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Jaina stood still. On the surface she might seem perfectly calm, but inside she was impatient. Normally she didn't have any trouble with waiting, but this was almost too much. To pass the time and keep her calm center she looked at the people round her; Leia, her mother, stood looking at the door every muscle tight, Han, her father, stood next to Leia looking relaxed as always but with a twinge of anxiety and anticipation. He too was facing the door.

Jaina turned her head to look at her brother. He stood still patiently waiting and keeping calm. She hadn't seem him lose his patience since the war, after he had returned from captivity. Strange how people changed during a war. She herself had changed a lot, too, she knew that.

Jaina took a look at the rest gathered there; Kam and Tionne stood quietly with no seeming anxiety, Corran kept a couple of steps back with them so as not to intrude on the family. They were the friends but Jaina, Jacen, Han and Leia were the family.

They were the only ones waiting here but others waited for news as well. Her uncle Luke's and aunt Mara's friends waited in every corner of the galaxy to hear how things had gone. Cilghal of course was in the hospital wing with her uncle and aunt.

Jaina stood facing the door again. It had only taken her a second to run these things through her head and now impatience was returning.

Suddenly Ben appeared. He came running down the corridor and stopped next to Tionne. She gently laid an arm around him. He had been with the youngest children and her uncle Luke had probably called him through the Force. She knew he would do that when time came. It looked like it was now.

"Are you excited, Ben?" Tionne asked.

Ben nodded. He leaned towards her staring strait at the door. Tionne had been Ben's primary caretaker during the war after he had joined the other children at Shelter. Naturally he still chose her when his parents weren't there.

Jaina felt a tiny pang that he hadn't come to her or Jacen instead. He barely knew them even though they were his cousins.

Jaina turned back toward the door at the same moment she felt a powerful ripple flow through the Force. Even before she had taken a step her mother was already pushing the door open and on her way into the room. Jaina followed her right on her heels.

And had to take a quick step to the right so she didn't walk into her. She looked at the hospital bed. Her aunt lay there looking tired but happy. Her uncle sat on his knees right next to her holding her hand. Cilghal were only a few meters away pushing aside some instruments.

Ben rushed to his father. Luke swept him up with one arm so he could look properly at Mara. Mara smiled at him." Hi, young man. Say hello to your little sister."

Ben stared at her. "She's small!"

Luke didn't hide his smile at this. Instead he looked at the little girl in Mara's arms. Her eyes opened as if knowing he was looking at her. Luke looked into her blue eyes." Welcome to the world, Nomi."

Jaina turned her head and saw her mother crying with happiness. Han was keeping an arm around her smiling toward Luke and Mara. For ones he didn't come with some cocky comment.

Jacen laid an arm around Jaina. "Now we're complete. This will be the beginning of a new time for our family."

Jaina simply stared.