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Harry stared that the fallen form of Voldemort in stunned disbelief with his wand hanging limply in his hand as the wind blew through the desolate field of battle. After years of fighting this horrible creature both with and without a body it was finally over. At twenty five years old he was finally free of the prophecy and could live his life the way that he wanted to without worrying about this thing hunting him down.

He looked around at the field of bodies and realized a very haunting truth; he was the only one left standing. The final battle had settled upon them without warning, one minute they were going over the escape plans that needed to be put into place in case of another raid by the Death Eaters and the next they were all fighting for their lives against the full forces of the enemy. Harry had been so focused on taking as many Death Eaters on his way to Voldemort that he hadn't paid attention to anything else. Now he stood among the dead without a single survivor from either side to share in the victory, once again he was the only one that survived.

He couldn't even process what that meant as he pulled what little magic that he had left after the grueling battle to apparate to one of the manors that he had inherited from his mother's side of the family, who knew that his mother came from a squib line that rivaled the Malfoys? He ignored the house elves that immediately tried to ask them what they could do for him and fell into his bed with a tired sigh that rang through his bones as his nightmares pulled him away from reality.

Harry never could have imagined that the war that he had been fighting almost as long as he could remember would have turned out the way that it had. Shortly after he had lost Sirius he had thrown himself into the books, trying to learn everything that he could to make sure that no one had to go through the same thing that he had. It wasn't until half way through his sixth year that things decided to throw him for one hell of a loop.

The attacks were starting to increase in intensity and it seemed that everyone was more than happy to put all of the blame on his shoulders for not stopping Voldemort. He took it without complaint and tried to put his guilt aside and do what he had to do until one night he decided to wander around the castle under his invisibility cloak and happened upon a meeting that turned his entire world upside down.

It was one of the empty classrooms that a lot of the older students used to have some 'alone' time and at first Harry thought that that was what was going on until he got close enough to recognize the voices and his heart almost stopped in his chest.


"I keep putting those potions in his drinks but nothing is happening. He should be falling all over me and he hardly looks my way." Ginny was pacing in front of Ron and Hermione with a look on her face that reminded Harry of Bella so strongly that he had to take a step back to regroup. "We need to find a stronger potion. I want to be Mrs. Potter and have all of that money to spend on anything I want as soon as he dies defeating He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named."

Hermione looked at Ginny with a pitying look that was clearly faked. "Ginny, there is no stronger love potion, we've tried them all. Either the little brat is immune to them or he's immune to you."

Ginny swiveled around and pinned Hermione with a look that could almost match Snape. "What the hell do you mean by that?! No one else I've screwed has had a problem with me."

Ron's face turned a bit green while Hermione looked completely unaffected. "Harry has never so much as looked at a female with anything more than mild interest, even Cho was just a vague interest. The little freak is probably a fag. Ron would probably have a better chance than you do, but that may not be such a bad thing." The look on Ginny's face at that was almost comical. "He's way too uptight about having his social life on the front page so it's more than likely that no one will ever find out that he's a fag. After he dies we will be able to claim that he was going to propose to you and there won't be anything to disprove it, especially with how close everyone thinks the Weasleys are to him. All you need to do is make sure that people see you with him as often as possible, it doesn't matter if you're actually going out so long as everyone thinks that you are."


Harry had made sure to let everyone in the school know that he wouldn't touch Ginny with a twenty foot pole after that though he made sure that no one knew that he was the one that put that fact out, Colin was more than happy to make sure that everyone knew what a trollop she was by dinner the next day.

Harry also made sure to break away from the other two thirds of the Golden Trio as discretely as possible which was pretty easy when they spent more time trying to swallow each other whole than anything else, disgusting. He had found new friends in Neville and Luna until they both followed him further than Ron and Hermione would have ever followed him and paid the price in blood.

The house elves of the Taures family were more than a little concerned with the health of their Master. When he had first shown up as a seventeen year old each of them had noticed that he was far too small and that shadows lingered behind his eyes. They had tried to help him but he was standoffish but polite and seemed to have little to no concern for his own wellbeing. They added nutrient potions to his food and tried to do their best to make him comfortable as he came and went from the house doing who knows what with those suspicious wizards and witches. They had learned that he was the one that many other house elves called the Great Harry Potter but he was their master first and foremost. When he had come into the house this time they knew that the war that he sometimes yelled about in his sleep was over but he looked no better then he had during the height of the violence.

They knew that their master wasn't going to last very long with the way that he was treating himself; he wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, and refused to leave the library where he spent most of his time memorizing every book he could get his hands on as if trying to loose himself in the words. They also knew that there was very little that they could do to help him with their powers but that there were others who could help and they would do anything to make their master happy no matter what they had to do to do it.


If anyone would have happened upon the habitat of the most dangerous dragons on a certain night of power they would have witnessed the largest gathering of magical creatures to ever take place in all of recorded history.

"Why should we help out a wizard of all things, they are ignorant and rude with no respect for anyone that isn't another witch or wizard?" The outcry was echoed by many in the crowd before the meeting had even truly begun.

"Our master is not like the other wizards, he is kind to all magical creatures and treats everyone the same." The head house elf, Tingly, was the one that spoke as she was the one with the best speech. "Our master is the greatest wizard of them all, Harry Potter, the defeater of the Dark One."

The crowd went silent as they contemplated this; the young man was one of the only wizards that didn't seem to see magical creatures as lower beings. Most thought that magical creatures were somehow inferior and that they needed to be corralled like cattle and made to serve their 'betters'.

Veela were kept as pets and concubines by those wizards that served as the elite and were hardly ever given the chance to find their soul mates which normally ended in their death. Werewolves were treated like rabid animals and sterilized and sometimes killed without a single thought to the fact that they used to be human. Vampires were in much the same position and no other magical creature could say that they had it any better in the long run.

"The boy is a rare one and the other wizards would no doubt prefer to leave him to rot than to help someone that holds more power than they do." The voice came from a member of the Fae who seemed to be looking at something that no one else could see, one could never tell with a Fae. "We should give him our gifts to use in a retelling of his story, one where he will choose his own path with knowledge of where things really stand."

"You speak of remaking the world and the boy in our own image; you speak of things that are forbidden by his peers." The raspy voice of the Lord of the Dementers was oddly soothing. "He will be the Lord of us all, he will be more than any could dream and the power might be too much for a human mind to handle."

The Fae's giggle rang through the clearing and the Dementer Lord shivered at the power behind it as did many of the darker creatures. "We shall send the powers to his birth so they are apart of his body and send his mind to a later date so he they are just another part of who he is. He will be everything this world needs to return to the way that it needs to be and it is the only way that he will find happiness and give it to us in return." The Fae's voice hitched slightly and she took a moment to look every member of the meeting in the eye. "We are not happy the way that we are now just as he is not happy. We need someone to give us order, someone to help and protect us, and someone that we can all help and protect. The Dark Lord was supposed to be that person but he was twisted by the old man and lost the way but with Harry we will have our Lord and perhaps things that should never have been will be undone."

No being could argue that something needed to be done and so the meeting turned into a ritual that would change the very fate of the world and would either make or break the future of all magical races. The powers of all present combined and the world spun backwards as one Harry James Potter slept in the peace of his home for the first time in months, not knowing the lengths that the magical creatures had gone to make sure that he found happiness and that things turned out the way that they were supposed to.

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