This is my first Fan Fiction so be gentle. This takes place after episode 70.

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As a young turbo duelist name Yusei Fudo rode through Neo Domino City on his red D-Wheel the sun was shining and the birds were…nowhere to be found. Yusei had raven black hair with blond highlights on the spikes that pointed out in every direction…like a crab but with indigo eyes. He soon stopped in front of another duelist with blonde hair and purple eyes name Jack Atlas. They were going to duel for the title of King of Turbo Duels that Yusei currently held. Jack had broken his helmet in a crash the day before and Yusei, being the kind person he is, lent Jack his. They both rode onto the highway and into the dueling lane since now that Neo Domino City and the Satellite have become one Turbo Duels on the street were legalized.

4000 Y/4000 J

"I go first." Yusei said drawing a card from his deck. "I'll start by playing shield wing in defense mode." (0 ATK/900 DEF) Yusei announced and put the monster on the slot in his D-Wheel. "Now I play two cards face down to end my turn." He finished and put two cards upside-down in his spell/trap card zone.

4000 Y/4000 J

"My turn." Jack said and he drew a card. "I summon Twin Sword Marauder in attack Mode."(1600 ATK/400 DEF) Jack said putting the card down. "Now twin sword Marauder, attack his shield wing!" Jack announced and Yusei's shield wing was destroyed.

3300 Y/4000 J

"Shield wing has to be attacked twice in order for it to be destroyed." Yusei said as the bird stayed on the field. "Yes but when twin sword Marauder attacks a monster in defense mode it can attack again!" Jack said catching Yusei off guard. "I end with a face down." Jack said placing a card.

2600 Y/4000 J

"My move." Yusei announced drawing a card. "I play Junk Synchron in attack mode." (1600 ATK/ 300 DEF) Yusei said putting the monster down. "Now I tune my Junk Synchron with my shield wing." Yusei said as the monsters started to tune. "Now I summon Junk Warrior!" (2300 ATK/1300 DEF) Yusei announced as a purple monster appeared on his side of the field. "Now destroy Jack's monster." Yusei said as Junk warrior destroyed his monster. "Now I activate my trap card Synchro Blast." Yusei said pressing the button on his bike. "When my Junk Warrior attacks Synchro Blast can deal 500 points of direct damage!" Yusei said as a yellow light hit Jack.

2600 Y/2800 J

"My turn!" Jack said and he drew a card. "From my hand I summon Dark Tinker." Jack said and a spider-like monster appeared on his side of the field. "Now I activate the Powerful Rebirth trap card." Jack said as he pressed the button on his duel disk to activate the card. "Now I can re-summon Twin Sword Marauder from my graveyard." Jack said as the monster came back on his side. "Now my monster gains 100 attack and defense points as well as another level." Jack said as his monster's attack went up to 1700 ATK and to a level 5. "Now I Synchro Summon Red Dragon Archfiend!" (3000 ATK) Jack announced as a huge red dragon appeared next to him.

Before he could attack the road ahead was block so Jack turned around and crashed into Yusei sending them flying in different directions. Jack tumbled for a while but as soon as he stopped he got quickly up and ran over to Yusei who wasn't getting up. The blonde duelist called for an ambulance as he arrived next to Yusei. He had a huge gash on his leg running from his knee all the way down to his ankle. The ambulance arrived and they put Yusei in a stretcher and took him to the hospital.

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