Starr and Cole anxiously waited for somebody to answer the door. They waited way too long for this moment, the moment to hold, to touch, and to see, their daughter. Their baby girl, Starr still fuming from the fact her own cousin kidnapped her daughter could no longer wait for someone to open the door; she turned the handle of the door and barged inside Llanfair as if she owned the place.

"Aunt VICKI!" Starr shouted, Vicki then descended down the staircase to see her niece and Cole who looked furious.

"Starr, Cole, it's good to see you, how are the two of you?" Vicki said.

"Aunt Vicki, no disrespect, but cut the crap, I am in no mood for small talk. I want my daughter, now where is she, or did that baby swapping kidnapping daughter of yours run off with her again?" Starr said.

"Starr darling, I know you're upset, but please calm down. There is a better way to handle the situation at hand, and yelling isn't one of them." Vicki said trying to reason with Starr.

"Aunt Vicki, how would you feel, if you were lead to believe your daughter died at birth, but she wasn't really dead she was living with your family members on the other side of town passing her off as her own?" Starr asked.

"Starr, I know it's jus…" Vicki began but was cut off by Cole.

"Can we please just have our baby." Cole said.

"She's upstairs." Vicki said and stepped aside so Starr and Cole could claim their daughter once more.

"Chloe, I'm so sorry. But your real mommy and daddy are coming to get you today and I have to say goodbye to you now." Jessica said to Hope. "How am I supposed to say goodbye to you baby girl?"

"Simple, you hand her over to her MOTHER, and you watch us leave." Starr said as she took Hope away from Jessica's grasp.

"Starr look, I know you're upset, but can I please say goodbye to her?" Jessica asked.

"No, I've spent MONTHS Jessica, months away from my daughter, and you think I'm going to be away from her for another minute, you really must be delusional." Starr said as she took Hope and went downstairs to place her in the car seat driving back to Dorian's.

"Starr, she's beautiful." Cole said looking back at a sleeping Hope as they pulled to a halting stop.

"Yes she is, Cole can you believe it, she's here and she's alive. We get to watch our baby grow up." Starr shrieked not being able to contain her excitement, shedding a few tears.

"Starr, don't cry. Everything is the way it's supposed to be, you, me, our beautiful baby girl. Things can't get any better than this." Cole said as the young parents with their daughter in toll went inside the house only to be bombarded with people inside anxiously awaiting their arrival.

"Hope, this is your home, and your family." Starr whispered to a sleeping baby. "Sleep baby girl, sleep, and when you wake up, Mommy will be right watching you, I let you slip away once, but never again will I let that happen. I love you so much Hope, more than you could ever know, with you being back I feel complete, and I'm sure your daddy feels the same way I do. We love you hope, we always have and we always will.

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