Author's Note: Yeah, so this is just a short, fluffy, one-shot. Enjoy!!

Kisses Make Everything Better

An insistent knocking woke Yusuke from what was otherwise a very peaceful sleep. Swearing as he made his way to the front door, Yuusuke planned on giving whoever it was the mother of all verbal whiplashings.

Or would have if the person at the door hadn't beaten him to it.

"Yusuke Urameshi don't think that just because you're home sick you get to skip out on our study session! You still have to take that test if you want to pass."

Rolling his eyes, Yusuke made his back to his bedroom. "Gimme a break, Keiko."

"Taking a break won't get you a passing grade."

"It's not like I'm skipping, you know! I was hit by a car!" Geez, why couldn't she cut him some slack?

He did look pretty bad, Keiko realized. She had assumed he'd gotten into another fight.

As though sensing the direction of her thoughts, Yusuke said, "No punk could do this me! I was run down by two tons of metal!"

"And what, exactly, were you doing that put you in front of two tons of metal?" Keiko asked, angry, because he couldn't seem to go two weeks without getting hurt.

Suddenly, Yusuke looked uncomfortable. "It was nothing. Some stupid kid was in its way."

Keiko's eyes softened. "Oh Yusuke…"

"Don't start all that mushy stuff," Yusuke threatened, "I already told you, it was no big deal."

Keiko shook her head, not pressing the matter. Yusuke was often that way: he went through a lot of trouble to make sure everyone thought he was a delinquent, and there was hell to pay should anyone say otherwise. Even if it was the 'otherwise' that was true.

Yusuke stretched out on the floor, folding his hands behind his head. Taking a seat next to him, Keiko studied his profile, noting that he really did look like he'd been hit by a car. There were bruises on both his arms, though his left was heavily marred by cuts and scrapes where, Keiko guessed, he'd been hit by the car. The left side of his face was in the same condition as his arm: cut up and bruised.

Noticing Keiko's scrutiny, Yusuke scowled, "Would you stop staring at me like I'm some sort of hurt little kid?"

"You are hurt, Yusuke." she pointed out, "And I just thinking of a way to help you."

"What? Are you going to kiss all my owies and make them better?" Yusuke sneered.

Instead of giving Yuusuke her famous Death Glare, known far and wide for its ability to whip any man (especially him) into shape, as he expected, Keiko looked very serious. "Well," she said, "Kisses do make everything better."

Yusuke blanched.

Turning to face him, Keiko held out her hand. "Give me your arm, Yusuke." She ordered.

Eying her suspiciously, Yusuke complied. "What are you doing?"

Instead of answering, Keiko leaned forward and placed a feather-light kiss on Yusuke's scraped knuckles.

"That's it?" he complained. Rather than reply, Keiko pulled his arm closer and kissed his wrist. She moved all the way up his arm, placing soft kisses here and there, causing Yuusuke's arm to tingle. She stopped at his cheek.

"There!" she said, "How does that feel?"

There was a pause. Then-

"You missed a spot." And he kissed her on the lips.

Keiko was blushing when he pulled away. "Well?" she asked.

Yusuke, stretching out on the floor again, smirked. "You were right," he said, "kisses do make everything better."

Awwww......that Yusuke.....

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