The days we remember….

A Twilight Fanfiction

Hello everyone!!! I'm just doing this story because I had some inspiration. I'm a freshman, and well, its just makes me feel good writing about it. . Its pretty random, But it depends on you if I will continue it or not. . If I get enough people (reviews) telling me to continue it, I will. But if not, I won't. I have a lot a homework to do and such, and I don't want to write a story that isn't very good.

So, enjoy and please, review. They are like friends in a brand new school. Which is sort of what made me want to write this.


"Um, excuse me??" I muttered as someone knocked into me in the hallways. It was my first day of high school.

I dropped all of my books and as I bent to pick them up, I looked into these gorgeous green eyes. It felt like I could almost fall into them….

Before I even had the chance to touch any book of mine, they were already in his hands and he was already helping me up.

"Sorry, here," He said in an angelic voice and disappeared before I could even get a look at him.

All day I thought of him, through everyone of my classes. I was starting to think I imagined it. And then, I walked into my Biology.

There was only one open seat left, in the very back of the room. I took it, just as the late bell rang.

And sure enough, I saw those pair of green eyes. No one had eyes like that. They were like pools of soft green. They reminded me almost of emeralds, except that they had a hint of gold.

Before I could realize what I was doing, I heard my teacher –I couldn't remember his name- make a noise. I never realized that both of us were staring at each other.

He turned away and I tried to read what his eyes said.

"You ran into me today," I whispered, not knowing where I got my courage.

"No, I believe you ran into me," His voice was ever more like I remembered it being this morning but it was irritated. "And you acted like a total bitch about it."

I sighed. "Just forget it," I muttered, tossing my hair to cover my face.

"No wait, I'm sorry. That was very rude of me. Even if it wasn't me who ran into you," He grinned.

I wondered why the teacher never caught us talking. Or maybe, he didn't really care.

"You're never going to let that go, are you?"

"Nope, I like being right."

"As do I," I said, in an exact tone that matched his.

"Then I believe I may have met my match," He smiled, a delicate but lovely crooked smile.

"How so?"

"How could I not give into someone as appealing and stubborn as you?"

I blushed, feeling it rise up in my cheeks. No one ever told me that before. Heck, I was a freshman!

"I'm Edward," He said, his smile widening at my blush.

"Bella," I said, not even realizing what was happening.

The bell rang.

I walked down the hallway at the end of the day, towards my freakishly small locker, and sure enough Edward was standing right there.

"Are you stalking me or something?" I asked, as I opened my lock.

"What makes you think that?"

"Oh I don't know…"

"My locker is right next to yours," He said simply.

"Oh," I said like a loser.

"Do you take the bus?" He asked.


"Then who picks you up?"

"No one. I walk."

That crooked smile appeared on his face. "So do I."

"Are you suggesting that we should walk home together?"

"I wasn't suggesting anything… but now that you say it, it sounds like a very good idea."

That was the very first day I met Edward. We've dated ever since. Sure, there were problems that aroused, but we were perfect. Or so I thought.

But things change. Everything does. And even though, Edward and I had no problems, the people around us did. Some people say, people who are different can never be. There were so many rules that kept us apart. And we always thought we could avoid it.

….But we were wrong. Every struggle we had run away from had followed us. And it led to me holding a sword dirty with blood in my hands. Edwards blood. He was dead. And I had killed him.

The ring on my left hand finger marking our engagement reflected on the sword. I slowly took it off my finger, bending down and placing it in Edwards dead hand. I kissed his cheek slowly, and the world disappeared around me.

I had killed the only person I loved. I didn't regret it. People like me don't regret. It was wrong of me to ever fall in love with him in the first place. But that was before I even knew who I was. And Edward is the one to suffer for my stupidity.