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Ch. 9: You Abandoned Me!


"Where could they be?" Kio panicked.

Ritsuka and Soubi hadn't come back last night, and Kio was losing it. Osamu and Ryu were concerned as well, but kept it to themselves. The Zeros on the other hand, were occupied by messing with Kio, filling his head with unrealistic scenarios that may have happened to Soubi and Ritsuka.

"Maybe they got lost, had no modes of transportation, and had to sell their bodies in order to get back." Youji snickered.

"Hehe, maybe, or maybe they got attacked by raccoons." Natsuo chortled.

"Oh, course not! They're fine…I'm sure of it…" Kio replied in an extremely frightful voice.

Kotone and Miki on the other hand, seemed neither concerned nor were they poking fun at others; they weren't even weeping. Half way through the night, they're cries randomly stopped, and the rest of the time, they had small smiles plastered to their faces. No one was quite sure the meaning of these facial expressions until the front door to the apartment swung open, revealing a very content Soubi, and a very earless Ritsuka.

"So that's what those two were so satisfied about, they assumed since those two didn't come back, that their plan succeeded." Ryu muttered.

"It worked, it worked! My beautiful plan!" Miki shrieked.

"My amazingly named plan!" Kotone screamed.

The Zeros chuckled, "Good job Ritsuka, you went all night!"

Ritsuka face turned bright red; he was at a loss for words. The teen just pulled his scarf up to cover his face in embarrassment and stayed silent.

Kio's face was contorted in anger; he spent all night worrying about Sou-chan.

"Soubi! Pervert! You just can't keep it in your pants can you?" Kio yelled.

"Kio, I'm not a pervert." Soubi replied, mildly irritated.

"Really now, cause last time I checked, this thirteen year old had his ears yesterday!" Kio continued to shout, pointing at Ritsuka in fury.

"Kio, I completely agree with you." Miki intervened.

" do?" Kio asked shocked.

"Mhm, my plan may have succeeded, but Soubi does have a complex. I think we should leave him alone and have him think about what he's done." Miki answered, as she stood up from her place on the couch, grabbed Kio's wrist and scurried out the door.

Ritsuka and Soubi exchanged confused looks, and unbeknownst to them, the rest of the teens understood Miki's leaving as a signal.

"Tch, Ritsuka making us look bad Natsuo, we always were talking about how having ears is annoying, and he beat us too it." Youji stated scornfully.

"Your right Youji, in fact, his earless head disgusts me."

"Same, let's leave." And with that, the two Zeros hurried out the door.

"Okay, what is going on? I mean, I lost my ears, big deal, why is everyone reacting this way?" Ritsuka questioned incredulously.

"Just don't talk to me Ritsuka!" Osamu shouted, "Now I'm the only one left in the group with ears! You abandoned me!" Osamu continued to shriek as she dashed from the door.

"I better go calm her down." Ryu replied, filtering out the door, leaving Soubi and Ritsuka alone.

"Very subtle guys." Ritsuka muttered under his breath.

Soubi simply smiled, even though Ritsuka's friends were odd, they could be considerate when the time came.


The seven were on the street outside of Soubi's apartment, six of them staring at Miki with curious eyes.

"So why did we leave?" Ryu asked.

"This is part three of the plan." Miki replied.

"Abandoning them is part of the plan?" Osamu inquired.

"Yep, we leave the rest to them. So, guys, you want to go to the zoo?" Miki smirked.

"Hell Yes! I've been waiting to ride me some Pandas!" Kotone squealed with delight.

With that, the adolescence began walking away, dragging a very unwilling Kio with them.


"It seems they left." Soubi stated.

"So it seems." Ritsuka replied, face still red from the Zeros comment, and his friend's actions.

"What would you like to do?'

"Um…Soubi, can I ask you something?"Ritsuka questioned timidly.

"Anything for you." Soubi smiled, kissing his sacrifice's forehead.

"If Seimei came back…"

"Another one of these questions, huh…" Soubi observed.

"Uh, yeah… If Seimei came back, would you still love me?"

"I would, now, and always, I love you Ritsuka." Soubi replied solemnly.

"If Seimei came back, and ordered you to go with him…who would you choose…"

Soubi opened his mouth to answer, but was interrupted by his sacrifice, "Don't answer immediately, think about it, think hard. If you lie, everything will fall apart."

Soubi thought over the question thoroughly, would he defy his God, or his love…

"Ritsuka, a life without you…is an impossibility." Soubi answered.

Ritsuka stared into his fighter's eyes, and sighed, "I love you Soubi."

"I love you Ritsuka." The blue eyed adult smiled.

"Um…Soubi…" the new found adult stuttered while chewing on his bottom lip.

"Yes." Soubi raised an eyebrow in expectancy.

"Um…uh…since we're alone and all…"

"Would you like a repeat of last night?" Soubi smirked.

"Ye…Yes…" the younger one answered, blushing profoundly.

Without another exchange of words, Soubi picked Ritsuka up, carrying him bridal style into him bedroom. The older one set his sacrifice down onto the bed, and proceeded to cover Ritsuka's face in warm, comforting kisses.

'As much as I hate to admit it, this wouldn't have happened without Miki, Kotone, Ryu, and Osamu. Thanks to their "plan" I realized Soubi really does care.'

"Ritsuka?" Soubi queried after he wasn't receiving any reaction.

"Huh, uh…yes?"

"You seem distracted."

"Uh…yeah, just thinking about how I'll have to thank them later, and how they'll rub it in my face."

Soubi chuckled, "I see, well then…shall we continue?"

"Mhm" Ritsuka said with a smile, reflecting on how he hadn't been this happy in a long while.


The sun was setting, and the group of seven was heading back to Soubi's apartment, reminiscing about the day's exciting events. Kotone had in fact, gotten to ride the Panda's, and believe it or not, the manager (at a different zoo) came out and offered them a behind the scenes tour for her bravery.

Once they had arrived about five blocks away from the apartment, Youji's phone vibrated.

"Hello…yeah…okay…we'll be right there…bye Nagisa-sensei." Youji hung up the phone, and then explained the situation.

"That was our teacher. It looks like Natsuo and I have to go. Bye guys, it was nice creating chaos with you." Youji smiled.

"Your contributions were very much appreciated." Miki replied.

They all exchanged goodbyes, and when finished, Youji took Natsuo's hand, and the two began running off I the opposite direction.

"Hey Miki?"

"Yes Kotone?"

"Do you think Ritsuka and Soubi are done screwing each other yet?"

Kio's face went pale, he had forgotten that possibility could have happened while they were gone. 'Knowing Soubi and his pervertedness, they've probably been doing it ever since we've left.' Kio thought angrily.

"They should be, and in the off chance they aren't, we get a show."

"Oh! Let's hurry back then!" Kotone shrieked excitedly.

The teens then began to sprint toward the apartment, leaving Kio to try and catch up. Upon arriving, Kotone swung the door open swiftly and practically kicked down the bedroom door. What she found was a sleeping Soubi, and a very drowsy and confused Ritsuka naked under the covers of the bed. Kotone sighed in disappointment, and closed the door, scuttling back into the living room area.

"We missed it." Kotone mumbled sadly to the rest of them.

"There's always next time!" Osamu cheered.

"Haha, you right, we've all summer!" Kotone replied, automatically perking up.


Back in the bedroom Ritsuka just continued to shake his head, smiling as he did so. He scooted himself closer to Soubi's sleeping form, snuggling into his chest.

'This is going to be a very hectic summer… but, at least I have Soubi…" Ritsuka thought, "What have I gotten myself into?"

The small raven haired angel, lightly chuckled to himself, and then fell into a dreamy sleep, a smile spread across his features, his body intertwined with his fighter's.


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