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I was stuck at camp. Me! Stuck at camp! Who did Victoria and Laurent think they were? They were off hunting while I was stuck at camp! I agreed to the stay behind rule only because I never thought I'd be the one having to stay behind! I can still hear Victoria's voice, "James, your remember the rule. One person has to stay behind and watch the camp and, quite frankly, you never have. So Laurent's coming with me this time." The nerve of that woman! I raised this coven up! I started it! I changed Victoria and I recruited Laurent! This was just wrong!

The fire flickered and rose up, lashing out at the air. I felt my anger doing the same thing. That's it, I decided, I'm going hunting for myself. I stood up, took a deep breath, and began to run. I felt the adrenaline pump through my veins and I whipped past trees. That is if I even have adrenaline in my veins. Either way I feel the rush. I am unstoppable, I am invincible, I am James the vampire and I'm ready to kill some humans.

Something hit me, so strong I stopped in my tracks. It was a scent. A scent of a human. A mouth-watering scent that drove me wild. I have to have that, my mind kept repeating while I felt the venom pool in my mouth. I stalked toward the scent, it was close by. I was in the slums of Seattle, up north. North! I hated the North. But Victoria wanted a change of pace. Man that girl was a pain in my ass. I sniffed the air, getting some strange looks from the homeless. I flashed them a dazzling smile before continuing my hunt.

The slums were disgusting. The smell was so potent that it must stink, even to a dull human nose. The only good thing was that my prey was in the slums too. Gangsters and the homeless are always the easiest to get. No one cares about them, except family. This was perfect. I got closer and closer to the scent, and found myself in the Hood. I was about to close in on the building which housed my prey before a shadow engulfed me.

"Watcha doin here, white boy?" I turned to see a tall black man with a couple of buddies behind him. A gang. I held back a smirk.

"Hunting." I replied truthfully. My answer seemed to stump them for a moment. Then the leader nodded to the rest of them and they circled around me.

"That wasn't the right answer." The leader smirked and I returned it.

"I doubt there is one." The circle began getting smaller and smaller. I'm going to throw the first punch, I decided. My fist flew out and hit the nearest guy in the face. There was a sickening crunch as his nose and jaw broke from the force of my hit. He fell to the ground, groaning in pain. The circle had taken a step back, each one of them surprised. I smirked and it became a full out fight.

I had three out of the seven down when there was a loud noise. I felt something ricochet off the side of my head. Someone had shot me! Not like it had done me any harm. I turned to smile at the shooter. It was a Mexican girl, around 18. She was leaning out the 5th story window, holding the gun in shaking hands. Then her smell hit me. She was my prey. I quickly took out the rest of the guys before busting down the front door and taking to the stairs. I hit the 5th floor and stopped. Time to make this interesting. All of the doors were shut and locked. No problem.

"Oh, little girl." I called out. I heard a little gasp and started moving towards the sound. "I know you shot me." There was a rustling, someone crawling away. I stalked down the hallway, knowing it looked like something out of a horror movie. The lighting was dim and the floor was covered with trash. I stopped outside the second to last door and inhaled. She was in there. I knocked on the door. The girl was muttering something in Spanish. Note to self, learn Spanish. I grabbed the handle and opened the door, the lock popping off as if it were a rubber band instead of steel. Her scent hit me like a tidal wave, everything about it wonderful. She smelled like hot tamales and coco powder. She had eyeliner streaks from crying.

"Hi." I said casually. Her brown eyes fluttered closed as she heaved a sob. She knew she was going to die. Her black hair was in a high ponytail, showing off her multiple pierced ears.

"Ssshhhhh, don't cry." I murmured in a soft voice. One she found irresistible. She heaved a sigh and looked me in the eye.

"I know you're going to kill me so just get it over with." She turned her head, exposing her luscious neck. A low growl escaped me. She cringed.

"Ok, I will, but first your, name." I squatted down next to her and put the back of my hand on her cheek.

"Maria." She shuddered. She was beautiful, and feisty. I couldn't let her go.

"Well, Maria," Her name rolled off my tongue with ease. "I think I have other plans now. With that I scooped her up and took off. Let's see how this goes.