Been stuck here, as though drifting in the hell that lies between life and death, for I don't know how long…

When will I be put out of my misery? When will someone relieve me of this throbbing, painful life?

I'm sick of it…


"Why am I so stubborn…?" His fangs glinted red, the shock of white hair, amongst black, tinged red. Ripped black and red remains of his school uniform hung off his thin frame, reminding him of all that he had left behind. Only one thing was left undamaged.

He looked down at the ribbon around his wrist, he felt the lump form in his throat again, the promise he had made, the one he feared he would not be able to keep.
Would they even want him back anymore…was he even missed now?

He put his face in his hands, his elbows resting on his knees from where he sat. He sobbed, but didn't cry, he wasn't that weak.


Are they well? Are they waiting for me to return? Are they as upset as I am?

They probably forgot about me long ago, years ago, that has to be how long I was here…

Are they living well without me in their lives? Are they healed and back to the way they were when I left?

When I made that promise…


Kei Yusogara.

I miss you all so much…I…miss……


He stood and took a sharp breath, picking up the bat with many nails sticking out of it from the ground beside him.

He tightened his grip, his knuckles turning white; he grit his teeth, a fang cutting the inside of his lip; he willed not a single tear to be dropped, none did. "I'm going back…" he muttered to the ground. He looked forward his confident smirk from all those years ago back on his face; he looked behind him, his smile faltered at the sight behind him. He sighed and looked forwards again, a grim version of his smile once again on his face, "Whether they want me back or not…I'm going back."

He walked forward, not knowing where he was going at all, not looking back again. If he looked back he would see what he had become. What he never wanted to be, what he never thought would happen. The bodies of bloodless vampires, those who wanted to live, those who weren't strong enough, ones he had 'eaten'…it was terrible, but it was instinct.

He had no real idea where he was or how he was going to get home…but he knew a place he could start. He dragged the bat along behind him, still breathing heavily, still tinged with blood…and completely oblivious to the fact that he was being watched by two of his kind not to far away…


"I see…we should get rid of him then?"

"That would be best."

"Mmmm…I bet his blood tastes good…"

"He's strong…don't get your hopes up."

"I'm glad they failed."

"Why's that?"

"Why do you think?"

"You are to predictable…"

"HAHAHAHA! You know it."

"Well…we better get started."

"HAHA! Ya. Get ready for the fight of your life: Aldred van Envurio."


-End Prologue-

HAHAHA u's quite fun to write this way...never done it before ^_^ ya so srry for the length, i just wante to get something of this up. So case ur to thick to notice, it's Aldred's thought and him for the first part. But who are these two(yes only two, end's confusing don't bitch bout it.) that are plotting against him? Who is it tha failed? Where the hell is Aldred? We will find out soon...


Pretty much am writing this because well...there isn't any good yaoi for this story (Al x Kei later on *wink*) and I just read it and almost cried ( L ) Kei !! So ya...enjoy// i will work on my other stories...eventually...