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Chapter 1

It was nearing Christmas again. But unlike last Christmas, we were at the Moroi Royal Court instead of the Ski Lodge that St. Vladimir's Academy went to last year for 'winter vacation'.

By 'we' I mean, Lissa, Christian, Eddie, Alberta, and me. Why Alberta you ask? Because last Christmas, Christian's aunt, Tasha, came down and offered Dimitri a chance to become her Guardian. With 'fringe benefits' I might add. And he took her up on that offer.

And since Lissa is the last Dragomir, and because she is a Princess, she needs two Guardians. I'm one of them, Rose Hathaway, and Dimitri Belikov was suppose to be the other, but since he is now Tasha's Guardian, they gave Lissa the next best thing - Alberta.

Since Christian was still Royal, even though his family had a bad reputation, he still got a Guardian: Eddie Castile, a good friend of mine.

After Graduation, Lissa convinced the Queen (with a little compulsion) to let Christian come live at the Royal Moroi Court and attend college with her. Compulsion or not, the Queen reluctantly agreed. So we all packed up our belongings and moved to Pennsylvania.

When we arrived, the Court had already picked out -or rather built- a house for Lissa, Christian and the Guardians, well, Eddie and I to live in. Alberta was more of a Guardian who patrolled the Court, so she lived in an apartment where all the other Guardians lived. Lissa and Christian requested for Eddie and I to live with them.

The only time Alberta and I guarded Lissa at the same time, was if Lissa left the Court. But other than that, I was with Lissa 24/7. Except when she was asleep.

But the house was nice. And huge. It was two stories (not including the basement), with four bedrooms with a bathroom in every one, an extra bathroom, a laundry room, a spacious living room, a huge kitchen and a balcony. The basement was more for Eddie and I since it had a workout area/gym. Along with a mini kitchen and a lounge. Like I said, the house is huge…

When you first walk in the front door, you're in the middle of the kitchen and living room. Since there is no wall separating them, it's like one massive room. If you continue straight, you'll go through a doorway and into the hall. To the left is a bathroom, the laundry room and the basement stairs. To the right are the stairs that take you upstairs, Eddie's room and a side door that leads you out to the wrap-around porch. Go upstairs and you'll reach the landing which has a sliding side door off to the right that takes you to the balcony, Go all the way to the top of the stairs and there's my room, continue down the hallway, there will be a guest room on the right and Lissa and Christian's bedroom on the left. I think I got everything…

Anywho, we've been living here for a few months now, and it was finally winter break. Thank God. I had been counting down the days and it was at long last here. God, I wanted to be done with school already! But since Lissa goes to college, so do I.

Winter Break had just started a couple of days ago and lasted the whole month of December. Don't ask me why we get a whole month off, but I'm thrilled that we do. Trust me, I'm not complaining. Just a whole month of relaxation. Well as much relaxation I can get with being the last Dragomir's Guardian and all. All I had in mind was Lissa, Christian, Eddie and I chilling and hanging out unless Lissa had to go Christmas shopping or something, which I'm sure she probably would. Until she told me the news this morning…

I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed in the usual Guardian attire -black pants, white shirt, and a black jacket that I normally didn't wear- when I felt Lissa's excitement through the bond spike. I was going to go into her head but decided not to at the last minute. I would wait and let her tell me herself.

After I finished dressing, did a quick blow dry of my hair and brushed it into a smooth pony tail, I went down stairs to the kitchen where everyone was. Lissa was talking animatedly to Christian who was cooking breakfast. That Culinary Science class had come in handy after all. Eddie was standing off to the side and looked up and gave me a smile when I entered. Some News Channel was playing in the background on the huge flat screen television in the living room.

"Morning guys." I announced.

Lissa looked over at me with a big grin on her face, "Oh Rose! I was wondering when you were going to get down here. You'll never guess what we're going to do!"

"What?" I asked warily.

Lissa practically shrieked. "We're going to have a Christmas Party!"

A party was fine with me. "Really? When?" I inquired, my excitement getting the best of me as well.

"Here in the next couple of weeks…" As she went into detail about everything I let my mind wander until she got to the end of the guest list, which was pretty much the whole Moroi Royal Court and then some. "Oh, Tasha and Dimitri are flying in Friday to spend winter break an Christmas with us!"

I froze. Dimitri.

And Tasha.

Surprise! And there went my good mood. Jeez, thanks for the warning Liss.

After Dimitri left to go with Tasha, I told Lissa everything about Dimitri and me. Even the night of the Lust Charm. She was a little upset that I hadn't told her sooner, but she soon got over it. But she thought that since he had left, I had gotten over him. And the truth was, I had tried everything I knew to forget him. And just when I had thought I had patched my heart up -a little anyway- he was going to be here in less than a week to rip it back open again.

"Isn't that great Rose? We'll all be like one big happy family!"

"S-sure." I stuttered. I could already feel the stitches coming apart.

Yeah, this Christmas was going to be absolutely wonderful.

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