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"Get out of the water, Artemis."

The voice barely managed to make it's way into his stoppered ears, but the interruption was enough to throw off Artemis Fowl's concentration. The result was a flawed and rather weak kickoff from the wall of the Manor's pool. He surfaced only a few feet away, wiping black hair back from his goggles so he could bestow the elf with an adequate scowl. "Hello to you, as well, Major."

Standing with one hand on her hip and the other cradling a helmet to her side, Holly Short reflected back his irritation. "We've got a lot to cover tonight on the Ritual tree project. Come on, out." She slapped her hip like a master calling for their dog.

Perhaps if Holly had not tried to summon him in this manner, Artemis would have agreed. Unfortunately, he did not take lightly to being treated like a well-trained Irish Setter. "I have devoted entirely too much time to this endeavor, as is. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must finish my exercises." Settling into a backstroke, he began to pull away from the elf.

"Artemis! Get back here! You...you...ooooh!" Holly slammed her helmet to the ground, looking about for a cleaning net or a life preserver to lob at the infuriating boy. 'Less than a minute into this meeting, and I'm already contemplating homicide. A new record, I think.'

Sadly, all of the cleaning and life-saving equipment seemed to have their own inconspicuous storage areas, and she did not have the time to find them. The indoor pool was practically empty, barring a few potted plants and an enormous plastic raft leaning against one wall. "This isn't a very safe pool, Artemis! What if you start to drown?" She hoped her admonishment would at least gain his attention.

"WHAT?" Artemis yelled far too loudly to be genuine. "Earplugs! Can't hear a thing!"

'Oh, that's it,' the elf seethed, nails digging into the palms of her hands. 'I am going out there and kicking him in his fat Mud Man head!' Her temper now as red-hot as her hair, Holly snatched the mattress-like flotation device from the wall, dragging it into the pool. Taking a few steps back from the edge, she built up speed and launched herself onto the raft, landing in much the same stance as a surfer. She instantly rocketed forward on her well-aimed craft, prepping her leg for a good swing.


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