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Angeal opened the door to his apartment and threw his keys almost aggressively on a nearby table. He had a long day and really hoped his puppy and his chocobo were home waiting for him. He glanced around his living room and frowned. Neither were in the room and every light in his apartment was off with the exception of the light above the stove.

His blue gaze wandered to his bedroom door that was slightly cracked and after tugging off his boots he headed towards his room. He nudged the door open and felt his heart flutter and he smiled.

His puppy lay stark naked in the middle of his king sized bed on his back snoring softly and his head was slightly turned to the left and he was drooling. On Angeal's pillow. Shaking his head his gaze traveled to Cloud who was sprawled shamelessly across Zack's chest with his face nuzzled into Zack's right cheek. His lithe pale body against Zack's tanner skin was simply put, beautiful.

`Mine. ` Angeal's mind growled possessively.

Shrugging off his uniform until he was as bare as the bodies entangled before him, he crawled his way up from the end of the bed up to lay against Zack's side before rubbing his cheek against the smaller man's arm.

Zack's eyes fluttered open and he groaned quietly as he looked down to see his mentor's shadow of stubble scratch against him. Groggily he turned so Angeal could wrap his arms around his waist and at the same time keep Cloud enclosed in Zack's arms.

"Missed you." Zack mumbled into Cloud's hair, directing the comment at Angeal.

"Shh. Sleep."

"Love you."

Angeal sighed and tightened his hold on Zack. "And I you pup."

Zack's violet blue gaze fell shut and he leaned back into the comforting embrace still holding on to the blue eyed chocobo head beauty in his arms. It was times like these that he had never been more content.

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