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Sundown. Theo, Haruna and Kylie come into view, calmly walking around in their hands they're holding bags.

Then suddenly they felt something.

"Something's there."

"What could it be?"


They approached the alleyway slowly.

Maybe it was just a small street animal. Maybe it was the wind.

They hop behind the corner to face whatever it was – nothing.

Embarrassed at themselves for being so afraid over something so foolish, they shake their heads.

"This is stupid there's no one here but us." Theo grumbled, leaning against the brick wall.

However this small moment of doubt was a mistake.

Haruna sighed for a moment looking upwards at the sky. This entire trip was making them edgier than they thought.

She didn't see the poisonous-green tentacle reach out slowly towards her. The magenta haired girl let out a surprised cry just before she disappears from sight.

"Wait, where's Haruna?"


They looked around for their missing friend until something long snatches Kylie away, leaving the fire guardian virtually by herself.

Shocked, Theo glances around. "K-Kylie…?"

For a moment she glances up. The color drains from her face, her jaw drops. Her hazel-brown eyes go wide.

Before she can even scream for help, more tentacles grab her from above (one muffling her) and yank her upwards.

Now she's next to be kidnapped.

In another part of the city, there came the flapping of wings and a woman's horrified scream as she too was abducted.

From atop the roof, Amanda Oliver smirks, "Showtime."

Hours later, it was obviously clear to the gang that their three friends had disappeared also.

"Where could they be?" questioned Double d, "In the time I've met you all, Theo might be occasionally late, but Kylie and Haruna are usually quite punctual."

Tony slapped his forehead. "Oh great don't tell me Theo, Kylie and Haruna went missing this time!"

"What was your first clue?" Zaira asked sarcastically.

"Do you know what this means?"

"That our missing comrades in arms have become the next victims of Megakat city's most fear-edsome foes!" A grim Ed said dramatically.

Sara G. stared at him, "Ed, was that even English?"

"Aw, quit your belly achin'!" Eddy snapped, "They probably got sidetracked in a shopping store or tried to get us some stuff like we asked!

"If they had," Yui said slowly, "Why haven't they called?"

As the kids argued they didn't see the glowing yellow eyes narrow maliciously at them.

"Beats me, maybe they just got lost." Eddy replied.

"That may be another possibility." considered Double d, "This is a city we hardly know about."

"Well we're not doing anything else until we find them, sure those enforcers believed your story when that time portal threw us all out of it." Beth said to them, "But now I've got a bad feeling that somebody doesn't want here."

"OK, I'll bite," Eddy said to them then called out mockingly, "Hey Blondie! Green thumb! Firebug! Where are ya? If you're already nabbed by a crook cough twice!"

Back with the chaperones and everyone else in the airport, tempers are running high.

"I have been awake for almost 60 hours. I'm tired and I'm dirty. I have been from New Mexico to Denver to... where are we?"

"Springfield ma'am."

"We're trying to find my sisters in law and her friends. And now that I'm this close, you're telling me it's hopeless?"

Dr. Pantheon puts her hand on Bulma's shoulder, "Bulma, calm down. Unfortunately the only thing we can do is wait it out and take the city closest to where we're headed."

"I believe you're speaking of the three young women that have been abducted." whispered a voice with an eerie undertone.

"Abducted?" Beth frowned, then she looks left and right a little nervously, What're -who-who said that?"

A stranger came around the corner shrouded in the shadows, but the gang could see him. It was definitely a kat; one that reached to Beth's shoulders. Odd enough, in spite of it being the middle of spring, he was heavily clothed, wore gloves and the cap easily hid most of his face. Almost as if he didn't want anyone to recognize him.

Dana instinctively stepped back. "I don't like him Beth, there's something about him I don't like."

Zaira and Ed shared her sentiments, what was it about this individual that felt so ominous?

"Well then who kidnapped them?" Eddy asked impatiently. He felt that the sooner they find the girls the faster they can go eat.

The stranger said nothing he only threw a newspaper clipping at the short Ed boys feet.

Double d picked it up and read the headlines: "'Vigilantes appear in Megakat city calling themselves the Swat kats?'" the smart boy frowned, "You don't mean to tell me that they took Kylie, Theo and Haruna?"

That wouldn't make sense. What would they want with three foreigners?

"Just a pucker moment." Zaira said suspiciously, "How do we know it's not some kind of trick?"

Until the stranger holds out Kylie's locket.

Everyone gasped.

"That's Kylie's!" Sara G. cried taking the locket and examining it.

And that was just enough proof for Beth.

"Well I don't know who they are, but those two picked the wrong girls to kidnap!" snarled the tomboy.

Zaira sighs wearily, "And we're back to the mood swings."

She then yelps as the others grab her.

As the gang left, the stranger watched them shrewdly. Now it was it's up to his allies to play their part with his foes.

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