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Alabaster Cat – Chapter Two

"What?" Flash mock-pouted. "Don't cut your hair, Sweetie, it's gorgeous!"

"Don't call me Sweetie!" Jinx scowled. Lately, Flash had been less annoying and less like the natural jokester he was. It annoyed her and worried her, because she felt like he was hiding something, and she hated to be lied to. (Although she had been unwilling to acknowledge this at first, she was still grudgingly reluctant to admit that she was in love with him. But she was, and she knew it.) "Fine, I won't cut my hair if you like the damn thing so much…You'll probably annoy me until I agree not to anyways. And why do I have to go there? It's not like they'll exactly welcome me with open arms after all I've done to them."

"The Titans are forgiving." Flash tried to explain. Well, now that he thought about it…Cyborg might welcome Jinx, Beast Boy probably would, Raven would most likely ignore her, Robin…might be okay, and Starfire…well, he wasn't so sure about her. "Uh…okay, maybe not."

"So why do I have to go?" Jinx growled, more annoyed than angry.

"'Cause I'll miss you too much, Jinxie!" Flash said, beaming at her.

There he went again, just talking like there was a chance that he could love her back when she knew that he probably only thought of her as a friend with a pretty face. "Oh shut it, Wally."

"So you'll go?"

"……." Jinx thought awhile. Well, she could observe his behavior, and she could see if he flirted randomly with the girl with the ugly blue capes and the girl with the weird green eyes…And she could interrogate them randomly…And she could see CYborg again, not that she was still crushing on him, but it would be nice to check up on her…er, old friend? "…Fine."

"Thanks Jinxie." Flash said, shooting her another gorgeous smile.

"Whatever." Jinx muttered, then paused, eyes widened. "Wait, is Lynx coming?"

"What?" Flash asked, confused. "No."

"B-B-But why not?" Jinx wailed, clearly disheartened. "Lynxie will hate being alone!"

"….If you bring her, you're the one that's taking care of her at all times." Flash said, shaking his head at her indulgently.

Jinx clapped her hands excitedly. "Yay!"

"Oh, and by the way…" Flash said suspiciously nonchalantly. "We're gonna be staying for three days."

As expected, Jinx's eyes widened in severe panic. "WHAT?!"


"It's okay Lynxie." Jinx muttered as Flash moved their (really just Jinx's) suitcase to the T-Tower. "We're going to meet the Titans, and I can find out what's bothering Wally."

"Meow." Mini-Jinx offered.

"Hm?" Jinx said, as the Teen Titans Communicator that belonged to Flash started beeping. "Oh, I guess Wally left it here by accident."

She walked over to the table where it lay, and placed Mini-Jinx on the couch as she grabbed the small device. "How do I turn this on…?" She pressed random buttons until she realized it was just like her old H.I.V.E. communicator. Flipping open the cover with the 'T', she faced Speedy. "Oh, it's you."

"Oh my god, Kid Flash finally got himself captured!" Speedy seemed shocked. A lecherous grin spread over his face. "Or did he just finally manage to get a date with you, Miss Hex?"

"What?" Jinx scoffed. "We're living together, idiot, and he left his communicator on the table."

"Living together?" Speedy repeated as he howled with laughter. "My god, he must be ecstatic; he finally roped you in!"


"You better be careful, New Lady Love." Speedy warned teasingly. "Flash falls in love easy, and I know that even though he's had a crush on you ever since that Titans briefing three years ago when he saw your file, he can probably get a good looking chick at any moment."

"….." Jinx raised an eyebrow (or, where her eyebrow would be if she had them.), stifling a gasp. Flash…in love with her? "I never pegged you for a gossip, Speedo."

"Yeah, I look good in a speedo." Speedy winked, and Jinx rolled her eyes. "I'm just saying, gorgeous, if Flash ever dumps you, you tell me, and I'll beat him up for you. Also, I'm available."

This time, Jinx stifled a laugh. "Oh, and by the way, look at this lil' cutie!" She cooed, holding up Mini-Jinx. "Isn't Lynixe cute?"

"Lynxie?" Speedy repeated. "That's a stupid name."

"That's what I said." Jinx said, smiling.

"I thought he named his cat Mini-Jinx." Speedy snorted. "Guess I was wrong."


"Anyways, I have to go now." Speedy said. "Tell Flashie I'll see him Monday. Me and him. Race car driving video game. Titans East Tower."

He hung up, leaving Jinx still speechless.


Jinx scrutinized the small albino in front of her, looking into her eyes. They were pale, yes, and did resemble hers to some degree. The ears were what stold out now that she actually stared at the cat. Curved slightly up, they resembled her little devil-horn-ponytails, with a strip of black fur on each ear resembling the metal things she wore in her hair. "Oh god, I look like a cat."

"Jinxie, you ready to go?" Flash asked from behind her.

Jinx jumped slightly, but before she could reply, Flash had her in his arms and she had Mini-Jinx in her arms. "Wally, why were you gone so long?"

"Talking to Robin and Beast Boy." He answered, starting to run.

"Hey Wally?" Jinx asked, smirking. With one arm holding Mini=Jinx, she poked him squarely in the chest with the index finger of her free hand. "You and Speedy, Race car game, TE Tower, Monday."

"Ha, he's so gonna get his butt kicked." Flash snorted, setting Jinx down on the couch in the Titans Tower's living room. "Sweetie, we're he-ere."

"Stop calling me that!" Jinx scowled teasingly.

"Whoa, when did you guys start dating?" Beast Boy asked from the couch, an eyebrow raising.

Both teens blushed. "We're not—" "I'm not—" "With him—" "We're just—" "At his apartment—"

"You know, I went there once." Cyborg said wistfully. "Never going back."

"During that mission?" Robin snorted to hide his laughter. "That was pretty funny."

Raven was silent, and Starfire was off somewhere, probably feeding her mutated silkworm, Silkie.

"What, it was that bad going out with me?" Jinx snorted, not seeing the look on Flash's face.

"Not that bad, Jinxie." Cyborg laughed, "Just…different, you know? And not an experience I'm going to miss."

Jinx laughed. "What, just because I got so happy that I accidentally made your food explode a few times…"

"I'm going to unpack." Flash said frostily, and disappeared.

Jinx rolled her eyes. "Wally—"

"That's weird." Robin noted.

"Yeah, Flash doesn't need to unpack—He has a room here." Beast Boy said, before turning back to the T.V.

"Well, it was nice seeing you again, Jinx." Cyborg said, suddenly blushing. "And uh, when you get back to that city o' yours, can you find Bee and tell her I'm looking forward to seeing her again?"

"Sure." Jinx said, smiling at her ex-boyfriend before running to chase after her unofficial-boyfriend and giant crush.


"Funny, I wasn't aware your room was on the roof." Jinx said dryly.

Flash didn't respond; he just continued staring over the railing that prevented him from falling off the roof.

"What's the matter?" Jinx asked, shifting uncomfortably. She was used to being part of other people business. She usually just kept to herself and let the guys in the H.I.V.E. Five work out their problems amoungst themselves.


"Really?" Jinx rolled her eyes, and Mini-Jinx meowed. "Look, even…Lynxie knows you're unhappy."

"Why didn't you tell me you dated…Cyborg?"

Jinx stared at him. "So this is what you were mad about?"

"It's not funny, Jinx." Flash muttered. "I have a right to know. I'm your—" I'm her what, exactly? Friend? Roommate? Boy…friend?

"My what?" Jinx growled, her eyes glowing menacingly. "We're not dating, and we're just friends, aren't we? You certainly don't seem interested in me and—"

Flash pulled her into a passionate kiss, his hands coming up to her cheeks. He slipped his tongue in her mouth, which was open in her surprise. He noticed how soft and silky her tongue felt, and he was pretty surprised that she hadn't pushed him away yet. His thumbs rubbed her soft skin in continuous circles, and he enjoyed it, even though he knew that Jinx would probably kill him for this later.

Jinx's eyes closed automatically. She was secretly delighted that he had kissed her. His lips were soft, and his thumbs left metaphoric electric sparks where they touched her skin. His tongue slipped into her mouth without her noticing, and when she did, she blushed deeply as his tongue tangled with hers.

In the end, it was he who pulled away, and he blushed darkly. "Jinx, I'm sorry."

The pink-haired sorceress smiled at him shyly, pulling his head down to her eye level. "Don't be." She whispered before leaning in.

More than a few minutes later, though to Flash, they felt like the most blissful eternity ever, he pulled away. "Does this mean we're dating now? Because Speedy thinks—"

"I know what Speedy said, Wally." Jinx smirked, pulling out the communicator from her jacket pocket. "I talked to him."

"Oh shit."

"That's riiight, Honey. He told me you had a crush on me ever since a briefing here and you saw my profile?" Jinx's smirk widened. "And he says he's always available if you ever dump me."

"I'm going to—"

"Kill him?" Jinx offered. "Maim, torture, kill, rip apart, tear to shreds, electrocute—"

"No wonder you made such a good villain." Flash muttered under his breath.

"Oh shut up and kiss me." Jinx scowled.

He obliged, and when they broke apart, both gasping for air, Jinx raised an eyebrow. Or, where her eyebrow would be if she had one.

"Wally?" She asked.

"Yes, Jinxie?" Flash asked, hugging her from behind as they gazed into the sunset like those cheesy romance movies Jinx was so fond of.

"Why did you lie to me about Mini-Jinx's name?" She asked sweetly, though under her tone lay pure menace.

"U-Uh…" Flash's smile turned into fear. "It's n-not that you look like a cat or anything and it's not an insult because Mini-Jinx is really cute and you're really cute too, so don't take that badly because both of you kind of look like each other and not that you look like a cat or anything Jinxie, but Mini-Jinx does kind of, slightly, maybe, sort-of, possibly reminds me of you and—"

She shut him up with a kiss.



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