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Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you

Been here all along

So why can't you see

You belong with me

Standing by and waiting at your back door All this time

How could you not know

Baby you belong with me

You belong with me

You belong with me

Have you ever thought just maybe you belong with me

You belong with me...

Slipping out the back door Tina steals a look inside making sure her family is thoroughly occupied with dinner to care. Letting out a satisfied sigh she closes the door and hears as it softly clicks shut.

She shouldn't be use to this but in a weird way she is. There's a instant smirk on her face as she see's him standing at the bottom of her porch steps waiting his back facing towards her. It's surprisingly a decent hour in the day but yet it's still a question why he calls her outside.

"Most people like to use cell phones to communicate with someone." Tina says out loud drawing his attention.

Alex spins around swiftly at her voice and she's reminded immediately of his athletic qualities. "I even heard text messaging is the latest fad." Tina continues to joke as she smirks at him.

The moment he is standing fully facing her she can't help but shy her eyes away. Alex is standing dressed in a button down long sleeve shirt and slacks. If its possible his outfit only makes it more obvious on why he is one of the hottest basketball players in their school. And Tina turns her face hoping to hide any blush because she is not and cannot be checking out her childhood friend.

Alex laughs as he shoves his hands in his pocket. His eyes are dancing with enjoyment and he takes a step forward towards her. Shrugging his shoulder he flashes her one of those smiles she's seen him give to pretty girls in school. "Old habits die hard?" He replies jokingly.

Tina rolls her eyes as she takes a step down the porch to meet him halfway. It's hardly a old habit if its only happened twice. Three if you count today. But it is the only time and way he's ever made a point to talk to her, just her, with no one else around.

He's still smiling as he continues to walk towards her and within seconds he's only standing a step below her so that they're now only inches away from each other. Tina can smell the cologne off his clothes and she knows the exact reason why he's so dressed up tonight.

"Am I interrupting something?" Alex asks politely as he cranes his neck over her shoulder to look behind her and at her family's apartment.

"Dinner." Tina smiles as she steals a quick over her shoulder to make sure Tuan or her little sister were not sneaking looks at the back window to watch her.

"Oh. Dinner. Right." Alex answers, his voice sound surprise or hesitant. Then for a moment he's just staring at the ground and Tina is watching him waiting. She's used to the silence now between them. Since the night in front of her house months ago she's become accustom to the silent companionship he seeks from her time to time.

Tina waits patiently for the reason why he's standing at her backdoor at 6pm dressed up when he should obviously be some where else and not here.

"So, uh, Gaby says you're not going to the dance tonight?" Alex manages to say. His voice sounds almost foreign to her ears because it almost sounds like he's nervous talking to her tonight.

Rolling her eyes Tina smiles at the thought of her best friend. Of course Gaby would broadcast Tina's absence at tonight's school dance. Giggling Tina brushes a strand of hair away from her face. "And you're going to the dance?" She giggles amused that Alex would go to a dance when he plainly does not dance.

He shrugs his shoulders, "The whole gang is going." He simply says looking up from the ground to steal a glance at her.

"It seems like the whole gang has a date." Tina points out. It's been a busy two weeks for the whole team. But from what's gathered from Lenni and Gaby it seems like each member has found a date to the dance tonight.

"I don't." Alex blurts out quickly almost interrupting Tina's statement.

Tina's eyes widen. She's not quite sure if its from his out burst or if its the fact that Alex doesn't have a date. Not that it shouldn't be a surprise given Alex doesn't ever dance, it doesn't mean he never attends. But if she's recalled from Gaby's constant chatter in the past week or two about having a hutch that Alex's had his eye on someone or something about him asking someone.

"You don't?" Tina repeats out loud without thinking.

Alex smirks as he leans towards Tina bringing his face only a inch or two away. "You sound surprise Tina Nyugen."

"I'm not." It's Tina turn to blurt out as she steps back bringing more space between them. Letting out a laugh there's a feeling inside of her that she can't quite shake and she waves her hand in the air. She isn't going to squeal that Gaby's been talking about him so instead she continues to laugh and playfully push his arm. "I just can't imagine the suave Alejandro dateless."

The instant she pushes his arm Tina sees the look in Alex's eyes change and it stops her in her laughter.

Then there's a moment again between the two friends as they stare at each other. There's a look in Alex's eyes that Tina wants to deny but she swears to her heart she's seen that look before. Years ago. A look he use to give her before … before. Stopping in her thoughts Tina shakes her head slightly.

"I know it's hard to imagine this good looking guy having to go alone with his friends all which whom have dates." Alex says out loud his voice overly dramatic. He pauses and winks at her before continuing, "That's why I'm begging for your company."

It's there for a second and just like that the look is gone. And Alex is just Alex and it makes Tina savor the mechanics of their friendship.

Tina watches as Alex smiles and takes two steps forward closing the gap between them once more. So now they're both standing on the top of the porch. Leaning down so his eyes are eye leveled with hers Alex smirks. "Besides, you know Gaby will be here in 30 minutes trying to convince you to be there."

The thought of her best friend Tina knows her night is no where near over or has yet begun. Gaby will make it a point to stop by, beg, whine, argue, and push until Tina is on her way to the dance with her.

"Save yourself the pain of that Tina and keep a good looking guy company tonight." Alex whispers out loud, his dark brown eyes staring directly at her.

Holding her breath Tina keeps her gaze on Alex. "I don't know Alex. You think I'd be able to fit with your ego in that auditorium." Tina teases, trying to keep whatever feeling that is urging to creep up inside of her away.

Laughing Alex breaks his eyes away and shakes his head. Throwing his hand through his hair he takes a step back. "Keep me company tonight?" Alex says, and the words come out in a tone that sounds sincere and pleading.

Tina bites her lip as she ponders his request because the dance is the last place she feels like being tonight. Yet, before she can even respond she's watching Alex jogging down her porch steps.

"The black dress. Gaby says you can wear the black dress." Alex is calling out as he hits the sidewalk. "I'll see you there!"

Tina shakes her head, it must be in the Fernandez genes that has it in them to annoy her until they got their way.

"I'm so happy you came." Gaby squealed as they sat around the table sipping on their punch.

Rolling her eyes Tina played with the drink in her hand. "You sent your brother after me." Tina accused.

A sly smile grew on Gaby's face as she looked away, "I'm neither denying or agreeing to that."

"Uh-huh." Tina mumbled as she glared at her best friend.

In the back of her mind Tina knew she'd end up at the dance tonight. It's the reason why she let Gaby talk her into buying that black dress when Gaby and her went dress shopping the other week. But she still hoped it'd be the one time she'd be able to get out of not going.

Gaby smiled brightly, "You know the whole gang is thrilled that you came. That we're all here."

Tina returns the smile to her best friend. She knows. The entire group of friends couldn't stop their smiles and laughter the moment Tina and Gaby entered the auditorium to join them.

Her thoughts drift about her friends as she listens to the music playing in the school gym. Tina's eyes scan the gym to find her friends scattered around either dancing with their dates.

" - Alex."

"Huh?" Tina asks as she finally returns her gaze and attention back to her best friend.

Gasping out loud Gaby places her hand against her chest like she's in utter disbelief. "I can't believe you haven't been listening to me." A playful smile on her face.

Rolling her eyes Tina sips her drink.

"Like I was saying what's up with you and Alex?" Gaby inquires quickly once gaining her best friend's attention once more.

The statement surprises Tina and she has to fight the sudden she has to choke on her drink. "Excuse me?"

It's Gaby's turn this time to roll her eyes as she leans towards Tina. "Come on Tina. We all notice something different between the two of you."

"I don't -" Tina begins to argue. She's being totally honest there's nothing out of the ordinary between her and Alex. If she was forced to admit it to herself then maybe it'd be the little moments like earlier that evening. But those are just small rare moments. Sometimes she's not even sure if it can even be called 'moments'. It's nothing to be pointing out even if its from the keen eyes of her close friend. From all that she knows it could be a look that means nothing.

"Oh no. Don't start with the 'I don't know what you're talking about' line." Gaby quickly interrupted. Leaning even closer with glowing interested eyes, Gaby whispered loudly, "I'm your best friend Tina. Not to mention it's not just you and I that I'm talking about when I say 'we'. The whole gang thinks there's something different between you two ever since Alex's close return to the dark side."

Dark side. The two words the that boys has comically named Alex's dilemma just months ago. When Kevin started smoking again. It's true though. Something has become different between Alex and her. Tina muses silently, ever since that late night at her place, she's noticed Alex lingering by her more often then usual. Maybe he's doing it subconsciously or maybe it's because he's seeking her company because Tina's the only one who's aware of his struggles.

"Different." Tina finally manages to say. Even though Gaby explains. And even though things have changed between the two friends. Tina still doesn't know just how different her friends could mean. Nothings changed really. Alex is still Alex. And she's still Tina. It's not like either declared a new found love for each other.

Rolling her eyes once more Gaby let's out a loud sigh as she leans against her seat. "Tina..." Gaby murmurs ready to start another string of arguments and reasons.

Now it's Tina's turn to sigh. "Gabs, you know if there was something I'd tell you." There's a hard look in Gaby's eyes and Tina chooses to ignore it. "We've just been talking more. Friends talk remember."

"Talking more." Gaby repeats as if its news to her, that her best friend and brother are talking without her presence. Maybe it is news. But what's so different with talking.

"Ladies your deserts." Matt interrupts the two best friends. And Gaby's eyes stray a little longer on her Asian best friend's eyes as if trying to search for more information that Tina isn't sharing. After anther second Gaby's eyes immediately on her date and her smile is on her face. "Thanks Matt."

Tina watches as Gaby instantly transforms her personality as she begins to gush and fawn over her date. She watches but she's well aware that last look Gaby has given her seconds ago. It means the conversation isn't over and it means Gaby thinks there's more.

A plate of a slice red velvet cake is placed right in front of Tina. "Sorry it took so long we didn't think they'd be a crowd over the desert table."

Pulling her thoughts away from the previous conversation, Tina smiles, "Thanks." Alex takes a seat next to her. Hector and his date, Megan, joining right after.

Nothing's different. Tina thinks. Her friends are trying to make a mystery out of nothing. And that is definitely something not different.

The music is still pumping and Tina smiles as she watches as her friends slowly stand from the table to join the rest of the school who's dancing on the dance floor.

Alex leans towards her and Tina can smell his cologne, "Are you enjoying yourself?" he asks.

Tina turns away from the dancing to face him, "As much as I can be. How about you? Do you feel drawn to dance?" She asks the last questions as she catches his eyes looking on the dance floor.

"The company is nice." Alex answers as his eyes return on hers. The comment threatens Tina to blush but she ignores it reminding herself that company means their friends and not just her. She ignores it even more because Gaby's statement from earlier that night is still on her mind and its causing unnecessary thoughts.

Alex laughs. "But I don't know about dancing."

Tina smiles, "Are you sure?" She asks teasingly. "I'm sure there has to be some pretty girl who has got your eye and want to dance with." Batting her eyelashes Tina leans towards him, her shoulder nudging him playfully.

She's ready to let out a laugh as she watches Alex get flustered over the words of dancing with a girl. But there it is again. That small rare moment is back. That look in his eyes that she swears she sees. It's the look in his eyes that she swears she doesn't want to to see. And her heart skips a beat.

"Tina -" Alex mumbles.

But her name is being said by a much louder voice. Looking up Tina see's Ryan standing in front of her.

Ryan Harris. He was the guy in Gaby and Tina's journalism class. The guy that Gaby swore kept staring at Tina throughout class. Dark hair, deep blue eyes and a lean tall built.

"Oh hey Ryan." Tina manages to say a little startled at the new company.

Ryan flashes a wide smile his deep dimples showing easily. "Hey. I was uh – wondering if you wanted to dance."

Gaby's hunches must have been right Tina thinks. Tina's about to say yes, recalling her attraction the guy standing in front of her, when she remembers she isn't alone. All their friends had left the table leaving only Alex and Tina.

"I uh -" Tina stammers. It isn't like Alex is her date but at the same time she can't but feel a little guilty if she leaves him alone.

As if aware of her thoughts Alex let's out a cough. "Tina excuse me. But I see Lenny and Rob by the punch table. I really should over there and catch them, I haven't really gotten to say hi. Enjoy your dance and maybe we'll catch up later."

His words come out perfectly and yet Tina can sense some hints of lies in them. But before she can argue that she doesn't mind keeping him company he's swiftly standing up from the table and heading towards the back of the gym.

The music sounds like it's blaring on the dance floor. Tina let's out a laugh as Ryan pulls her in closer as they dance and the move makes Tina blush. The guilt about leaving Alex alone is cleared from her head.

Again she feels Gaby's eyes on her. Since the moment they hit the dance floor Gaby started sending her gushing smiles and raising her eyebrows in question to Tina's dancing partner. It was always so difficult because Gaby read her like a book whenever it came to having any small interest in any guy.

"You look amazing tonight Tina." Ryan compliments her as they dance to the beat of the music.

Another reason to blush sneaks up on her and Tina smiles at Ryan. "Thank you." Before she can return the compliment because she does think he looks rather good looking the tempo of the music changes.

A slow song begins to play in the gym and all around her couples are pairing up to dance.

"Another dance?" Ryan request as he takes her hand and slowly raises it in the air to lead them into a dance. Tina silently nods her head.

He's a amazing dancer, Tina thinks, as he spins her around only to bring her closer so she's dancing only a inch away from him. She'll definitely have to rethink her interest in him. Maybe she'll begin to show more interest him. This will definitely have Gaby smiling about Tina thinks.

The thought makes Tina smile as she brings her gaze on Ryan's deep blue eyes. She's about to compliment him when a loud cough interrupts the dancing couple.

Tina's Asian eyes widen as she turns to see Alex standing uncomfortably next to them with a strained smile on his face.

"Sorry Ryan." Alex says genuinely before turning his full attention on Tina. His deep gaze on her reminds him of his intensity in anything he does. "I was wondering if I could cut in." He asks with hopefully eyes. Though he's genuinely asking and being polite, the way he's staring and the way he's closing in between the space between Tina and Ryan there is really no way Ryan can deny him.

"Uh- sure. I stole her from you earlier so it's only right." Ryan says lightly as he reluctantly let's go of Tina and steps back. "I'll find you later tonight for another dance." Ryan announces his eyes dead on Tina, she can only manage to smile it agreement because she's too stun that Alex now the guy standing in front of her asking for a dance.

Once Ryan is out of sight Tina returns her eyes to Alex. Her eyebrow raised in a silent question. He shifts and its a amusing sight to see him on the dance floor completely uncomfortable and out of his element.

"You want to dance with me?" Tina asks in disbelief though a teasing smile is on her face.

Alex mumbles something incoherently to himself and Tina let's out a laugh. Maybe he doesn't want to dance, maybe he just needed company Tina thinks even though the latter seems unlikely. She knows he wouldn't lie like that just to get her company. But she's amused whatever the reason is, even if its a lie, she is going to make Alejandro Fernandez dance.

Placing her arms around his neck Tina smiles as Alex follows her actions and places his hands around her waist. Its the same position they stood in months ago in Jamal's living room and it brings a even bigger smile to her face that he has remembered his 'little' dance lesson.

The slow song continues to play and the two friends sway slowly and awkwardly to the beat. Tina let's out a silent sigh as she wonders what has caused him to interrupt her and Ryan. More so to bring him to dance.

Hearing Alex clear his throat Tina brings her eyes back on him. His dark eyes are much to a deeper contrast than Ryan, though filled with a much darker shade, she can't help but think his eyes show more dept then she's even known in a guy.

The smile from her face drops just a little when she sees the strain on his face. And she realizes he's extremely uncomfortable and uncertain.

Pulling her arms tighter around him she pulls his body closer to hers. The action causes her to feel the heat of his breath against her face as he now stands dancing just a inch away from her.

"Relax. Though you should know you have the rest of the team are gawking at us right now." Tina whispers with a smile. "Or should I say gawking at you."

The statement causes Alex to flinch away from her breaking them apart, as he quickly scans his surroundings easily finding the friends Tina speaks of. Sure they really are all gawking at him. Gaby is staring at him with a threatening glare and eyebrows raised with curiosity at his actions. He shrugs his shoulders returning his attention back at Tina and smiles crookedly.

This time its Alex's hands that bring the couple back into a dancing position. And again Tina can feel the chemistry of contact each time. Though his hands draw her closer than she has brought them earlier.

Again she catches Gaby's watchful eye off in the distance. Tina blames her best friend for her current thoughts and physical reactions. There's nothing different between her and Alex. Sure they may be closer not physically literally speaking but closer friends. But not different. Well certainly this is different her conscious argues. 'They' never dance together.

Still feeling tension around his shoulders Tina comments out loud, "If you really wanted to dance. You really need to relax." Her hands play with the hair in the back of his head as she tries to ease his discomfort.

Tina let's out a sigh as she leans against his neck. Once she settles against him she can finally feel the tension leaving. Once more she finds herself fitting into him perfectly just as they danced in Jamal's living room. It feels too natural even though he never dances and it feels natural to be this close to each other.

It's unsettling because the position and the situation really shouldn't feel like this. This isn't suppose to make her heart race. He really shouldn't be a person that makes her heart race. Well he shouldn't be anymore. Their childhood is far long gone. A crush should be left in the past so why is her heart beating so fast.

"I wanted to tell you something." Alex whispers loudly.

The statement brings Tina's eyes away from her best friend who is still keenly watching the pair. Leaning back Tina looks at Alex. Raising an eyebrow, "It must have been important if it's breaking the one thing Alex Fernandez never does, which is dance." Tina teases.

"Remember that time in Jamal's living room." Alex simply says ignoring her teasing comment. His eyes still as intense as the moment he stepped on the dance floor.

"When I made you dance?" Tina questions, recalling the only memory that could relate. Or the only memory she could think of.

Smirking Alex nodded silently. "You said I should know how to dance. Just in case I ever wanted to dance with a girl before another guy swept her away."

It was Tina's turn to nod silently. Her thoughts trying to figure out what he would lead to.

"I wanted to thank you. Because it saved me. I found a girl I needed to dance with before another guy swept her away." Alex explained, his lips turning into a large grin.

"A girl?" Tina repeated surprised. Her eyes began to scan the surrounding dance floor Almond shaped eyes jumped from one girl to the next trying to recall her and Gaby's guesses on who Alex had his eye on before the dance.

Realization hit and Tina lifted her hands off his neck and pushed them against Alex's chest. "What are you doing you doofus?" Tina scolding using one of Gaby's names for Alex. Once more trying to shove him away from her Tina glared. "What are you doing dancing with me? Go cut in on her dance before you lose your chance."

Alex remained unmoved as Tina pushed him again. His still hands wrapped around her waist. Dark eyes twinkling as he let out a laugh. "Tina."

Another shove.

"Tina." Alex spoke more loudly as he used his arms to pull her against his chest and closer to him once more.

"Don't you get it. I realized it. It's you." Alex whispered in her ear as they stood still on the dance floor.

Her heart skipped a beat and once more Tina saw that look in his eyes she could no longer deny was there. The same look he'd given her years ago when he held that self written script and proclaimed his crush on her.

"It's you Tina."

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