In Starr's point of view

There he was just watching my every move. If I told Langston we would just get into another fight about me and Cole. I can already picture what she would say. " Starr, you know that you want him back and you know still love him!" Maybe I did want Cole back! WAiT...... what am I saying?? How could I ever take him back after what he put me through?? I'm not saying that i do want him back but if i did i would want MY Cole back not this DRUG ADDICT COLE! When Hope "DiED" he was there when i needed him the most and i thought maybe this could be a new beginning for us! Then Stupid Asher came and gave MY Cole those DAMN PiLLS!!!

Starr get a grip of your self you just have one class left sadly it was with Cole..!

After School

Langston: "Okay Starr what gives?"

Starr: "Wh....what do you mean??


Langston: " Don't play dumb with me Starr.. wait a one second this is about

COLE! Isn't it??

Starr: "Wh....WHAT? How could you even think that this is about COLE??

Langston: " Starr this is me your talking to. That may work on everybody else but not me! You and I both know that you and Cole belong together and that you want him back and don't even try to deny it!

Starr: " What.? Want Cole back me NO...I could never get back with him after all that shit that HAPPENED! Lang i just can't I.....

Langston: " 5,4,3,2,1!

Starr: " Langston your right I love him! I never stopped I'm always gonna love COLE! As much as i wanna hate him I can't i need to be with him!

Langston: " Why are you just sitting here and telling me that get your phone and Call COLE and tell him that...."

Right then and there Starr got a text from no other than COLE! She just lit up and was over excitited, Langston walked over to Starr and they read the text together!


Starr just fell back on her bed in shock not knowing if she should reply or not!

Meanwhile over at the Diner Cole sat there waiting on Starr to reply.

Cole: " DAMMIT!!! Markko i sent her that text a half an hour ago and she still hasn't replied.

Markko:Look man do you really blame her??? Look Dude your my best friend and I do want you and Starr to get back together but you need to get your act together and quit using man!

Cole: " Don't you think I know that! I've lost so much already and I really don't wanna lose Starr. I...I just can't, I want the pain to stop so much.

Markko: "Look Cole you just really need to.....

Cole: " Hold that thought man.

Text: Srry 4 not txtin bck sooner i didn't really knw wat 2 say 2 u! looks like u got ur answer =D



This is my very first fan fic and i don't really think i did a good job! Please REview and tell what you think i'll update chapter 2 if you guys like it