Lasciatemi morire Pronounced La-Sha-Te-Me More-Ree-Ray

Italian, meaning, Leave me to die

My first Torchwood fic, so I hope it goes over okay. They are one of the most beautiful couples, even if Jack hates the word, ever. Doctor and Rose are tied with them I think. Anyways this takes place somewhere in one of the seasons. Jack and Ianto dabble, Gwen doesn't know about them, Owen does and he thinks that Ianto should stick to making coffee and stay out of the field. Tosh is just sweet wonderful Tosh.

Let me know if its liked so I know whether or not to write more.


Lasciatemi morire

Ianto Jones clenched his eyes shut and tightened his jaw as the smooth flight of the plane was interrupted by the sporadic jolts of the "Slight turbulence" the Pilot had warned them about began to take effect. The spacious area of the high class jet seemed to shrink slightly. The plane took another heavy dip, his reflexes causing his hands to grip the arm rests on either of his sides tightly.

A warm hand gripped his tightened one reassuringly."You doing all right?"

Ianto's eyes snapped open as he turned his head slightly to his left. Jacks soft spoken words did little to calm his nerves, but the gentle rub of his thumb against his hand and the very sight of the eyes that only Jack Harkness had made him feel the littlest bit better.

"Fine," he said, the word coming out a little more timid then he would have liked. He cleared his throat a little, not wanting to appear weak.

Jack gave him a charming look of disbelief. Ianto found over time that it became more and more difficult to lie to Jack. Or perhaps he was subconsciously allowing his abilities to deceive diminish around him, that maybe, deep down he did want Jack to know how he was feeling.

"It's only...I can fight aliens, and catch weevils, but..."

"Flying scares you."

" least when we're doing our own thing I have a say in it, a chance to do something. I can't do anything if this starts to fall out the sky." He paused feeling embarrassed. He pulled his hand out from under jack and folded them in his lap. "You must think I'm terribly foolish."

"Ianto Jones, nothing you do seems foolish to me. On the contrary," he flashed a toothy grin. "I'm feeling very inclined to do anything within my power to make you...feel better."

"Aren't you always," Ianto replied, surprised by his sarcastic and playful tone, given his previously terrified feelings. Something about Jack always made him feel better.

Jack winked and unbuckled his seat belt. "Follow in two minutes."

"Sir, the seatbelt sign is on." Ianto pointed out.

"Hasn't stopped me before," and he got up and walked away.

Ianto looked around, Gwen was asleep, Toshiko was busy with her laptop and Owen had his eyes closed listing to his MP3 player. He counted in his head, as slowly as he could. Even if it was jack, restraint was something he prided him-self in. One hundred twenty long seconds later he slowly unbuckled and rose from his seat., walking silently and as graceful as the still stuttering aircraft would allow.

Once he was at the back of the jet he saw the bathroom door stood slightly ajar. He was barley in front of it when a hand reached out and tugged him in by his blue paisley tie. The bathroom on the jet was a good size larger then those of commercial aircraft, but still a nice squeeze for two grown men.

"Jack I think this is a little–" But Ianto's thought was never vocalized completely.

Jack's lips crashed into his, the force of it pushing him back, his legs bumping into the toilet. Jack pulled back a fraction of an inch,

"Not ridiculous," he said lustfully, knowing what Ianto had intended to say. All of his restraint he was holding on to due to the inappropriate timing of the situation diminished. He responded to him eagerly, forgetting they were in a bathroom, on a jet, going to a mission. The world simply melted away. Turbulence? The word didn't exist in his head, there was only Jack.

After about twenty minuets of dabbling Jack pulled away from Ianto, bringing him back to reality.

"We land soon," Jack mumbled.

"Of course," Ianto replied, his breathing still a little heavy.

"Feeling better?"

"Yes sir," he answered, a little to formally for Jacks liking.

"Right well, I'll go, you just...tidy yourself up and come back in two. You look a bit... tousled."

Jack ran his hands through his hair and gave his coat a quick tug then left the bathroom, without another look at Ianto.

Ianto sighed and began to adjust his slightly ruffled suit. He smoothed his hair, returning it to it's usual perfect state, trying to ignore his current dejected feeling. Jack was always keeping secrets, and Ianto had become one of them. Jack didn't do relationships, Ianto knew that. He didn't want to delude himself into thinking that he was somehow special to jack, somehow different from the other people and things jack had been with.

But he was beginning to feel a dull ache whenever Jack flirted with other people. Even if it was only one of Jacks well known traits. Nerves began to plague him whenever he was around Jack, which, given the nature of his work was very often. His symptoms all pointed to one thing, and it didn't bode well for his heart.

Gwen woke up as the pilots voice indicated they would be landing soon.

"Where's Jack?" She asked noticing his absence. "And Ianto," she added as an after thought, noticing that he too was missing.

"I don't know," Owen said. "And I don't want to be the one to go and find them."

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked

"We're landing in just a minute," Tosh said. "I'm sure they'll be back any second." She had barley finished speaking when Jack came walking up from the back of the plane, and promptly took his seat.

"Coffee on this plane is rubbish," He smiled at them and buckled his seat belt. "Do you think we could somehow get Ianto to make some when we land?"

"You can ask him yourself," Gwen said nodding her head in the direction Jack had come. Ianto took his seat, without delivering a greeting to anyone.

"Where were you?" Gwen asked.

"Bathroom," He replied curtly.

"What were you in there for?"

"I was, and I hope this doesn't come as too much of a surprise to you, going to the bathroom."

Tosh stifled a laugh while Jack just looked down hiding what could have been a smile. Owen gave what sounded like an indignant scoff and looked out the window, Gwen blushed, slightly embarrassed.

"Right, sorry, stupid question."

"And how was the bathroom?" Owen asked, in a slightly accusatory tone.

"Nothing special." Ianto said, looking at Owen.

Jack looked up suddenly. And Ianto could fell his gaze on him but he looked determinedly at Owen.

"Is that so?" Owen said sarcastically.

"Yep, nothing special." He said and looked down in his lap

Everyone was suddenly distracted by the feeling of their landing. Everyone except Jack and Ianto. Ianto could still feel Jacks eyes on the side of his face. Ianto looked up and turned to Jack. His eyebrows creased and his eyes were sharp, not wavering from Ianto, as if he were trying to read his thoughts.

"Is there a problem sir?" Ianto asked, quietly, not drawing anyone's attention.

"I think that's something I should be asking you."


But Ianto was saved having to make a response, the ding of the seat belt sign had everyone one moving quickly to get their things and exit the jet. Bags in tow they all made their way down a stair case and on to the runway. Jack stood in front of them all taking a look at the horizon. He turned his head over his shoulder with his trademark grin on his face, Ianto hardly able to believe this was the same person who looked so questioning and almost angry a moment before.

"Welcome to Italy," He said, and walked off, his coat billowing dramatically as he did so.