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Let's make a prank!

It was a beautiful sunny day. The teachers of Alice Academy were on a meeting, so all kids had two hours until classes started.

Children from the elementary branch were playing around carelessly, and under a sakura tree were 2 kids. One boy with black hair and crimson eyes, and a girl with brown hair, tied up in two pigtails and a bored expression adorning her face.

"Natsumeee~ I'm bored!" Whined the brunette, turning to her side to look at her classmate.

"Then go play with Imai." Replied the young boy closing his eyes in an attempt to sleep.

"But Hotaru is at her lab and told me not to go there!" Replied the persistent girl, looking at Natsume with her lost puppy eyes.

"That's not my problem."

"You're so mean." Mikan said with a defeated look and lay on the grass, watching the clouds until a thought passed through her mind. A smirk appeared on her face. "Ne Natsume, it's been so long since we had done it."

A twitch appeared on the young boy's eye.

'Got you.' Mikan thought and sat in front of Natsume to get his attention. "I know you have thought about doing it too, right?"

"I-I don't know what you are talking about." Natsume said, a blush adorning his cheeks. 'Damn, why did I stuttered?! Hyuuga's don't stutter! But… It may be fun to do it again… But it has been so long… I wonder if I'm still as good as before…'

"So, do you want to do it?" Asked Mikan knowing that her partner would accept.

"Now?" Said Natsume with an alarmed expression. "You're not planning on doing it here, right?"

"Why not? We still have two hours 'till next class."

"I guess you're right. My, that's a first." Natsume said with a smirk, satisfied that his response made Mikan puff her cheeks in annoyance. "We better start now then."

"Okay! Hold on, I'm going for some things first! I'll be back in 5 minutes!" Mikan said and started to run to her room to get ready.

Natsume watched Mikan run, a small smile on his face. 'I can't believe I'm going to do it with Mikan again. Who knows, this might be fun.' A smirk appeared on his face and then he stood up. "Geez, that girl made me soft…"


Natsume stared at Mikan as if she had grown a second head. A vein popped on his forehead and his right eye started to twitch again. "You're kidding right?"

"About what?" Mikan asked with an innocent look on her face.

"What the hell is that?!"

"This?" Mikan asked pointing to a list on her hand. "I made a list of the many different ways to do it! I high lightened the ones that could be more fun!" Mikan said excitedly.

"Gimme." Natsume said and snatched the list from Mikan's hands.

She looked at him with a proud expression on her face, waiting for Natsume to finish reading her list. "So?"

"This is so lame." Natsume said and handed back the list to a shocked Mikan. "My way of doing it is better."

"Wah? That's not true!" Mikan said offended.

Natsume sighed and took out a coin from his pocket. "Okay, I have an idea. We'll toss the coin and if it lands on the star we will do a prank from your list, but if it doesn't we will prank someone MY way." (I'm not really sure of how the rabbits (the currency in GA) were… so it'll be with a star on one side and the number in the other! :D)

Natsume tossed the coin and both looked at it expectantly, anxious to know whose idea would be used to make a prank.



"You got to be shitting me!"

"Natsume, don't curse."


"Well…" Mikan started, she bent over to see the coin. "I admit this is kind of weird…"

"Weird?! The f**king coin is standing! STANDING! It didn't land on the star nor the number, it's on the middle! How the hell is that even possible!" Natsume snapped, huffing from screaming so much.

"Beats me." Mikan said and started to walk.

"You know," Mikan said with a smug grin on her face. "I think you had never talked that much before… are you drunk?"

"Shut up ugly."

"I know! Let's ask Ruka-pyon whose idea we should use!" Mikan said and went to a random direction dragging Natsume along.

Natsume sighed and started to walk with the hyperactive girl leading them. "Ruka said he was going to check something in the farm, he should be here by n-"

"RUKA-PYON!" Mikan yelled, interrupting Natsume and startling Ruka.

Natsume twitched and hit her on the head with his fist. "Idiot."

"Ow... What was that for?!" She said and tried to hit Natsume but failed miserably as he held her head with one hand and kept her as far away from him as possible.

Ruka walked towards his two friends and chuckled at the funny sight. 'Mikan looks so cute when mad…'




"Stupid girl."

"Uh… guys?" Ruka said interrupting the bickering pair.

Mikan looked at him with a confused look and then remembered what they wanted to ask him. "Oh! That's right, Ruka-pyon, my ideas are better than Natsume's right?" She asked with a lost puppy look.


"Idiot, of course Ruka thinks that my ideas are better than yours, right Ruka?" Natsume said looking at Ruka straight in the eyes, making him more nervous.


"What are you talking about? My ideas are waaay better than yours!" Mikan said and glared at Natsume, completely forgetting about Ruka's presence.

"Yeah right." Natsume said and faced Mikan, giving her his special Hyuuga Glare.

"That glare doesn't work on me anymore, dummy!" Mikan said and stuck her tongue out at Natsume.

"Um… guys?" Ruka said, completely confused at his friends attitude.

"Okay, you know what, we'll settle this like this: Whoever finds Tsubasa-sempai first wins and we'll use the winner's idea ok?" Mikan said jumping up and down in excitement.

"You're on." Natsume said with a smirk on his face and started running towards the Dangerous Abilities building. Mikan ran to the other direction, leaving Ruka alone.

"What… what was that?" Ruka wondered and tilted his head to the side, then an alarmed expression appeared on his face as realization struck him. "Oh no… are they going to… I need to buy some stuff from Imai." And with that thought he left (dashed) to Hotaru's lab.


Natsume ran to the Dangerous Abilities building, a smirk on his face. 'That dummy, Tsubasa is usually hanging at the roof of the building. I'll find him there for sure and we won't use any of her silly ideas.' He thought, but just when he was about to enter the building…


"Mikan? Shit, Mikan!" He said and dashed to where the scream was heard. "That idiot…"


"Mikan! Where are you? Mi-"

Natsume stayed still on his tracks and stared at the scene before him, the twitch coming back. There was a small white blanket on the ground; Mr. Bear was standing beside it. In front of him there was Mikan, clinging to Tsubasa. Her head buried on his neck and Tsubasa's arms holding her protectively.

"Bear! Why did you do that?!"


"What do you mean you where bored?!"


"Oh right, and disguising as a ghost and scaring Mikan is your way of entertainment?"


"Well mister, you should better apologize now!"

"Oi, shadow." Natsume said glaring daggers at Tsubasa, wishing that glares could kill.

Bear ran out of the place feeling the killing aura the black haired boy was emitting, leaving Mikan and Tsubasa alone. Tsubasa tensed after hearing his name being said with so much venom, he turned around carefully and holding Mikan even tighter. 'He won't hurt me if I'm with her right?' "He-Hey Na-Natsume!" He said, sweating in fear.

Natsume's glare deepened when he noticed that Tsubasa was holding Mikan even tighter, his twitch increasing.

Tsubasa noticed the killing aura increasing, so he stood up (still carrying Mikan) and handed her to Natsume, surprising her.

"I-I just remembered that… uh… I have to... pee! Yeah! Bye!"

Mikan blinked confused, but then started to blush when she realized that Natsume was carrying her bridal style. Natsume, aware of her reaction neared his face to Mikan's ear, "I guess you won, Mikan." He whispered seductively, making her blush even more. A smirk appeared on his face when he saw that her face turned beat red.

"I-I… Y-You're too close!" Mikan exclaimed alarmed. 'Oh my God I can practically feel his breath on my neck! Okay Mikan breath! Maybe he hasn't noticed I'm blushing!'

Natsume smirked and proceeded to move his face in front of Mikan, only inches apart. "Hm, do you want me to get even closer?"

"Wh-what are you talking about p-pervert?!" She exclaimed, her thoughts running wild. 'Why is my heart beating so fast? Am I nervous? No… Maybe I'm getting sick… yeah that must be it!'

"Heh, It's fun to tease you, little girl." Natsume smirked and helped a fuming Mikan down to her feet. "So, what are we going to do?"

A mischievous smirk appeared on her face, "Well…"


Everybody was silent. Jinno-Sensei had prepared way too much work for his class, and every student was working frantically trying to finish before class was over. In the back of the classroom, a girl with two pigtails winked at his partner, ready to start her plan, while the other boy rolled his eyes, wondering if it was even worth it. Ruka saw what his friends were doing, and he started to shift uncomfortably on his seat. He was seriously thinking on running from the class and going as far away as possible from there, but instead he neared to Hotaru, deciding that his other idea was stupid.

Hotaru sighed when she saw that the blond boy was getting near her. One hour before he had interrupted her work in her laboratory asking for something that could protect him from Mikan and Natsume's plan, but since the boy had no money with him at the moment, she declined.

"Back off Nogi." She said in a threatening way, maintaining her poker face still. Then she sighed and turned to see at her best friend, wondering how was it that she befriended someone so dumb and with such an opposite personality from hers. 'That Mikan… she is really a dummy.' She thought and smiled warmly when she saw her. "Where's my camera…?"

Ruka sweat dropped after hearing Hotaru's comment and turned to see at his two friends, waiting for the show to begin.


"Are you sure you want to do this, stupid?" Natsume whispered, lowering his head so that Jinno wouldn't see him slacking off.

"No… but I won't back off!" Mikan answered and gulped nervously, "Here I go…"


"You should hand in your work in 15 minutes so hurry u-"

Jinno was interrupted by someone stomping her fists on the desk loudly and standing up, drawing everyone attention to where the sound was heard. Just when Jinno was about to yell at the girl and punish her, he was interrupted by Natsume.

"Mikan, don't!" He said with desperate eyes.

"I have to Natsume! I can't hold it any longer!" Mikan said, her head low making her bangs cover her eyes, her hands slightly shaking.

Everyone in the class was silent, startled that the usually happy girl looked so gloomy and anxious, and that the stoic boy was actually caring about someone.

"Mikan please! Don't make such a stupid mistake! Do you really want to embarrass yourself?!" Natsume said standing up, grabbing Mikan by the shoulders and shaking her lightly.

"I… I have to do it Natsume…" She said in a whisper, loud enough so that everyone could still hear it.

"Sakura, Hyuuga! What the hell is going on?" Jinno said getting irritated by the scene his students were making.

"Jin-Jin!" Mikan exclaimed and looked at him straight to the eyes, a blush adorning her face. "I-I… umm... I…"

"Sakura, I'm getting irritated by this, if you have something to say, say it now!" Jinno exclaimed, a vein popping on his head.


The class looked at Mikan expectantly, curious to know what was going on.

"Ne, Koko, read her mind!" Sumire whispered to the mind reader, but he was frozen at the spot, his face pale. "Koko? What is it? What is she thinking?!"

"Sakura, if you don't have anything to say then get out of my class!"





The whole class stopped murmuring after hearing the sudden love confession. Almost everyone paled, while some girls had already fainted.

Jinno stood there, his face completely red and his mouth opening and closing, resembling a fish. "Uh… I… err…" He started, but went to the door of the classroom and started to run as a mad man, making all the teachers and students that where passing through the hall stare at him with curious expressions.


Everyone was still shocked, not knowing what to do or how to react, until they heard a small chuckle. Some faces paled even more and other girls fainted after seeing that Hyuuga Natsume, THE Hyuuga Natsume, was chuckling.

"HAHAHA! OH MY GOD! HAHA DID YOU SEE HIS FACE? HAHAHA! I TOLD YOU IT'LL BE WORTH IT NATSUME! AHAHAH" Mikan said between laughs, holding her sides and sitting besides the chuckling Natsume.

Everybody was silent, still processing what was going on, until Ruka started to laugh, being followed by Koko and so on.


"Jinno! Open that door now!" Narumi yelled from outside Jinno's dorm.

"NO!" Was his response and some mumbling could be heard from inside the room. "I can't go out! Never! You won't make me!"

Narumi sighed and tried opening the door once more, but with no avail. "Come on Jinno-Sensei! It's alright!"

"No! I want my mommy!"

Narumi sighed and passed his hands through his golden locks. "Those kids… They really know how to freak out someone…"


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