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Whole Summary: Akiyama Saya was a normal melancholy teenager with a hopeless dream to become a novelist, but when the Akatsuki suddenly summon her thinking she was stronger than a Jinchuuriki and force her to join, pranks, hilarity, abuse, conflicts, and love ensue. Although the Akatsuki were viewed as cold and evil to the rest of the Naruto World, Saya sees a different side of her new comrades. Before she realizes it, she has to fight in the most important battles in her life and make the choice between doing what is universally right and betraying the only real family she ever had.


While walking down a grassy path, I stopped and looked at the sky through the forest trees. For a moment, I forgot everything as I gazed at the blue, white, and green, feeling only the spring breeze and the morning sunlight on my face. This ephemeral bliss calmed my strained mind and heart, but I sighed as I knew I had to return to reality.

Continuing my morning walk in the local park, I thought about why I was in this condition. Somehow, I couldn't pinpoint the moment when I had started to outcast myself from other people. I grew up in a normal lower-class family with no major events happening at the time, and I had normal friends. There was a point when my parents had stopped expecting anything from me, calling me disgraceful and a failure as a child because I wasn't good at anything. My friends from middle school became distant, making new friends since entering high school, while I was being anti-social. The only thing that I really wanted to do was to write stories, but my parents weren't supportive of my pursuing of that career. At some point I left the house and dropped out of school, immediately working at different jobs and looking for publishers. It wasn't easy to shake off my parents, but they eventually gave up after a while, knowing that I was doing fine. All communication with my friends and family had ended there.

Finding publishers was not going well. Every company I visited had pushed me away because I had not finished school and had no credentials. I really had no reason to go to school anymore, but when I asked them to read my work, they had refused.

I was currently residing in a studio apartment above a family restaurant, so the rent was cheaper than usual. The family was nice enough, but was still distant like everyone else, never really approaching me. Apparently, I naturally do that to people.

Stopping in the small meadow that was my private place, I sat under the large Japanese maple tree that I usually wrote under. On the trunk there was a strange symbol that someone had carved, and I had always wondered what it meant and who drew it. No one ever came here besides me. In the springtime, wild flowers bloomed, and I watched as they swayed with the wind. Grinning to myself at my pathetic state, I thought darkly.

I've really become a failure.


"Nagato, the summoning ritual is ready," Konan said, standing beside him.

"Then," the leader announced, both to his lover and to his followers around him, "Let us begin."


Feeling rather sleepy, I drifted in and out of consciousness. The beaming sunlight was very bright, shining down on the meadow. In fact, it was blinding. Shielding my eyes, I found that the entire meadow was gleaming, and I stood, confused. The sun didn't cast light like this. Looking around, I spotted the glowing symbol on the tree emitting a strange aura. Before I could react to this, I was lifted off my feet, my body resting on the light. The last thing I saw in this world was the aesthetic blue, white, and green above me before it went dark.

Landing gently onto a smooth, hard floor, I regained my composure, trying to figure out what was going on. My eyes were still adjusting to the sudden darkness.

"Ah, it worked!" an overjoyed voice remarked.

"Whewww, we're lucky bastards," another rather loud voice said. "It said chances were less than five fucking percent!"

The moment I had tried to move, a figure dashed to me with such speed and force that I slammed into a wall far behind my back. My arms were pinned by his, completely useless. All I saw were his eyes, glowing red and piercing into mine. After recognizing those eyes, I caught the rest of him: his face, his dark bangs, his slashed Konoha forehead protector…

"Itachi?" I said in disbelief. He started at the name, along with everyone else I could see.

"Who are you?" Itachi ordered, his voice quiet and low.

"Itachi, don't use Mangekyou Sharingan right now." Another voice said, and my eyes grew wider as Pain, the leader of Akatsuki, came into view. Seeing him in person was much more intimidating than in the manga. Looking at me strangely, he seemed to be puzzled. "If necessary, you can do it later; we need to be able to question her at the moment. For now, let's use a better method of restraint." He said, and he looked at someone who moved in. Recognizing his crimson hair and autumn-colored eyes, I gasped as I was released from Itachi.

"Sasori," my voice couldn't help but utter my shock aloud. He raised an eyebrow as he moved closer, but then smirked. Reaching into his cloak, he took out a ring of wire and leaned in, but I moved away from the wall, especially freaked out.

"Uh, I don't know how I got here, or why the Akatsuki needs me, but I really have nothing to do with all this." I said, trying to make my intentions clear. But with my resisting of Sasori's binding, he grasped my neck and summoned a puppet to hold my arms apart. Using the wire, he tied my limbs to the puppet, tying it so tightly that it cut into my skin. Bleeding, I had trouble speaking; the wire cut into my neck.

"Your clothes are strange," Pain said, examining my fitted black cargo jacket, graphic white T-shirt, dark grey jeans, and black converse. "Where are you from?"

"I don't come from this world," I said, much more quietly to avoid further damage. "This isn't supposed to be real."

"What do you mean?" he demanded.

"I came from a world where you all are in a manga called Naruto!" I said, forgetting about keeping quiet. "You guys are made up by Kishimoto Masashi!"

I was going to have to get used to being stared at in this world. "What world do you come from?" Pain asked.

"Earth," I answered.

"Moron," another voice said, knocking my head as he came into view, his blonde hair and blue eyes as real as I could tell. "We are on Earth, idiot, un."

Coughing from the wire cutting deeper, I choked bitterly, "Well, sorry about that, Deidara; Kishimoto never mentioned it in his work. Where I come from, there are countries called the United States and China…"

"Strange names," Pain remarked. I sighed. This was going to take a while to explain.

An Hour Later

"So basically we're part of a fictional story that some Jackanese dude made up?" Hidan said.

"Japanese," I corrected.

"And you know about us because you watch the anime?" Kisame said, his blue face still puzzled.

"Yeah. And I read the manga." I answered.

"And you come from a world where chakra and jutsus don't exist." Pain said. "So, technically, you have none."

"Yeah," I said. He chuckled.

"What was Minato thinking, indeed…" he said to himself.

"Minato? The fourth Hokage?" I said, recognizing the name.

"Well, you see," Deidara started to explain. "The Fourth hid a summoning scroll that he said would be used to summon something more powerful than a Jinchuuriki. We have finally found it, and we used it to summon you, un."

"But the success rate was less than five percent," Kakuzu said, his white eyes looking at me.

"And since you have no chakra or jutsus, you are not physically stronger than any of the Jinchuuriki." Itachi said.

"But you are funny!" Tobi said. I was surprised he kept quiet for so long. "I like you! Can we keep her?"

Pain, who was still chuckling, looked at me with great amusement. "So, in other words, Minato is telling us that physical strength is not power here. Instead, he tells us that knowledge is power. She knows things that, for us, are impossible to know."

"Wait…" I said, seeing where this was going.

"Join us," Pain said. "Become one of us."

"What happens if I don't want to?" I asked, nervous to hear the answer.

"We'll make you our comrade anyway," Pain replied. "Even if we have to force you."

Then that leaves me with no choice, I thought, cornered. From the current situation, it seemed impossible to return to my world, and I would probably die if I refused. I didn't know what to do.

"I always liked the Akatsuki in the series." I said. "I always thought that you were mysterious and interesting. But I know what you guys are trying to do."

"Does that mean your answer is 'No'?" Pain asked.

"You guys are trying to take over the world," I pointed out.

"So, it's a 'No'?"

"I don't want to help kill people."

"It really is a 'No', then?"

"If you are going to kill innocent people and take over the world," I said.

"Fine, then." He said. "That works for us. We won't take over the world, nor will we kill anyone who doesn't try to kill us first. Does that sound alright?"


"Is there anything else?"

"…." Somehow, this was making me sweat drop. "… No."

"So, you'll join us?"

Eye-twitching, I looked at all of them. They really did know how to set a contract, but somehow something wasn't right… Something told me that I was being cheated, but I had no choice. Right now it was either life or death. "Yes." I finally answered, yielding.

"Yay!" Tobi said as Sasori untied me. "We've got a new member!"

"It's about time we fill up another room; we have too many," Konan said, smiling at me, her kind grey eyes and blue hair even prettier in person.

As soon as I was free from the wire, my body fell forward; I had no strength or balance left. Landing my head on Sasori's shoulder, I looked at the small pool of blood below me.

"You overdid it, Sasori." Kisame said, though he was grinning. Zetsu, who had been staring at me in an uncomfortable way from the start, was now looking at the blood. I supposed he hadn't eaten yet today.

As I fought to keep consciousness, I realized what I was involuntarily leaning on and what would happen to him. Sasori, the human puppet, with a childhood so depressing that he lost nearly all emotion.

"Sasori," I said quietly into his ear. "How old are you?"

He was silent for a while, and I first thought that he was going to throw me off, but he answered. "I'm thirty-four."

Thirty-four? I did the math quickly. He had only a year left to live before he would be killed by his grandmother. And not only him, but Deidara, Itachi, Pain, Hidan, Kakuzu… they were all going to die.

"You... and the others… you're going to die." He pushed me off of him, his autumn-colored eyes piercing into mine.

"What is your name?" he said, his voice low and mellow.

"Akiyama… Saya." Losing balance, I fell forward again, but this time I fell into a different figure. Before my eyes drooped, I caught a glimpse of blonde hair and blue eyes.


"You're just gonna let her join and that's it?" Hidan said to Pain in disbelief.

"If Leader says so, then it's fine." Deidara said, looking rather interestedly at the strange girl in his arms. Without further instructions, he carried her off to the rooms.

"But Sasori-senpai, you were too harsh," Tobi said to him. "I'll fix her injuries when she wakes up!" he volunteered.

"It seems that Sasori doesn't like the new girl," Kisame said, smirking.

"Shut up." Sasori said calmly.

"And apparently, we're all going to die." Hidan said, grinning. "Yeah, like I believe that shit; I'm fucking immortal!"

"It's not a laughing matter," Pain said. "If what she said was true, we need to avoid that at all costs. Our mission is to obtain the Jinchuuriki, not get annihilated."

Itachi said nothing. So it's going to happen soon. He had been expecting his death ever since the massacre of his clan.

"Ah, I don't want to die!" Tobi whined. "Leader, maybe she made a mistake?"

"Calm down, Tobi. If she gives us information and we take the proper measures, we won't die." Konan placed her hand on Pain's shoulder as he spoke. "This is indeed more important than just searching for another Jinchuuriki. Minato has given us a gift."

"In other words, she's our savior." said Itachi.

"A change in our fate," Sasori remarked.

"What, are all you going to bow down to her now and call her a god?" Kisame said, chuckling. "She's even younger than Deidara."

"She agreed to become one of us." said Kakuzu. "If she doesn't help us, then there's no point. And I'm not paying for her expenses—"

"Yeah, okay," Hidan cut him off, tired of hearing him talk about money. "At least I have someone who'll play with me other than you bast—"

"Alright, Hidan." Kisame interjected before an entire brawl would start. "I don't have a problem with her joining; she can be Tobi's partner."

"Awesome," Tobi said.

"How about Zetsu?" Konan suggested, looking at him. "Want a partner for once?"

"No!" Tobi insisted. "Saya's my partner! I've decided!"

"I work alone." Zetsu said.

"Just a suggestion," said Konan, sweat dropping at both of their reactions.


She wasn't as heavy as I had expected, being a healthy-looking, growing teenage girl. Looking down at her sleeping face, I figured that she couldn't be older than sixteen or seventeen. Even though I was eighteen, she looked a lot younger than me, her face still smooth and golden. Her hair, black as night, was short and untidy, looking almost like a boy's, but it had a feminine elegance within its boyish carelessness. Behind her dark eyelashes, although covered now, were her reddish-brown eyes that seemed to dive into mine whenever she looked at me. She had an angular, lean body that wasn't thin or delicate, but definitely healthy-looking.

Asleep, she looked aesthetic, calm and pure. Awake, she was lively and had the youthful air of humor, so I never really thought her as beautiful until now. Maybe she was sometimes normal and sometimes pretty, depending on her state. I wondered how she smiled….

A while later, when I caught myself thinking about this the entire time, I wanted to kick myself.

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