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Chapter 5

Maria's POV:

We stood stock still, neither of us moving. All was quiet except my ragged breathing. The red-headed thing in front of me seemed to be sizing me up. If she came any closer I would attack, even though I knew I wouldn't win. The silence dragged on before she let out a sadistic smile.

"You want to play human? Let's play." She crouched down and hissed at me, reminding me of a cat. Now that I thought about it, everything about her was feline. I took a tiny step back, getting ready to run. "Go." She whispered out, right as I spun and sprinted as fast as I possibly could through the trees. Her evil laugh followed me, making me think she was around every corner or bend. In my head I was mapping out what little I knew of the forest and planning each turn. My horrible gasping sounded extremely loud to my own ears, I felt like it was giving me away. I slowed a tiny bit and focused more on being quiet then being fast. There was a snap of a branch behind me and I swung to my side. I one fluid motion I had gone from running to standing with my back against a tree, trying to breath silently.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are." She sang in a high soprano voice that grated against my nerves. I knew she was the death. Death. The word hadn't sounded so terrifying up until now. I was used to death, I saw it every day on the streets. Then I met James, and death began to take on a whole new meaning.

"James!" I whispered in a last ditch attempt to be saved as death found my hiding place. She smiled malevolently and began to stalk forward."James!" This time I yelled it out. This seemed to amuse her because there was a twinkle in her eye.

"You think that James is going to help you? Ha! He's the one who gave you to me, my sweet smelling present. I whimpered. I'd never begged before and I thought I never would but it escaped my lips before I could stop them.

"Por favor, no me mates*" I squeezed my eyes shut, praying for this all to be a dream. A horrible, on-going night mare that I would wake up from.

"*" The red-head answered back fluently. I felt my anger rise. How dare she speak to me in my native tongue!

"Callate, tu no mereces hablar en espnol!*" I opened my eyes to glare at her. I watched as the sparkle in the red-heads died down, replaced by cold furry.

"I'm tired of this game, time to end it." She growled and sank her teeth into my neck.

James POV:

I watched from afar as my little Maria stood up to death itself. A feeling a pride rose in me before I quickly squashed it back down. She was still going to die and I knew it. With an unexplainable sadness I watched as Maria began running. Victoria gave her a head start but then took off after her. Maria was good at hiding and getting her scent mixed up and turned around. It had caused me a tiny bit of trouble and now had Victoria confused. I smiled to myself. There was a reason why I was the hunter.

From my position high up in the trees I could see Maria slow down, focusing on being quieter because that's what Victoria was following her by. She was very smart for a human. It pained me that she was going to die, she could've been a great target to follow if I let her travel around the world. But no, little Maria had already caused me enough trouble and doubt and now it was time for this to end. Frustrated, I heard them converse in Spanish. I knew that Victoria could speak it because of her travels. For me I was never around humans enough to pick up on their languages, no matter where I was in the world.

Maria suddenly became outraged and yelled something in Spanish at Victoria. This made the vampire still. The game was over and I knew it. Without thinking I flashed out of the tree and ripped Victoria away from my human. But it was too late. Victoria had bitten Maria and my precious human crumpled to the ground in agony as the venom set in.

3 months later

Maria's POV:

I embraced James one last time, thinking back to everything we had been through together. I am now a vampire, like James and Victoria. They had spent the last three months training me and getting me ready for my new life. I'd like to think that it was in James' plan that he was going to turn me into a vampire but something tells me he decided to pull Victoria away at the last moment. Either way I was thankful. I fitted my new lifestyle, I belonged here. It didn't take me long at all to become accustomed to everything and now I was even able to be around humans for a short time without going ballistic, a major accomplishment for a newborn.

At first Victoria had hated me, probably because her mate had a thing for me. I later had learned about mates and saw that the bond between them is unbreakable so I gave up on James. It was his personality that I liked, not him. So after we had come to that understanding, me and Victoria became really good friends.

But I was to go my own way now. They of course gave me the option to join their coven but something made me decide against it. I was going to travel the world and learn more about my new lifestyle.

"Adios." I said softly, waving as we parted ways. James and Victoria disappeared from sight, they were going to meet up with another member of their coven in a small town called Forks. I was on my way Back to Searle, ready for anything that came my way. There I got an apartment on the nice side of town, using the money I had easily stolen from a back.

Sixteen days after I had left them, I got a hysterical call from Victoria.

"They killed him!" She dry-sobbed into the cell-phone. It took some time but I finally calmed her down enough to here the whole story. "They killed him over a human! They killed my James over a bitch human! And Laurent was up in Alaska, hiding like the coward he is!" My best friend became distraught. I offered her a place to stay, with me, and promised that I would help her plan her revenge on the Cullens.

*Por favor, no me mates- Please don't kill me.

*Vaya, querida, no sabia que sabias espanol, esto es emocionante- Why, dear, I didn't know you knew Spanish, this is exciting!

*Callate, tu no mereces hablar en espnol!- Shut up, you don't deserve to talk in Spanish!

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