Yes, I am alive. I don't know if this is totally conceited for me to think that people were wondering where I was but I feel that it is. Anyway, I wrote this in less than five minutes and I honestly don't even really like it. But I've never done a story focused on Arnold's and Gerald's friendship...I guess you could call this that. And I know that I said that I wouldn't do anymore drabbles but I will explain that in the bottom. On with the drabble.

"Little blue hat," Gerald asked.

"Check," said Arnold.

"Plaid skirt?"

"Its a shirt," Arnold said irritably.

"Plaid shirt?"


"Annoying optimism?"


"Feelings for a girl who will most likely never return them?"

Arnold sighed. "Check," he said miserably.

"Time to start another school year," Gerald told his best friend as they walked up the steps of P.S. 118.

Alright. The main reason I wrote this is because, like I said before, to let people know that I AM alive and I haven't forgotten about my beloved fanfiction. Another big reason is that I wanted everyone (and again I just think that this is kind of conceited of me to even think that people care enough) to know that I have a blogspot account (I'm still trying to figure it out so just bear with me.) I wrote about why I've been gone for so long and what ideas are bouncing around in my head. And if anyone wants to you can comment on it and tell me what you think. It sucks that you can only leave one review for a chapter so I guess that anything else that you forget to say in a review you can do it there. the url (its on my profile page too if it doesn't show up here is kialajaray(dot)blogspot(dot)com. I know that this site has a strict policy about not putting other website urls up so just put 3 w's in the from and periods where the dots should be.


p.s. I'm not a fan of this AT ALL. Like I said, this was purely written because of what I said earlier. I couldn't think of anything and I didn't feel like writing a full blown one shot so I wrote a quick little drabble so if you don't like it I understand why.