A/N: Dean's thoughts at the end of K-Town.


Talking. That was something Dean Bendis rarely did. But right now, that's all he wanted to do. He wanted to talk to her, Jaimie Allen, and only her. She was the only person that he felt comfortable talking about what he wanted to talk about.


Being alone.


He'd never admit it, but she was one of, no, scratch that. She was the only one that he could see himself loving. She was different.




The past three weeks had been amazing. Three weeks that he would never forget. Three weeks that he would cherish forever. Three amazing weeks, but he wanted more.

When he got to her apartment and found out that Scott was there, he was disappointed. He wouldn't admit it of course, but he was very, very disappointed. The only time that he was going to get cheesy and sentimental was crushed. No serious talking. No admitting his feeling. No Jaimie.

He was pissed. He was angry. But mostly, he was hurt. She had someone. She had Scott. He had her. He didn't have to hide his relationship with her. Not like they did.

On second thought, he liked the excitement of hiding it. When Carter came by that one day, it was almost suspenseful. Having her hide and trying to keep his cool.

It was fun. Like work. It was tough. It was great. It was amazing.

Just like her.