"Daddy, I'm scared." The boy said as he held tight to his Fathers hand and shoved his most prized possessions in his pocket with the other. "I know, Teddy. I'm scared too." The green eyed man responded, shrinking everything they needed and put the items in his pocket. They hurriedly looked around to see if they'd missed anything and once they were sure they hadn't they ran downstairs and into the cellar. Once in the cellar the man spelled the door locked then added a padlock, just in case.

They ran to the back of the cellar where there was an invisible trap door underneath an old bed. "Teddy, remember whatever happens, you keep running. No matter what happens to me. Promise me." Teddy nodded at his father. "Say it Teddy." The man demanded. "Yes Daddy. I promise." The man opened his mouth again but was interrupted by a large crash from upstairs.

The front door had been blasted open.

The man placed a silencing spell on them both and opened the trap door, pushing his son under the bed. He then hurriedly cast images of him and his son into the middle of the room then climbed under the bed himself and quietly shut the trap door. He dearly hoped the noise went unnoticed amidst the crashes coming from above.

He fell down into the tunnel and saw Teddy waiting for him. He ushered Teddy forward, flipping the switch for the booby traps that his muggle friend had installed for him. "Where are you Hiding Potter?" echoed through the entire house as Voldemort became frustrated as he fruitlessly searched the house. Harry paused in his running for a second before continuing even faster, knowing that they had to get to safety soon because the diversion won't hold the Death Eaters for long.

They had almost reached the end of the tunnel when they heard the slam of a trapdoor being opened and a few seconds later a pain filled scream erupted, signalling that someone had fallen into the first trap. A pit filled with spikes. They would be more careful from now on. They reached the end of the tunnel and started to climb stairs that had been carved out of the stone.

Harry pulled himself from the staircase, brushing away branches and leaning down to pull his son into the forest. They replaced the branches and then they started to run through the forest, making sure to disturb as little as possible. They reached the edge of the forest, with no sign of the Death Eaters.

The next obstacle they faced was open land. It stretched on for miles, with few trees that were big enough to provide cover. "Are you ready? Remember your training. We will make it to the other side." Harry pulled Teddy into a hug. "I love you Dad." Teddy muttered into his shoulder. "And I love you." They pulled apart and started to run out into the plain, side by side. They were over halfway when a spell whizzed past them and exploded into the ground. Their heads whipped around to see at least thirty Death Eaters chasing them on brooms. They ran faster, even though they had no hope of out running top quality brooms.

They kept running until they were surrounded by them. They stood in the middle of the circle, back to back. The seven year olds body was shaking slightly as his hand groped for his fathers. Harry Potter knew it was the end. In all his twenty five years he had never been so sure of his imminent demise. He just wished he could have gotten Teddy hidden, preferably somewhere on the other side of the world. He held his sons hand tight as the circle parted so Voldemort could step through.

"Ah, Harry Potter. At last. And accompanied by that mangy wolfs' runt of a boy. You will both die today. And, having learned from previous encounters, I'm not going to give a speech on how superior you are because you always seem to find a way to elude death and me time and time again. Frustrating really. So, say goodbye Potter and Brat."

With those final words Voldemort and the Death Eaters raised their wands at the same time and prepared to cast an array of spells onto their victims. Harry knelt down and hugged his son to his chest, shielding him as best he could with his body. The Death Eaters took a collective breath and cast their spells, which collided with Harry and Teddy in a blinding display, which everyone looked away from, but Voldemort. Two screams of pain sliced through the air as they were disintegrated.

Voldemort let out a yell of triumph as his last living enemies were destroyed before his eyes. All of the Death Eaters eyes swivelled to the spot where the two used to be, but was now just a charred piece of ground. That night there was mass terror as the Death Eaters 'celebrated' their victory over Harry Potter. They could now take over the world and remould it to their liking.


Harry Potter had an extremely large headache, and he was willing to bet everything he owned that it was from being hit with at least thirty different spells that were cast with the intent to kill him slowly, quickly, torturously, pleasantly and any other way you can kill a person. Also being disintegrated would do it. He carefully opened his eyes as he became aware of his surroundings again. He was still clinging tight to Teddy, who was thankfully still out of it. He was somewhere near Sussex.

He gently picked his son up and thought of the one place he could go, the one person who was still alive after Voldemorts rampage. The one person Voldemort, hell anyone, wouldn't want to upset. He had to get to Noirs and he had to get their now. Harry knew where there was a magical families house nearby. They were dead, but their house still stood. He apparated there, Teddy barely stirring.

He reached the house and saw people there. Living, moving about. The Glenns were alive! How was that even possible? At the moment he was still thankfully they were alive, and one more shock didn't really register. Although he knew that it would be a real kick in the pants later. Harry walked up to the house and knocked on the front door.

Lizzie Glenn opened the door and found a young man looking half dead, carrying a boy who was passed out in his arms. Well, she hoped he was just passed out and not dead. She screamed, and her husband came running, along with her eldest child Robert. "Sorry, I didn't know I looked that bad." The young man said sheepishly. "I just want to know if I can use your floo- I mean telephone." He covered up. These people obviously didn't know him, so it would be a bit strange if he knew they were magical.

"Of course you can use our floo, boy. Come in." Angus Glenn ushered them inside and sat Harry in a chair. "Thank you. I'm Harry, and this is my son Theodore, or Teddy for short." Shortly after, Teddy awoke and burrowed into Harrys' shoulder. "He's a bit shy." The youngest child of the Glenns has now come downstairs, Sonja Glenn. She brought chocolate biscuits with her. Teddys' sensitive nose picked up the chocolate and he turned his head slightly, observing her with one eye. "Do you like chocolate, Teddy?" Lizzie asked him and got a hesitant nod in return. She passed him a few chocolate biscuits and he smiled at her. "Isn't he a dear!" she exclaimed, Harry covering a laugh with a cough. "He is, a bit of a handful though." He smiled down at his adoptive son, ruffling his hair and stealing his half eaten chocolate biscuit. About half hour later they decided that they should get going.

"Thank you Mr. And Mrs. Glenn, for everything." "Call us Lizzie and Angus. You're welcome dear, Drop by anytime, you hear." Harry nodded and smiled, along with Teddy. They stepped up to the fire place and spoke softly into it, then disappeared into the green flames with one last wave.