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You're on the phone with your girlfriend shes upset.

Shes going off about something that you said

'Cuz she doesn't, get your humor like I do...

Tina laughs as she leans against the counter. It's another Saturday afternoon but instead of going to the mall she's hanging out with Gaby who has to fulfill her responsibility at the bodega.

The tiny store is empty and the two friends begin to make time fly faster by their gossip and laughter.

"You know he was staring at you. Don't even try and deny it." Gaby insists as she points her finger at her best friend.

Letting out another laugh Tina tries to deny the blush that urges to spread across her porcelain skin. Before she can retort or argue the statement the bell above the door rings and the two teens turn their heads to stare at the new customer.

The expectation of a customer is crushed when they see Gaby's older brother, Alex, on the phone. "Come on Jess." Alex pleaded, he held his cell phone in his hand as he juggled his bag and basketball in the other.

Gaby rolled her eyes as she looked away from her brother. The two girls exchanged silent looks as Alex let out a aggravated sigh.

Throwing the basketball aside, Alex ran a hand through his hair as he spun away shielding his face from his sister and her friend. "You got to believe me." He begged but even with the pleading statement Tina can easily tell his patience was growing thin.

"I bet Ms. Complains about everything Jessica has found another thing to fight about." Gaby announced out loud, her brown eyes throwing judging looks at the phone in Alex's hand.

"It was just a joke okay?" Alex explains with a sad desperation on his voice as he throws a look over his shoulder. He sends daggers with his dark brown eyes at Gaby warning her silently that he can hear what she's saying. The expression in his voice one can only assume he's been trying to explain for a while now.

Gaby rolls her eyes even though Alex is still looking at her. Shaking her head she looks to her side at Tina who remains silent and observantly watching and listening. Once again Gabby opens her big mouth, "This is always happening. Ever since they started dating officially she makes up these big reasons to fight and has him come pleading for forgiveness and ways to make it up. It's not even his fault."

Alex shoots another look over his shoulders. Covering the receiver with his hand he hisses, "Will you keep your big mouth shut for once. She might hear you."

Gaby let's out a laugh, "Good, she should". Obviously, someone did not like the girl their brother was dating. However, this wasn't the first time Tina has heard Gaby verbalize her dislike for her brothers current girlfriend.

Another growl Alex walked towards the counter to give another threat when the siblings mother came calling in the background.

"Gabriella I need help in the freezer!" Tina watches as Alex's opens his mouth to say something but face freezes quickly and she can hear Jessica is yelling something on the other line, his eyes look exhausted as he listens. "Of course I'm listening to you." He replies.

Within seconds Gaby is smiling with the satisfaction that she has the last say and jumps from around. "Be back Tina." She yells in the air before disappearing at the counter.

Alex flinches as he holds the phone away from his ear and Tina can once more hear the shrill voice of the girl on the other line. "Of course I'm not hanging out with girls. I'm at home. Tina is Gaby's best friend." He barely finishes his sentence before anger reaches his eyes and he quickly closes his cell phone shut.

Tina looks away suddenly aware she has witnessed Alex Fernandez just have his girlfriend hang out the phone on him. Tina tries to figure out how to occupy herself with Gaby gone and Alex off the phone. She can feel the tension he has brought into the room.

Alex's lets out a deep sigh and instead of leaving and finding refuge in his room he leans his back against the counter. He's suddenly quite tired and frustrated, it seemed like it was all they ever did now fight, he will never understand women.

Realizing he wasn't going to leave Tina looks at him with a small smile on her face. She stares at his back and the way his shoulder slump. Though Alex Fernandez is popular with the girls. He never seems to have the best of luck with girls. "Rough day huh?" Tina says out loud killing the silence in the bodega.

Alex let's out a small laugh as he turns around. He knows the small reason he decides not to go thundering into his room with rage is because Tina's in the bodega and Gaby has left to help their mother. He turns around and Tina meets his eyes with a comforting smile. "I've actually had worst."

"Uh-huh." Tina laughs. She places a finger against her temple as she leans her head slightly and looks at him, "Somehow I think you're lying."

Alex welcomes her playful response. He beams a wide smile at her and winks, "Maybe. Or maybe I'm joking.

The statement makes her laugh and she shakes her head at the way he's always choosing to beat around the bush. "Or maybe you should stop playing jokes on your girlfriend." The minute she lets it escape her lips her almond eyes close shut and she realizes she has just openly exposed the fact they were listening to the argument.

Letting out another laugh Alex leans over the counter and Tina opens her eyes to see him closer now. "Or maybe I could find one that understands my humor."

Tina lets out a laugh as he winks at her again. Pushing him off the counter Tina shakes her head. "I can see why Jessica's mad at you, you probably infuriate her with way you warp every serious conversation."

She easily takes his flirting and playful suggestion as playful banter something they've easily shared since growing up.

Alex frowns slightly as he pulls up the empty chair next to her. "She's infuriated because she doesn't understand me."

Tina lets out a sigh and as she shrugs her shoulders at her friend's disappointment in his current relationship, "So tell me about it Romeo."

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