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Chapter Two

Harry climbed up the port side of the Black Pearl. He was shocked at how large it was.

"Harry" Hermione hissed in to Harry's ear "How are we going to get back to Hogwarts?"

"Please Hermione will you relax" Harry hissed back

"Gentlemen and Ladies welcome to the Black Pearl" Jack said spreading his arms out "I as you know am Captain Jack Sparrow, this" Jack said motioning to a man on his right "is my right hand man (someone please give me his name. Elizabeth new him but I'm coming up blank), and this" Jack said motioning to guy on his left "is Will Turner who is on this trip to save his soon to be wife from the noose" The wizards gave each confused looks

"Noose sir?" Ginny asked the rest of the pirate crew burst out laughing but Will took pity on them

"Hanging" he whispered. The wizards nodded in understanding.

"Now mates would you be so kind to tell me who you are?" Jack asked

"I'm Harry Potter this is Hermione Granger, and Ginny, Ron, Fred and George Weasley" Harry said pointing to each person in turn.

"Well mates nice to meet you" Jack said. The group stood in silence for sometime before Ginny finally got sick of them just standing there

"So what are we helping you with?" she asked

"No there is the question I was waiting for" Jack said pointed to Ginny, "I don't know if you have ever heard of Davy Jones?"

"Is he related to Indiana Jones by any chance?" Fred asked

"Who?" Jack asked

"Indiana Jones the guy with the whip and cool hat" George said

"No unfortunately I haven't but that's not the point, Davy Jones has something I want. And you have those strange stick thingys so you are going to fetch it for me"

"What?" Ron and Ginny asked in unison

"Strange stick thingys" Harry and Hermione asked together

"I call being the leader" Fred said

"Hey that's not fair" George yelled

"Alright enough" Jack demanded but the wizards still bickered

Jack rolled his eyes took out his guy and fired it up into the sky. The wizards fell silent

"Okay this is what's going to happen. You tall on and the short dark haired one are going to get this" Jack said showing Ron and Harry a picture of a key

"You two look-a-likes are going to distract the crew of the Flying Dutchmen so your friends can get the key and the ladies are going to go be helpful somehow. Savvy?"

The Twins nodded satisfied that they were going to able to fool around and not get in trouble. Harry and Ron looked at each other nervously while the girls shook their heads in utter- dismay.

"yeah lets do it" George said

"Alright then. GENTELMAN! Lets go find the Flying Dutchmen"

"Wait" Ginny yelled "Why do you want this key?"

"I think we'd all like to know the answer to that one miss but Captain Jack isn't goen to tell yea." A very short pirate said. The friends looked at each other. What had they gotten themselves into?

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