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Paul: Chapter 02

Guess this means you're sorry
You're standing at my door
Guess this means you take back
All you said before
Like how much you wanted, anyone but me
Said you'd never come back
But here you are again

I woke up this morning feeling like I had just come back from running a marathon, last night had been the fifth time this week that I had been out in Northern California vanquishing demons in anger. I once again orbed a few doors down and was forced to drag my tired body into my silent home. Night after night I would drop onto my bed curling up in the fetal position soaking my pillow before passing out from exhaustion only to wake up in the morning all sweaty and covered in dried blood.

"You really need to stop this," Collin mutters and I scream in surprise only to fall off my bed.

I glare at him detangling myself carefully, "When did you get here?"

He smiles sweetly and I falter, damn his cuteness it's not fair at all, "While you were busy glaring at the blank wall in front of you. Seriously you have to stop Nikki you look horrible…"

"Gee thanks…" I grumbled kicking the clutter on the floor away before making my way to my dresser, "So what brings you here Collin?"

"Don't avoid this Nikki, you really need to stop the whole killing demons thing. Your body is exhausted, you are not getting any sleep at all and you come back bleeding! I thought your whitelighter could heal you?" he exclaimed.

I shrugged carelessly, "I told him not to heal me- it's only a waste of energy…"

He sighed loudly before stiffening and saying, "Don't answer the front door…"

Cocking my head to the side I stare at him confused at his words before the bell went off downstairs, "Why not?"

"Trust me when I say that you are not ready to deal with this and do not open the door," he sighed tiredly but I only dismissed it proceeding down the stairs.

Still looking completely ragged, with messy torn up clothes and dried blood caking my flesh I tore open the door only to freeze on the spot. Before me stood the one and only Paul whose eyes were staring right through me just like always. Damn I shouldn't have opened the door…

And so… that is how it stayed for a couple of minutes, with both of us standing there, no words were exchanged just a long stare.


I could only stand there my mind going blank as the words left his lips so easily, "We're what?"

Nothing changed in him- he continued to stand there indifferently, firmly saying, "I said that we're over."

So many things went through my mind at once, I could feel myself shaking- I was scared, I could feel the disbelief in my body language, the skeptic tone as I cried out, "Why!"

He looked at me in anger, "I don't want to be with you. I don't love you!"

His screams halted my shaking. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to thrash like a little child, and I wanted to pretend I did not just hear those lines come out those very lips that kissed me not so long ago.

I snapped hardly containing my harsh retort, "That's bullshit and you fucking know it Paul! I'm your imprint after all!"

But he only shouted back answering my harsh reply, "I don't want you damn it!"

I wanted to cry… I wanted this pain to go away.

I was shaking whether it was from the pain in my heart or the crisp fall air, "Why are you doing this to me now of all times—when we've been together for three months now?"I sounded so desperate, normally I would be disgusted with myself but right now I was oh so desperate…

"You very well know that I'm against the whole imprint thing. I gave it a try but I don't like you!"

I refused to believe those stabbing lines. "Why now damn it!" I could only scream.

"I'm tired of all your crap! I don't like what you are! I don't like being with someone who is a witch and has to constantly kill demons. I want someone normal! I want someone who is not you!"

My eyes widened, my shaking stopped and I froze as I took in those harsh words, "…But you…"

He stilled- no longer the same how was collected and cold, "It's over Nicole- I won't keep pretending to like you when I don't. I want someone else, anyone but you and the problems you cause me."

"Y-you can't leave me… please d-don't…" my voice it sounded so weak and broken.

I was so desperate.

I didn't want this.

I was going to be alone again.

I didn't want this feeling of completion, of perfection to leave me.

I was going to be nothing without him.

"Go dump your sorry ass problems on someone who actually gives a shit because I'm never coming back, not to you Nicole…" his voice was so cold and the look in his eyes made me shudder in fright- so feral, icy and indifferent towards me. No longer were they the same warm eyes that once gazed at me with love. It was so quiet except for the sound of the crunching leaves as he swiftly walked away never looking back.

I was left standing alone in the middle of our clearing a dull shell with tears pouring down my cheeks with no intention of stopping anytime soon. I stood there my eyes trained on the vacant spot where he once stood I felt like I was going to combust from all the chaotic emotions threatening to rip me apart. My knees gave out of course after two hours of standing in the cold fall air and I allowed myself to collapse onto the colored leaves my eyes glazed over and wet. It hurt so much…

Shortly after collapsing in the middle of our—the clearing and staring at the cloudy night sky my body shook and I let myself cry hysterically like I knew I wanted to. At the moment I didn't care how cold I felt, or the possibility of having a leech or demon finding me here all alone, all that mattered was letting this crazy-depressing-chaotic-miserable-clawing at your heart pain out in all my ragged sobs.


My hand tightened around the doorknob and it was all I could do in order to stop me from falling to the floor, why are you standing here in front of me? You said you would never come back to me…

He never said anything only stood there staring at me with those warm eyes, but I only flinched as I recalled that cold look he gave me that one night. Why? Stop playing with me… I don't like this feeling…

His head bowed slightly, I guess this means you're sorry…


I like the break up scene... so harsh...

This one should be about 7-8 chapters long and yes, it's based of the Kelly Clarkson song, "My Life Would Suck Without You."

It's my own plot and OC character...

Well, lots of love..