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Yusei: Hello.

Me: Do I have to?

Yusei: No I got it. Snoop-Chan does not own Yugioh 5ds if she did I would need a new job.

Me: Why do you say that?

Yusei: No reason.

Me: Enjoy!

"When we got in the room…he finally woke up but then he...he said good bye and-and...He" Leo said not wanting to finish the sentence. "I understand." Mina said from the other end. Luna took the phone from Leo and put it to her ear to talk. "Well thank you for calling Mina." Luna said. "Bye." Mina said then she hung up along with Luna.

Leo sobbed twice then looked up at Luna. He hadn't started crying yet and looked as it he was holding the tears back.

After a few seconds there was a knock at the door that sounded urgent. "I'll get it." Luna said walking over and opening the door.

Standing in the doorway she saw a man that was about 18 and had raven black hair with Yellow highlights. "Yusei! How..?" Luna asked happy and confused to see Yusei alive. "What?" Leo asked running over.

Yusei scowled at the young signer in front of him. He easily hit her out of the way and she hit the wall on his right. "Luna!" Leo said running over to his sister. "There's something different about Yusei…" The young girl said sounding scared.

"…Annoying brats…" Yusei mumbled walking over to Akiza who was still sitting on the couch and hadn't noticed him. "Akiza…" Yusei said and she stood up and turned around to see him standing there.

"Yusei how are you…?" Akiza asked extremely confused. "Duel me now signer." Yusei said taking out his duel disk that he got off his runner before.

"Yusei how could you want me to duel you?" Akiza asked him.

"What do I have to do to get you to duel me?!" Yusei asked activating his duel disk.

"Not here, follow me." Akiza said running downstairs with Yusei following.


Yusei and Akiza got into position for a duel and the female signer activated her duel disk. Leo and Luna came down in the elevator and watched nervously. As soon as the duel started Akiza's signer mark light up.

"What's going on?" She asked looking at her arm confused.

"What's going on is that I've become a dark signer and I'm going to become the king of the underworld!" Yusei announced psychotically


Me: Well this chapter was shorter than the others again but now you know how Yusei is alive!!!

*Laughs evilly*

Yusei: I think you shouldn't have had all tha chocolate for breakfast.

Me: no one asked you!