Vampire and his Veela

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Chapter 11

The Ending

When Harry cried out Draco's name the battle seem to come to a stand still. Everyone turn to watch as Harry ran to his fallen mate but stop when he saw Snape and the Malfoys there checking him over. When Snape picked Draco up Harry wanted to rush over and take his Veela out of the Potions Master's arms but knew he couldn't. He had to deal with Albus first.

Harry slowly turned around and glared at the headmaster. His eyes turned blood red now even the whites could be seen. His fangs length as he gave a deep dangerous growl. "You dare hurt my mate! Did you really think that you would win by dividing our power up? You really are a fool Albus." Harry growl out before he attacked the headmaster.

Albus's eyes went wide as he took a step back away from the young prince. "You're a vampire? How? Neither James nor Lily were one." He stated as he took another step away from Harry.

"My father is one." Harry stated simply as he could smell the fear come rolling off of Dumbledore. There was another odor as well. It would seem that Harry had scared the shit out of him. Literally had scared the shit out of once proud headmaster.

"Lily and James were two people that gave me life. My father was the one that raised me and taught me the ways of our kind." Harry went on to say as he made a face at the odor coming from the headmaster. "Well I can see you are scared shitless of vampires. I can smell it on you." Harry then said as he took a step towards the man.

Albus glared as he stops moving and stood his ground. He couldn't let others know of his fears. It would be used to bring him down. Albus was still thinking he would win this war.

"He's not your father Harry. Don't you see that his just using you to win this war. Once he's done he'll kill you." Albus said trying to reason with the young vampire.

"No Albus. That's your plan not mine. I would never hurt my heir and son." Tom said with narrowing eyes before turning to look at his son. "I think you should be able to handle him. I'm going to hand out orders on what to do with the rest of the Order and those that side with the old man." Tom said before giving Albus a smile and walking off.

Harry just grin as he attack the old man. And attack he did. He didn't use magic but muggle means of killing him. Harry knew that Albus was strong in the ways of magic but weak with anything physical. Besides he wanted to get his hands on the one that hurt and maybe even kill his mate.

Albus saw the hate in the vampire's eyes as he try to throw a spell at him but was shocked at how fast he move to dodge it. Albus just kept throwing curses at the teen vampire. Harry kept moving out the way as he was able to run up to Albus faster then one would think possible.

"Now now headmaster. What run was that? You know your going to die so why not just except it." Harry said as he grabbed and arm and started to rip him about. First was the right hand then the right arm.

Albus let out a scream of pain from this as he tries to use wandless magic on Harry. Harry was thrown away and onto the ground before he picked himself up and narrowed his eyes again as he let out another dangerous growl. "You'll pay for that one!" Harry hissed out as he went after again.

It didn't take long for Harry to really finish him off. He was going to play with him a bit but once he got really pissed he made quick work of killing the headmaster off.

Once he got done with the headmaster he ran for the castle and the hospital wing. He didn't hear nor see the fight around him. Nor did he care what he looked like. He knew he had Albus all over him and looked a mess but he just couldn't care at the moment. He only cared for his mate. He had to make sure hew as ok.

When he got to the wing he was stopped at the door by Lucius. Harry growled as he tries to get by him but the older Malfoy wouldn't move. "Please my prince. They are still trying to heal him."

"What do you mean by trying to? Why haven't they healed him yet?" Harry demanded to know.

"There was an unknown complication. They have to be extra careful with how they heal him." Lucius said as he looked back to the bed that his son rested on.

"Unknown? Do you know?" Harry asked as the fear he felt seem to spike at this.

"I'll let them explain things to you." the Malfoy patriarch said never taking his eyes off of Draco until Severus walked towards them.

Severus moved them outside the doors as he looked them over. Once the doors were closed he let out a sigh. "I'm sure Lucius hasn't told you anything." At Harry's nod he went on. "We found that Draco's pregnant. About three months."

Harry blinked at this before he slowly spoke. "I didn't know. I mean his smell had been off but I didn't think…" he trailed off as he watched his father's mate.

"I don't think even Draco knew. I know he came to me a few months back saying he thought was coming down with something but never said anything else after that." Severus said before he went on.

"Both of them are still alive but Draco had fallen into a coma. We think his body and magic did this to focus on the baby. To make sure the baby will make it. We fear that once the baby is born that Draco will die. That his body will give out then."

Harry's eyes went wide at this as he stared at the older man in complete shock. Harry then pushed past him and ran over to Draco.

He stood there for only a moment before he reaches out and grabbed Draco by the shoulders. "Wake up Draco! You got to wake up and prove them wrong!" He yelled as tears started to fall. "You can't do this to me! You can leave me with a baby to take care. He or she will need you as well!" Harry said before drop to his knees still holding onto Draco. "You can leave me."

Poppy and Narcissa just watched the young man before they left him. They knew there was nothing they could do for him.

"He might wake up Harry. Don't give up hope." Poppy said as she laid a hand on Harry's shaking shoulders. Poppy always had a soft spot for the now known dark prince. He was in here enough times and she didn't care what side he was on. She would always be loyal to him.

Narcissa walked over to her husband as she lean into him as he wrapped an arm around her. "I feel so bad for Harry yet I feel my own pain." she said wanting to cry but would not. At lest not until they got home.

"I know how you feel dear." was all Lucius said as Severus just stood there looking. There was really nothing more they could do for the Veela. It was up to Draco now.

For Harry time seem to move slowly. They had moved Draco back into his room at Malfoy Manor and Harry hardly left his side.

The only time he had was when he was forced to by his father. Tom saying that Harry had to show up from time to time as the Dark Prince. Harry even had to help Tom go throw the prisoners.

The got rid of the ones that were too old and sold those that were still really young. Ginny had been the first one to be sold. She helped bring in a lot of money. She was sold to someone over seas and Harry would never have to see or hear from her again. The rest of the Weasleys were sold as well. Molly and Arthur were killed. They were past their prime to be sold.

The wizarding world was slowly rebuilding itself and it would take time. Tom was keeping the two worlds apart. Any kids that were orphans were placed in wizarding families. There would be someone that would check up on them from time to time to make sure no abuse was going on. Tom hated abuse and would not allow it in his new world.

Then there were the muggleborn kids. They were giving two choices. One was to stay in the muggle world. But if they choice this one then their powers were block and their minds obliviated.

If they wanted to stay in the wizarding world then they were placed in a wizarding family and all that knew the child were obliviated. No matter what choice they made they could not be in both worlds.

Hogwarts was closed so it could be rebuilt. After all the last battle was on her grounds. Once the school was reopen there would still be houses but new teachers would need to be found along with a few new classes and few would be gotten rid of. Severus Snape would be the new headmaster.

When it came to the ministry of magic a lot of chances took place there. No matter side of the war you were on everyone seem to agree that it was corrupt and needed chances. That what Tom did.

He placed many of his Death Eaters in the offices there and pointed Lucius as the new Minister. One that Tom knew would listen to anything he said. It was how Tom planed to run things from behind the scenes so to speak.

As all this was going on Harry hardly saw any of it or even knew it was going on. For him the days seem to drag on. As if they were never ending.

He allowed a few people around his mate. Poppy, his parents, Severus and their friends. That was it and only when he would allow it.

As the days did go by the baby was still growing and do well. They did have to feed Draco potions with nutrients in them so he baby could get them.

The baby grew with each passing day and Draco's belly did get bigger because of it. Harry was even able to feel their child when it got big enough.

There were a few times one would walk in to see Harry talking to the unborn child or to Draco himself. It was the only way Harry seems to keep his hope that Draco would wake. Even if it was slipping away with each passing day.

The day for the baby to be born was one that was a happy yet a fearful day. Harry was happy that their baby was going to be born but feared that this would be the day that he would love. He just hoped that Lady Death would stay away from him.

The baby had to be born by C-Section. The birth was an easy one and all went well. Harry was handed his baby girl.

When Harry looked at her he knew that she was the most beautiful baby girl he had ever seen.

She was small only being sixteen inch long and only six pounds and two ounces. She had a head full of black hair with blonde highlights. When she open her eyes they were all shocked at the color. She wasn't born with the normal blue eyes that most babies are born with. She head green eyes with blue around the outside. She was a well mix of her parents.

Harry then looked up at Poppy as he asked the question he was scared of asking. "Draco? Is he….is he…" he trailed off not able to get the words out.

Poppy just smiled at him as she moved out of the way for Harry to see.

Harry slowly walked past her to see that Draco was sitting up. He was still alive. Harry couldn't believe it as he rushed over to him. "Draco!" he cried happily.

Draco just smiled at him as he pulled Harry close. "I think I missed out on a few things." He said with a smile. This only caused Harry to laugh before letting Draco met their daughter.

"What are we going to name her?" Draco then asked not taking his eyes off their baby girl.

"Alyssa Rigel Potter." Harry said with his own smile as he sat next to his family.

Harry now knew that he would have his happily ever after.


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