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Jack lifted his head but did not move from Ianto's side. "What answer?" He growled.

"With the two of you, we will no longer need to steal others, you will be our unlimited power supply."

"What kind of power?" He pressed on.

"Our lives...Our very existence survives on this source." The unified entity explained

"So you've been stealing these people to eat them?" Jack snarled with disgust, the memories of the cannibal's flitting briefly across his mind.

"We do not eat them, Jack Harkness. We feed off the energy their minds provide. We have spanned the universe for millions of years, locating the waves that the beings and creatures project out. The purest of thoughts, the most important wishes." The figures turned their bodies to look at the various bodies around the room. They opened their mouths, and the voices that escaped were not their own.

"I wish that everyone could find true love,"

"Let my grandchildren be successful,"

"I hope we always love each other,"

"I wish my papa would get better so he can leave the hospital,"

"Let her come home safe,"

"I hope he has a good life with his new family,"

"Please let them forgive each other,"

"May you never miss me as much as I miss you,"

"Help her dance again,"

"I wish my garden will bloom bright this year,"

"Don't let my mommy and daddy get a divorce,"

"Help me forgive him,"

The last of the ghostly overlapping echo of the victims wishes died in the room, the Elders stepping back into their line formation, away from the lifeless figures.

"You've stolen these people because of the wishes they made." Jack murmured, the link to the fountain making sense.

"Do not exclude yourself Jack Harkness, you too have been brought here because of your wish."

"I didn't make a wish," Jack protested.

"But you did Jack Harkness. And that is the reason why in your presence Ianto Jones grows more resistant. He get's stronger while you are here, and your mental blocks grow weaker the longer he stays in captivity. You are the first pair we have found, the other half of the wishes."

Jack stayed silent, not being able to comprehend exactly what the DoonReDai were talking about.

"Leave Jack alone," Ianto said. "You can keep me but let him go. I know you probably don't care, but the world needs him. He protects the world. You can't leave this planet defenseless, without him it will have nothing."

"Your Earth will need to find someone else to be it's guardian, this is an opportunity we cannot pass up."

"Then I'll change my wish!" Ianto argued back.

"These wishes cannot be changed, they are the truth. Anything else you say would be a lie."

"No! I take it back, just let him go!" Yelled Ianto pulling angrily at his restraints once again.

"You cannot take back you wish, nor can he take back his. It is set in stone, locked in our minds."

"I didn't make a wish!" Jack snapped.

"A want is a wish Jack Harkness. Or do you not recall what you said in the vicinity of the Trevi Fountain. The location we had set our cerebral tracker around?"

"I..." Jack started but trailed off, his eyes opening wide.

"You remember don't you?"

"I said...I told Gwen, 'I just want Ianto to be safe.'" Jack said, looking down at Ianto.

"And we already had Ianto Jones," they said turning their wide eyes upon Ianto's pale face. "Who's wish we heard above the others. It glowed in our minds, brighter and more selfless than the wishes of those who surrounded him. 'I wish Jack will always be happy.' And you are his Jack." They then switched their eerie gaze to Jack, a look reminiscent of patronization appearing on their identical faces.

"And then the you came to the fountain, and your wish... You are the other half. With the wishes you have been locked in, we can create a loop. A constant loop that would supply us with an endless amount of energy. You wouldn't fade, you wouldn't wish for death like the others. Ianto Jones will always be wishing for your happiness, which you will never get, because you would be here. And Jack Harkness will never be happy because Ianto Jones isn't safe."


"What do you mean. "The people are the power source"? What does the mean?" Owen questioned quietly as the moved stealthily down the hallways.

"It means exactly what I said Owen." Tosh snapped at him. "The missing people are being used as a power source. They are living batteries. The produce energy while they are in a catatonic state which the remain in till they die of old age."

"What are they gathering?" Owen asked confused. " How are the gathering it?"

"They have these panels," Gwen said as patiently as she could. "That's what the design and layout told us. Above all the people, the grids some how lock on to the brain signals they emit, which then travels to a main focal point that keeps their species living."

"Okay," Owen said with a nod, before creasing his eyebrows in confusion once more. "And how do we know all this again?"

"Owen can you at least pay attention for two minuets? It was all on the computers it explained everything when we ran it through the translation system. You asked what all the fuss was about earlier, what's wrong with you?"

"I'm sorry...My heads just feeling a little fuzzy, headache coming on," Owen grumbled with irritation.

"Well snap out of it." Gwen commanded.

"We all need to be focused, Jack and Ianto need us to be focused," Tosh pressed urgently.

"I'm trying to stay focused," Owen grunted at them in exasperation. "I just wish I had a damn piece of Tylenol to make it easier."

"You'll just have to suck it up," Gwen ordered.

"It can't be that bad Owen, you've had worse working for Torchwood I'm sure," Tosh reasoned.

"You would think, but this is getting to me. Worse than being hung over. But in place of the reliable jack hammer it's like a nuclear bomb exploded, complete with radiating pain through my body and a mushroom cloud obscuring my vision."

"Okay look, I think we should split up." Gwen said stopping them. "One of us can go get Jack and Ianto and the other two can find there way to the room where all the power is going to."

"I don't think one of us should go anywhere alone," Tosh said.

"Tosh you take Owen, I'll get Jack and Ianto, I won't be alone for long. I'll get them and meet you over their."

"And if something happens?" Tosh questioned.

"We have the comms. We have to take it from two points. The source and the gathering point. If you can find a way to destroy it, than that's great, if not we can destroy it from the source." Gwen said.

"This doesn't seem like the most well thought out plan," Owen grumbled.

"Well it's what we've got," Gwen said. "How long will it take you to get to the core?"

"From what it looked like on the layout, about ten minutes if we go fast enough," Tosh explained.

"And I should make it to Jack and Ianto in another five. That will give me enough time to inform them of the outline that we have, from there Jack can decide on a more precise plan of action by the time you get there."

"Alright, let's go Owen," Tosh said pulling Owen along with her. She stopped momentarily and called behind her. "And be careful Gwen."

"You two as well." Gwen said, and proceed to make her way towards Jack and Ianto.


Silence followed the Elders confession, leaving Jack bubbling with anger.

"Enough!" Jack snapped straightening up and instinctively reaching for his gun. The Elders let out and frightening laugh as Jack fumbled at the holster, his gun no longer there.

"We have long since removed your weapon from you," they said, smirking manically at him. Jack filled with anger and frustration. He quickly reached into his pocket pulling out a flat disk and throwing towards the arrogant group before him. It landed with a sharp clang on the floor. The force field cage erupted around three of the figures, isolating them from the other four.

Looks of fury erupted across their faces. They suddenly looked very incomplete and uncomfortable not standing shoulder to shoulder. They seemed less powerful and intimidating. They quickly composed themselves, clearly not at ease by their sudden bout of weakness.

"Restrain him," they spoke, throwing Jack a demonic glare. The two other DoonRaDai who had been standing in the shadows stepped forward and walked towards Jack, their lank hands extended.

"I'm sorry," Jack mumbled as they stepped towards him. Knowing there was no where for him to run, also knowing that he wouldn't run even if there were. He wouldn't leave Ianto now, at this point, they were in it together.

"Don't be," Ianto responded breathlessly.

The two had almost reached Jack when the steel doors of the room were flung open. Startled, they turned towards the noise. Gwen entered the room, gun raised in her right hand and another in her left which she threw to Jack as soon as she saw him. Jack used the distraction she caused to his advantage. He took out the two minions with the butt of his gun and the crumpled unceremoniously onto the floor.

He turned his gun towards the uncaged leaders and Gwen followed suit,

"Don't let them touch you," Jack informed Gwen urgently.

"They're using these people as a power source," Gwen said, taking a look around the room, seeing all the victims asleep on the slabs.

"It's their entire life force, they told me themselves," Jack shot out spitefully.

"Tosh and Owen are on their way to power core, we thought if we could just destroy that we could–"

"Finish them off that way." Jack finished for her. "How long till they get there?"

"Another five minutes." She said.

"Any other options?" Jack asked.

"We stop the power at it's source, which is here."

"And how would we do that?"

"The hanging panels above the slabs" Gwen said shifting her eyes momentarily upwards. Jack followed suit, quickly eyeing the disturbing rectangles he hadn't noticed before. "But we don't know what would happen to the people. They're connected, brain waves or something."

"Then for now we wait." Jack muttered, keeping his eyes fixed on the Elders.

"Please, you mustn't destroy the panels," One of them said, taking a step forwards, this was the first time the hadn't done something as a unit.

"Don't move," Jack threatened.

"But you mustn't–"

"Quiet!" Gwen snapped suddenly, Tosh's frantic voice coming through her comm.

"Gwen! Gwen there's a problem!"

"What's wrong Tosh?"

"It's Owen, he collapsed. He's unconscious, and I checked ahead and I've got a lot of guards around the door of the room."

"How many? Can't you get rid of them?"

"Gwen I'm sorry, there's to many, there's nothing I can do. It would be suicide, even if Owen were able to help."

"It's okay Tosh just stay safe, watch Owen too."

"Did you find Jack and Ianto?"

"Yes. Just sit tight, we'll take care of it from here."Gwen looked quickly at Jack. "Owen's unconscious and Tosh won't be able to make it."

"That would be the low level waves we emit. His has an subconscious wish, something about 'Katie'. That's as much as we understand."The Elders had returned to their unanimous speaking.

"Jack we have to take out the panels."

"We don't know what would happen," Jack said with gritted teeth,

"Well that is the only option we have," Gwen snapped.

"It might kill them."

"Jack!" Gwen said angrily, but stopped before she said anymore. The flickering of the containment field caught her eyes, distracting her.

A few more feeble flickers and it disappeared completely. The elders demeanor changed, and they returned to their former arrogance and strength. They started to movewith the clear intention of surrounding them. Gwen and Jack did what they could, their guns moving between each of the targets.

"Jack, we have to destroy the panels!" Gwen said.

"They can still be saved. I won't risk killing them." Jack shot at her.

"Jack!" Gwen yelled

"Shoot mine," Ianto spoke suddenly.

"No," Jack said instantly.

"That way to innocent civilian get's killed," Ianto rambled quickly. "You have to shoot mine."

"Ianto, no." Jack said forcefully, ignoring the absurd idea.

Gwen however, turned her gun towards the panel in the ceiling.

"Gwen no!" Jack yelled, turning his gun on her in retaliation.

"He's right Jack," Gwen said to him, her tone enforcing.

"Gwen, as your boss I demand you avert your weapon!" His tone was deadly

"Jack it's okay," Ianto assured him, his tone sad but accepting.

"No! It is not okay! Gwen, stand down."

"Gwen, they're moving. Hordes of them are heading in your direction. They're moving fast."

"They are coming to our aid," The voice's echoed around them.

"Jack we don't have time," Gwen said tersely.

"You will not pull that trigger!" Jack command, his voice beginning to raise to a frightfully dangerous volume.

"They're gone. I'm heading to the core, should make it in a few minutes."

"Our people, our army will be here any second, and that will be the end of all of you."

"Jack I'm sorry," Gwen admitted, truly sounding like it.

"Gwen–" Jack started.

The doors swung open and the DoonReDai began to flood in.

"I'm almost there."

"You are finished," The Elders called in a frightfully delightful voice.

"Shoot the panel Gwen," Ianto commanded calmly.

"Ianto stop it!" Jack yelled at him.

"Restrain them,"The voices rang.

"Gwen, PUT THE GUN DOWN!" Jack screamed.

"I'm sorry," Gwen mumbled regretfully, and pulled the trigger.

Everything that followed happened quickly. The panel made a noise like breaking glass as is cracked and quaked. The lights shudder briefly and the DoonReDai all stumbled backwards, falling to their knees.


And the DoonReDai began to scream. Their thin hands clawed at their temples as they writhed on the floor. Moments passed, till they began to stop, one by one, motionless and dead on the floor.

"Gwen? Gwen are you guys okay? Did it work?"

"Yeah..." She whispered before pulling the comm from her ear. She watched as Jack moved frantically, pulling Ianto from the slab, the iron restraints having opened in the chaos. A quick glance around the room reveled that all of them had opened.

Jack laid Ianto onto the floor, checking for vitals, but finding nothing.

"Come on Ianto," Jack muttered urgently.

"Jack..." Gwen said softly.

"Please Ianto, come on please..." Jack began to preform CPR. His panic becoming more and more apparent.

"Jack..." Gwen said taking a few tentative steps forward. Jack remained oblivious to her words as he continued to try and revive his fallen comrade.

Gwen turned at the sounds of hurried footsteps. Tosh entered the room, her eyes wide with anxiety. Owen stumbled in after her, he appeared a little run down but other than that unscathed.

"Jack," Gwen said once more, her voice firmer. She rested her hand gently on Jack's shoulder. He shook it off angrily, and was undeterred in his attempts to bring Ianto back.

"Jack, I think you should stop," Owen called to him.

"No," he clipped. He dipped his head again, forcing what he hoped was a life restoring breath into Ianto's unmoving lungs.

"Jack, he's gone," Gwen said in defeat.

"He's...He's not..."

"I'm sorry Jack, I'm so sorry," Gwen said, replacing her hand.

Jack made a few more exhausted presses to Ianto's chest before he fell back, covering his face with his hands. Gwen kneeled by his side, sliding an arm around his shoulders. It rested their for only a moment before Jack stood abruptly, moving away from her. Gwen rose from the floor and retreated to the doorway where Tosh and Owen stood in silence, watching the floor, unable to say anything.

"He isn't...He wasn't supposed too..." Jack choked, incapable of forming cohesive sentences. He slammed his fist wildly into a wall before sliding miserably to the floor. Gwen, Tosh, and Owen all exchanged looks. They turned as one a left the room, deciding it was best to leave Jack alone for the timing being. He would leave when he was ready. Jack pressed his palms into his eyes, letting the silence fill him. Unfortunately it never quite reached the empty spot he felt in the deep recesses of his core.

A sudden disruption in the silence caught his attention. The sharp intake of breath caused him to whip his head up. His eyes fell on the figure on the floor. Who's chest was now rising slightly. Jack stood up and rushed to Ianto, falling quickly to his knees and cradling Ianto's head with his hands. Ianto opened his eyes, which were still red and blurry with exhaustion.

"Did we win?" He asked, his voice cracking slightly.

"Yeah," Jack breathed out with relief, giving Ianto a watery smile. "Yeah we won."

"Good," he mumbled and he closed his eyes, asleep without another word.

Jack carefully set Ianto's head down and grabbed Gwen's disregarded comm. The victims had all begun to stir restlessly as the slipped back into consciousness.


"Yes Jack?"

"Cover up time," He said.

"He's okay isn't he."

"He's alive," Jack whispered pressing a soft kiss to Ianto's forehead. "This time he's alive."


Memories were modified, cover up stories were put in place, equipment was packed and loaded onto the jet. The torchwood team moved about the cabin, situating themselves before their flight home. Ianto secured his seatbelt and took a last glance out the window before shutting it. Jack took a seat next to he him, giving his hand a soft reassuring squeeze.

"You going to be alright?"

"I'll make it through. It doesn't seem as bad as it used to. " Ianto turned his had a gave Jack a smile. "Still terrifying though."

"Worth it to get home?" Jack asked.

"I'm home when I'm with you," Ianto admitted sheepishly. "Wales is just the place I live."

"Ianto Jones I –" But the sentence remained incomplete. Ianto pressed a kiss to Jacks lips and pulled away slowly before murmuring quietly to Jack, so know one else could hear.

"I love you too."


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