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Chapter 1 : Summer Plans

"Shinome-sensei! It's time, It's time!" the class squealed.

"Not yes class, we have two more minutes" the teacher replied, attempting to keep the children at bay.

Summer was approaching, and in those two minutes, were the last moments before summer vacation began.

The majority of the class formed a frenzy and began a 60 second count-down in celebration, though one lone student stared in a daze out of the window, attempting not to let the man waiting by the front gate of the school faze him.

The final bell rang, and the children screamed with glee, exiting the classroom at blinding speeds. Yet that one lone student continued to sit in his dazed state until…

"Ritsuka-kun!!!!!!" A pink haired classmate shrieked

"Yuiko? Huh, where did the class go?" Ritsuka questioned.

"Silly Ritsuka-kun, everyone left, summer is finally here!!!" Yuiko exclaimed in an overly happy manner.

"Oh, well then I guess I better be leaving, have a nice summer Yuiko."

"But Ritsuka-kun wai…" Yuiko's plea was cut off when the raven haired boy abruptly left the room, not allowing her to finish.

Ritsuka approached the front gate, not making eye contact with the man smoking in front of him. Ritsuka was detracted all day at school due to some news that he knew Soubi wouldn't really be overjoyed to hear. Ritsuka had spent most of his day, in fact, attempting to find ways to avoid Soubi so he wouldn't have to tell him the information he knew Soubi would spend days sulking over.

"Good Afternoon Ritsuka" stated the blonde.

"Hey Soubi" Ritsuka replied out of habit.

The two began walking with no real destination in mind, with an awkward silence filling the space between the two. Finally, the older of the two broke it.

"Ritsuka, how would you like to go over to my apartment, we could have dinner and watch a movie?"

"Um, sure, it's the first day of summer, and I don't have anything planned." Ritsuka replied 'Might as well spend as much time with him as I can now, before I tell him' he though.


Soubi stuck the key into the lock, and held the door open for Ritsuka, who was instantaneously attacked by a very enthused Kio.

"RIT-CHAN!!! It's summer, aren't you excited, we'll get to do so many fun things together!!!" The pierced one chanted.

"Kio, for one, how did you get into my apartment, and two, why don't you let Ritsuka into the house before assaulting him next time." Soubi stated in a monotone.

"Next Time?" Ritsuka asked.

" Knowing Kio, there's always a next time" Soubi answered.

"Hey Sou-chan, what's that supposed to mean?"

Soubi just smirked at his chupa loving friend and proceeded into the house. Though it wasn't the original plan he had in mind for tonight, he figured Kio wasn't going to leave him alone with Ritsuka, so he began to prepare dinner for the three of them.

Kio and Ritsuka, at the same time, stood up and proceeded over to the couch, making casual talk (or as casual as it can be when Kio is involved) until Soubi stated dinner was finished.

They gathered around the table and began eating. It seemed like nothing out of the ordinary day, Soubi making advances toward Ritsuka and Kio yelling at his friend for his perverted behavior.

Ritsuka reflected on how much happier he was with Soubi and Kio in his life, as compared to when he first got over the shock of Seimei's death. Though Ritsuka was pulled out of his reverie by Kio's topic change.

"Okay guys, let's get down to business."

"Business?" Ritsuka and Soubi questioned simultaneously .

"Yep, we need to decide what we are going to be doing every moment of this summer, I declare now, that no dullness will occur!" chimed Kio.

'Ugh, It's now or never' Ritsuka thought…'If I don't tell them now, than getting out of Kio's plans will be a lot more difficult.'

Interrupting Kio's rant Ritsuka suddenly blurted, "I'm leaving this summer!"

"Leaving?" They two older men questioned.

"Yes, um…..I'm visiting my friends from my old school this summer, and I'll be staying at a friend's house for the next three months…" Ritsuka swiftly said.

Kio glanced at Soubi for a second. Kio was slightly disappointed, but, he could make other plans, but Soubi….he didn't really have anyone other than himself or Ritsuka, and upon looking at the saddened expression on Soubi's face, Kio was well aware…this..was going to be one hell of a summer.

"Ritsuka, perhaps we could get a hotel near you and still spend time together" Soubi pleaded, attempting to not be separated from his sacrifice for any small portion of time.

"No Soubi, sorry, but this is time for me to spend with my old friends, and you're not allowed to come, and that's an order" Ritsuka bluntly retorted.

The rest of the evening at Soubi's apartment was a saddening and quiet time.


Soubi had demanded to spend every waking second with Ritsuka until his bus came, which, inconveniently for him, was in one hour. Currently, they were both in Ritsuka's room, Soubi watching his sacrifice pack for his trip. Soubi had pleaded, begged, and even attempted to bribe his sacrifice from leaving, but all attempts were to no avail.

"Please Ritsuka, don't leave…please.." Soubi whimpered, in one last try.

"No Soubi, now stop asking, I'm leaving and that's final."

Soubi looked at the ground, without his Ritsuka, his sacrifice, his love, he would be nothing but lonely, and three months without him…he couldn't even imagine.

Ritsuka was now packed and he and Soubi walked to the bus stop…Soubi dragging his feet in misery the whole way.


The two were at the bus stop, Ritsuka just about to get on.

"Bye Soubi!" Ritsuka cheerfully chanted.

"Goodbye Ritsuka, I love you." Soubi stated as he forced a smile.

"Soubi! How many times have I told you not to s…nhhh"

Ritsuka's lips were brought up into a kiss at that moment, cutting off his former train of thought.

After pushing away the blonde's advance, Ritsuka hopped onto the bus, and without another word, was gone…


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