Vampire and the Veela

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Vampire. That one word brings many images to many different people. There are many myths and stories around this one creature. From the classic Count Dracula to the modern day Twilight series.

With each new story new things about these creatures are brought to light. From how a vampire lives, acts, loves looks sleeps, and dies. There is even a list of the powers a vampire has. A lot of them are just lies and things made up to entertain humans.

For most humans a vampire is believed to be male, tall with pale skin. Skin so pale it was, something, as white as snow. They have dark enchanting eyes with a dazzling smile. A smile that will so off their fangs. A vampire is always suave and charismatic. Over all they are always beautiful.

Some say they are powerful beings. The most common power being one that is called allure. This power can put a person in a daze like state and make them come to the vampire. Once one is under the vampire's allure the vampire can do as they please with them.

Another ability is their hyper senses of hearing, seeing and smell. Now will the ability to see and hear better then anyone is great the one that most often focus on is the sense of smell.

It is said that vampire can smell anything with their noise. They can smell fear, if you are male or female. If a female has gone into heat. They can smell if you are the one they are to love. Their mate.

It was also said that vampires were passionate lovers. In and out of bed. They can love their mate with all they have.

Humans believe that vampires are nothing more then monsters. Monsters that hunt humans at night and feed on their blood. The reason is because they need to blood to keep living…to survive.

The fangs that all vampires have is use to bite one's neck where they will begin to drink you dry. The fangs are always longer and sharper then a normal human's.

Some even say that if a vamp doesn't drink at lest once a night they will go into what is know as bloodlust. This happens when the vamp has not drank in a while and loses what it has left of its humanity and turns crazy. It often goes off killing any in its path and normal has to be killed it self.

Then there is the belief of flight. That a vampire has wings or turns into a bat. The wings are said look like bat wings or demon wings.

Then there is the sleeping in a coffin. Some say that vampire always sleeps in one and on the dirt of Transylvania.

Transylvania is said where the first vampire was born. Many say that only way for vampires to survive is turn humans into them.

Then there is the many ways to kill a vampire. They range from repel by garlic to beheading and staking throw their heart.

Many people don't like smell of garlic. It would drive anyone away by the pungent odor.

Crosses, holy water and the sunlight are said to burn a vampire living only ash behind.

The best way was said to either behead them or drive a stake through their heart.

A lot of these ideas, belief are just lies and myths. Myths made up during the Dark ages. During a time when many things about the world was unknown and they need a way to explain them. Like death itself.

Now a days no one believes in them any more. Vampires are said to be nothing more they part of the superstition world. Creatures that is no longer believed in. Just talked about in stories and shown in movies to scare us all.

The truth is that vampires are real. They is two types of vampire. Fake and Real vampires.

Fake vampires is were a lot of the beliefs and stereotypically ideas of vampires come from.

These are the vampire that needs to feed nightly on human blood or go into bloodlust. They are the ones that turn another human into a vampire. Into another fake one. This is also where the idea that vampires are part of the undead group. Living a half life if you would.

These are the ones that gave humans the idea of how to kill a vampire. Sunlight, crosses and holy water will kill one. Beheading and staking will kill them as well. Then again beheading and staking one throw the heart would kill even a human.

They are the ones that normal sleep in coffins but not even them have to have dirt from Transylvania.

A real vampire does not need blood to survive. They like to drink blood but do not need it. Because of this they do not go into bloodlust.

Because they do not need blood they do not go out and hunt humans. They would rather blend in with humans. No true vampire would tell a human about themselves if they could. Vampires were a secret society.

Also a true vamp is alive. They ate and sleep like normal human. They like sleeping in beds like a normal human does.

These also means that vampire can birth. Both vampire and vampriss. Male and female.

A vampire baby would need everything a human baby would need. One did not come into its vampire inherent until one hit the age of sixteen.

A true vampire dose love with great passion. They loved with all their heart. The one they love is called a mate. Then there was their soul mate.

A soul mate was one they were destined to have. Not all vampires found their soul mate but they all wish to find them. Many just settle down with a mate.

Not only would a vamp love their mate but they were very protective of them. Willing to fight and even die for their mate if they must.

They were also very possessive of them. They see their mate as being their and only their. Some so were possessive that they would try to control everything their mates dose. Some but not all.

As far as death it is very hard to kill a true vampire. They did not die because of old age or illness for they could live until the end of time.

The sunlight, crosses or holy water did not burn them and turn them into a pile of ash. They did not die if their mate or soul mate rejected them.

They only way was to behead them or stake them.

This my dear readers is the story a powerful vampire. One that would change the world. One that would have to live in the shadows and under lies before he let his true self out.

One that had always had the power to rule. One that would be raised to know who he was and how to use his powers. One that would be tutor in the vampire ways.

This powerful vampire was none other then Harry Potter. Harry's parents were Death Eaters and part of the inner circle. They were also close friends with Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort.

James and Lily had always planned on their child to become their lord's heir. They felt like it was an honor for their lord to pick their child for this.

When Harry had been born Tom feed Harry a bit of his blood so he would inherit some of his family traits. So Harry would be of his blood as well, so to speak.

For the first year of Harry's life he was very much loved. His parents loved him. Their lord loved him as well. His first friend was Draco Malfoy, seeing as how the Malfoys and Potters were friends. His godfathers, Sirius and Remus, loved him along with his Uncle Severus.

The Potters along with Snape had become spies for their lord around the time of Harry's birth. They had joined up with Dumbledore and his order. They would collect and give their lord any inside information that was needed. That was until the old headmaster found out about the Potters.

It was he, not the dark lord, that killed the Potters and try to kill Harry. It was he that put the blame for letting their house slip to the dark lord on Sirius. It was he that took all of Harry's love and family from the young vampire baby.

It was also the same man that took Harry from his birth place and placed him with muggles that would later harm the young vampire and young dark prince. This would also be the old man's undoing.

When Harry had been stolen Tom went into hiding. He let the rumors that he was nothing more the spirit floating around spread. He even let the world think he killed two of his closest and dearest friends and try to kill their baby son.

Tom knew that Dumbledore was to powerful for him to fight right now. He would need his heir's powers to help take the old coot down. To take over their world and right the wrongs that Dumbledore was doing to it. He would need his son's help.

It would take four years for Tom to find his long lost son.

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