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Kibou Manor, late at night.

General Omri Pantheon and his wife are sleeping. The phone on the sidetable next to the giant canopy marrigae sized bed rings and the general answers it sleepily.

"Hello? Logan?"

There is indistinct chatter from the phone.

"Roswell… Alliance HQ….come with my family and friends? Alright." he yawned tiredly and slowly hung up, and as he went back to sleep he says to his wife, "Jenna, we're going to Roswell. The kids and all."

Jenna mumbles sleepily, "That's nice, darling…"

Then suddenly both of them open their eyes wide and they bolt in bed.

"ROSWELL?" They both shout in surprise.

Outside is a full moon. Clouds cover the moon. Wind blows through the trees in front of the mansion walls.

Though the moonlight, something is seen standing outside the gates.

Early the next morning, both the servants and the residents are frantically getting ready.

It was still break for the cul-de-sac kids; and due to the unexpected occurrence, not to mention the Pantheons couldn't be bad hosts and leave them behind, the kids would be leaving for Roswell with them…under sworn secrecy of course.

The only people not departing on the flight with them are Videl, Hercule, Uub, Krillen and Marron.

Drake the butler, and Gerty, the maid, were already trying to calm Chi-chi and Jenna's nerves.

As they were headed to the main doors for their ride to the airport, Double d is seen talking to Beth.

"Where's the rest of your luggage, if I may ask?

Beth smiles and pats her bag, "This is all we need."

"What, is it all in that little bag?"

Beth raises her eyebrows at him, reaches into her bag and pulls out something that wouldn't normally fit into a bag that small: a Japanese dinner set; chopsticks, plates and all.

"Undetectable extension charm," Beth replied, "Tricky but pretty handy when you're traveling. Kylie helped all the girls with theirs too."

Outside we see Bulma and the others walking towards the limos.

"Our Pantheons here, other Pantheons there." Bulma was saying as they were all leaving, "Jenna, I shouldn't complain, but you give the worst wake-up calls."

"Never mind! Do you have the passports?" Jenna demanded.

"I've got them. Here's your family's and the Peach Creek kids."

Inside the limo, we see the family doing a head count as they're handing tickets.

"How come we're not sitting together?" Dana asks.

"This time of year, we're lucky to get on the same plane." Bulma replied, "And…"

She pauses holding three extra tickets in her hand, she looks up, "Where are the Eds?"

Each of the boys reach from in front for their tickets concluding the head count.

"Good thing I have my own ticket, just in case you try to ditchin' us." Eddy smirked.

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