Shikamaru walked up and saw Bri, sitting in his special spot, staring at the sunset. She had the tiniest bit of make-up smeared onto her cheek. She seemed troubled by something.

"Hey," he said.

"Oh... Shikamaru."

"You know something? It sounds weird when you say my whole name now. Go back to Shika."

"Oh... ok, Shika... I could see why you like this spot."

"Oh really? Why?"

"The sky... looks so pretty from here."

The sun was setting just behind the buildings of the village. The clouds, the building, the sky was painted crimson. "You're right."

Shikamaru sat down beside her, and so the silence commenced. Bri remembered how he was lazy. How he detested work, and that this seat was here for him to relax.

To somewhat break the silence, Bri started singing quietly the first song that came to mind. Bri started singing one of her many versions of the second Shippuden theme song. (This is not how it would really be in English. I just make up lyrics that match the slower melody.)

You are my friend.

Ah, I still remember

That you were just, some kid,

Who wanted to sleep all day.

You are my dream.

Ah, we're just getting started.

You are my long lost friend.

Whoa, time to get moving.

"Hey, you always used to hum that song during a mission. You remember a song but you can't remember me?"

"Um... I remember most stuff. I just can't remember the moment we met."

"Heh. How could you forget that? You kidnapped me."

"Uh..." That's just nice! The first thing I ever did to the boy was kidnap him!

"Then you saved me from those annoying fangirls, by hugging you."

"Hug...?" Hug...? O_o "Really? You don't seem like much of a hugging person."


Then someone was walking up the stairs, someone with four sandy-blonde pigtails. "Hey, you have work to do you know."

"Yeah, I know."

Bri stood up and pointed at Temari in a very Naruto-ish way. "Dang it, Temari! You just killed the moment me and Shika were about to have!"


"Oh, forget it." Then Bri and Shikamaru stood up. "Doesn't matter anyway..."

When Bri started walking away, she slipped, and fell into Shikamaru's arms.

"Hey, careful not to drop her, loverboy."

Bri suddenly remembered everything, including the reason why she hates Temari. (I'll leave that for you to wonder. =P) And that she loved the feeling of Shikamaru's arms holding her.

"Be quiet, fan-witch..."

The end.

Done with my first romance.

(Thank goodness, I always hated lovey dovey stuff. ^-^u)

And I won't do any ShikaXBri for a while.

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