for the men.

Sometime during their hug the rest of their family came over to Harry's bed. They were not noticed until Harry pulled away from his godparents. The smile he gave them was both radiant and heart breaking. They were all hurt in some way because of him, yet they did not blame him. They were all smiling warmly at him.

Neville sat at the foot of his bed and placed a hand on Harry's leg. "How are you feeling Harry?"

Better. What about you? Are you alright?

His response cause frowns to appear on his friends faces. It wasn't the answer he gave them, oh no, they had already assumed that it would have been around those lines. What was the most disturbing was the fact that his answer had been written down and not spoken.

"Is there something wrong with your voice Harry?" Hermione asked quietly.

The killing curse is being rejected by my body. Using my vocal chords makes a mess. And it hurts like hell.

"Language!" Remus chided. Harry winced and smiled apologetically.


Suddenly, many-many pairs of arms around him. Someone had him around the torso, a few people had his arms, the twins were draped over his legs, and someone-most likely Hermione-had their face buried in his side. Tears started pooling in his eyes as he realized that everything was over.

They were safe.

No one kept track of the time they all spent holding each other. It could have been seconds, it could have been hours, but no one cared.

The twins broke the silence that had fall on the group.

"So what-"

"-Do we do-"


Sirius and Remus communicated silently with Lucius and Severus (Severus had travelled over in a wheelchair). There were nods and frowns and tiny inclines of the head.

"We think that we have an idea."

Several days later found a very large, and very interesting looking group of people waiting in their flight terminal in the early hours of the morning. Four adults, eight teens, and a baby. Two girls and thirteen boys. Two people were confined to wheelchairs, all of them, save for the baby, were scarred. People openly gaped at the group. Had they never seen a family fly together before?

Harry fought to laugh at how ridiculous they looked. All of the minor injuries had been healed in the first few days after the final battle. Poor Severus had to take-and quoted from the man himself-'Mediocre at best' potions that 'the Wizarding populace should never be subjected to'. He still had limited mobility of his muscles, but he could move a lot more than he could a few days previous.

Hermione had begun taking her potions, but her physical therapy wouldn't begin until they were settled in…wherever they were going. She wasn't too pleased with this fact, but she did seem happy with Ron waiting on her hand and foot.

Harry smiled as he watched his family interact. He pushed Teddy's carriage back and forth as he watched, the baby sound asleep inside.

The adults had it all planned out. Lucius and Sirius would be brothers, Severus married to Lucius and Remus married to Sirius. Draco, Luna and Hermione would be Lucius and Severus's children, in fact, Lucius had already started the adoption process for both Hermione and Luna. This would be easier because Luna looked like a Malfoy and with Severus and Hermione both in wheelchairs they could come up with an excuse easier (so far it was a car accident that left the two of them temporarily incapacitated). Harry and Neville would be Remus and Sirius's son, they planned on adopting Neville after the move and with Sirius having full custody of Harry it made sense to keep them together. Teddy would be in the conjoined care of Harry and his 'parents' until Harry came of age and was able to adopt him. Ron and the twins were going to stay brothers (they could honestly do nothing else) but they were posing as Remus's orphaned nephews left in his care. They had been offered the choice of adoption, but all three had declined.

A short 'ding' was heard throughout the terminal. "Flight 217 to Seattle Washington is now boarding!" A chipper woman said over the intercom.

The groups of wizards and witches got up and lined up at the boarding gate. The group (unsurprisingly at this hour) took up at least half of the total passengers. Harry shifted nervously on his feet. When he had first heard that they were going to use a plane Harry had been excited at the thought of being in the air. Now that he was moments away from getting on the muggle contraption though, well he was having second thoughts.

A large, warm hand clamped onto his shoulder. He looked up to meet the warm amber eyes of Remus. "Don't worry pup. Everything will be fine."

Yeah. Right.

Turbulence. The bane of all people's existence everywhere. When someone gets onto a plane they, generally, wish for a flight without it. Well apparently, someone forgot to give the wizards the memo.

The turbulence was terrible. The pilot actually had to make an emergency landing and wait for the winds to die down before they were in the air again. Teddy had decided after that that he didn't like being in the air. Harry couldn't agree more.

Turbulence sucked.