Well, it's a new fanfic(s), just for you!

And there you are, yelling at me because I haven't finished the other one. Go look at the author's note there, and you'll see why. I have an alibi. (grins)

Anyway, I got this idea while - what else? - listening to my iPod on afore-mentioned trip/alibi. For your viewing pleasure - and listening pleasure - I take songs that inexplicably remind me of the wonderful phenomenon that is Bones, and destroy them with fluffy/angsty/dramatic/etc. fanfic. Yay, everybody's happy. Especially since all I request out of potential reviewers are song requests and a little bit of good, healthy concrit (mommy says it's good for me).

All different categories, all different ratings (kids, look out!), all different charries, all filled with song lyrics - although some may be more stuffed with words than lyrics, depending on how carried away I get...

So, there's your general info. Now on with the songfics! :D