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A single drop hit the floor of a very dark and hollow room. A young girl tensed at the sound only relaxing when the room returned to it's quietness. She slouched against a wall heavily shackled and bleeding. Her breathing was erratic from the pain she forced herself to bare constantly. How long had it been? Three days? No she knew it was less. She had been in there so long. It had become the norm walking up to nothing more than darkness. She wondered if she was even still in Amegakure. There was one thing she knew, and it was that she was being drugged and she was well aware of it. The strange almost invisible gas coming in through her air vents was impossible for a trained ninja to miss.

She coughed, wincing as her muscles tensed in pain as her injured body begged for medical attention. What a story that was. She shook her head ashamed she had made such a mistake. She had in fact been sent on the once kind of mission she had no skill in. That's right, a seduction mission. When it came down to it, TenTen could barely seduce a rock. She sighed lifting her head once to think back on her moment of shame. She had two years of training for seduction missions. Ino of course was her Sensei and Anko was there too. Hinata and Sakura were there purely to prevent any injuries TenTen could be provoked into causing.

Even so with all of her training, she had failed miserably. She started out her latest mission the same way she started them all. A mission briefing with Tsunande.

"Welcome. Your mission for today is basically a one man job. You two males are here mostly for protection, reinforcement and appearances " She explained quickly. "Something very important to Konohagakure written in a scroll has been stolen. The man who stole it has been reported to be last seen entering Amegakure," she continued crossing her fingers in front of her serious expression. "The information enclosed in that scroll could very well be the cause of another Great Ninja War. Do you understand this mission's importance? If so, you know there is no room for failure," She said sternly. The three in front of her nodded.

Neji, TenTen and Lee stood and bowed. "Very well, you're dismissed, leave as soon as possible!" She stated loudly. They nodded in agreement and left quietly. Tsunande spun her chair around slowly so she could look out over the village.

Was this okay? Was it right to send someone like TenTen to do this and demand no failures? It had to be wrong but she had no choice. The other Konoichi were all inconveniently busy. There was no other way to catch this man. He was an S-class ninja but of course an S-class pervert. Perhaps this was the only way he could be brought down.

The three parted to prepare for the sudden mission. Not much time was given nor needed for the preparation.

The trip to Amegakure was short and rather uncomplicated. There were no enemy attacks and no rest stops. The gates were in sight after a few hours of travel and there they took to their personas. TenTen now had Neji's moon white eyes from contacts created by her village. Her hair was released down her back and straightened. Neji assisted her in achieving the proper Hyuuga look with a Qipao in the Hyuuga's cream colors. She was acting as a Hyuuga main branch female while Lee and Neji were her protectors. Lee was also wearing a dark haired wig but his facial features were far too different from the Hyuugas so he sported an ANBU mask. They continued forth gracefully and were stopped at the village gates. The security of this village was truly something amazing. Their bags were taken and made sure not to be under any henges or genjutsus.

There bodies were checked closely although each pat of Tenten's body seemed to be more lewd than the next. Their traveling documentations were looked over and they were finally allowed into the village, but the security never slackened.

The 'Hyuuga' made their way peacefully to a popular hotel in the unfamiliar village. After quickly settling into their accommodations they left to seek out the targets location. He lurked surprisingly close by in a a shabby looking bar. They walked into the building and TenTen excused her self to go to the restroom. Her clothes were very eye catching for the occasion. Short and tight cream fabrics clung to her body and over her shoulders letting her creamy skin peek through. Her hair was now in a very elegant style with a mix of braids and curls. It framed her face perfectly making her look a few years older, serving the situation quite nicely.

Neji stole glances at her as she walked away. Truly stunning in appearance he was sure if truly a Hyuuga woman, the thought of a formal wedlock would not seem as worthless as the others had. He shook the thoughts away returning his focus to the mission.

TenTen had long spotted the target and was making her way slowly over to him. They followed closely behind. With the way the Chinese dress hugged her body and slid over her skin, she was already the center of attention within the bar.

She sat without a sound legs crossed bringing her Qipao just high enough to tickle any man's imagination.

"Orange Screwdriver, shaken, on the rocks please." TenTen ordered with a sweet smile towards the bartender. The bartender raised an eyebrow before disappearing to create it. TenTen looked over next to her and found a very drunk person. The same very drunk person she needed to seduce. Alcohol was always a nice factor in seduction.

"Hello." The drunk man heard. He lifted his head although it swayed and looked at this intriguing voice that had beckoned him. He blinked a few times. He had to be drunk because nothing this gorgeous ever came here. Wow was she beautiful...Her hair, her smile, that hidden lust in her eyes. He knew she wanted him, and it turned him on. He smiled a toothy grin.

"Well hello there. Wow someone as gorgeous as you should not be in this pathetic place at all. I came on a damn good day." he said. She giggled playing with her lip glossed lips. Neji forced back a smile. Not only was she 'giggling' the epitome of annoying girly noises TenTen despised, but she was now flirting shamelessly with a stranger who reeked of alcohol, and he could see a familiar nerve in her neck twitch that was her usual expression of complete irritation.

"Well what a sweet mouth you have there. The men in my village are nothing compared to you, I wonder if it tastes just as sweet?" she said, thanking the bar tender with a sweet smile and sipping her drink lightly. Her back muscles tensed and she swallowed the heavily liquor. Neji almost laughed out loud.

"My, someone is a very experienced drinker," he said looking at his simple bottle of Sake. The thought never occurred to Neji but, how did TenTen know just how to order such an expensive and elegant looking drink that could make her every muscle tremble so fiercely in such an inconspicuous way?

"Ha-ha, of course. I love them well prepared and as beautiful like sunsets. It tastes so much better and really relaxes me," She said tracing the rim of the cup lightly knowing if she drank any more, she would probably puke.

"Have any plans for tonight miss..." He droned off.

"T...Hoshiko Hyuuga." She said with a smile. He nodded seeming to miss her slip up. She sighed inwardly and smiled at him. "No sir, I have no plans immediately after this little outing," She said gracefully seeming to sip her drink but not talking in one drop.

He smiled. "Then maybe you would like to get to know each other in a more...private place?" He asked scooting closer. Sensing imminent danger Neji and Lee sprung to action to upkeep their personas.

"Relax Neji, Hiroto, I would enjoy that greatly," she said turning back to the man.

"But Hoshiko-sama, You know nothing of this man. How could it be safe to wander off in the palm of his hands?" Neji asked her with concern. TenTen was taken aback by this expression yet replied quickly. "NO! No it is quite fine. I am capable of caring for my own person." She said. Neji and Lee nodded seeming to hesitate, and left her with the man.

"Forgive my rudeness, I am Torao Tsukishima. I am honored. Come, I shall escort you to my subtle and small home," He said bowing to her. She giggled and took his outstretched hands making sure Neji and Lee could be sensed from her position. She followed him quietly and to her surprise his home was an apartment complex across the street. She gathered her thoughts back to the mission and turned to him.

"Wow conveniently placed aren't you." She said with a sly smile fingers slinking up his arm softly making him speed up. She matched his pace with no trouble. They reached his room and he pulled her in quickly and sat her down.

"So miss Hoshiko correct? What were you doing in a silly little bar like that? And so heavily protected too!" He asked. She jumped inwardly at the sudden curiosity She smiled at him and slid her hand across his leg. "Well just a bit lonely. But as a madam of the main branch I suppose I'm only alone amongst a crowd." She said reaching the top of his leg. She felt his shiver and smiled.

"And what were you doing at that lonely little bar?" She asked back still rubbing up and down his leg. His face contorted and she almost laughed. "I was celebrating a job well-done." He said enjoying her touch to the fullest. She could feel him thrust his legs into her palms as if to speed her up or bring her closer to his building desire.

"Oh? Were you promoted? Engaged? Maybe you passed a challenging test?" She asked sliding her hand up to his chest. He moaned and TenTen cringed inwardly in disgust.

"Well I ...found a very important scroll for the village." He moaned out. "Really? A scroll? So your a ninja then? How dangerous. You must be so very skilled for such a profession." She practically purred out. He grabbed her and they fell back making her revealing Qipao more revealing.

She felt his filthy body press against her panties under her slid up Qipao. Rolling her head about in 'ecstasy' she searched the room for the scroll.

Finally spotting it, she smiled.

"Gotcha." She flipped them over and knocked the man under her, out cold. She grabbed the scroll and fixed herself back to the way she was. The window and door were smashed open and several men entered the room.

"Seize her." Was the last thing she heard before was approached by a man who evaded all of her attacks and defenses and quickly knocked her unconscious.

When her eyes fluttered open and she began to come through, she found her hands restrained and a stranger standing before her. The same man she had knocked out before, was standing next to him smirking. She gasped and tried to move but recalled that her arms were rendered immobile.

"Don't bother HOSHIKO, those are chakra consuming constraints, the more you struggle the more chakra it will take until you're running on fumes," Torao said. TenTen sneered at him and he frowned. She walked over and stepped on her harshly drawing blood from her mouth.

"Behave bitch, you're in no position to disobey my orders," He said grabbing her by the hair to growl into her face."Torao, stop your antics now. You know her punishment and you know it well, so you will bring her no harm." The other man said. Torao rolled his eyes, seemingly disappointed.

He dropped her head roughly and walked away, still glaring at her. She growled and stood from where he had thrown her. She jumped up and flew at him successfully delivering a heavy blow to his face. She hadn't seen him retrieve his kunai knife, resulting in the huge slice in her back as she ricochet off his falling body to move away after landing her kick.

He scowled angrily watching the injured girl writhe in pain on the ground. He closed the distance between them, his eyes set on her and his mind set on her death, only to stop abruptly and fall to his knees. "Foolish man, I did warn you to leave her be. Now with your life you repay the disappointment " The other man said standing directly behind him. When his sentence was finished Torao fell flat against the ground unmoving. TenTen trembled as the man neared her.

The man hoisted her up and threw her over his shoulder. He walked swiftly off in a certain direction. "Invading our village only to wrongfully attack our few villagers that are not missing-nin? Unforgivable by far. You deserve the dark fate that lies before you." The man told her darkly reminding her of a younger Neji. The man dropped her in a small room. She winced as the cut skin was tugged on and a wave of pain coursed through her limbs. The man chuckled darkly attaching her limbs to similar restraints attached to the dingy wall.

"Rot." Was the last word she heard spoken by anyone for quite a while. She was tied up to the wall and then left in this dingy, bleak forgotten hell hole. She opened her eyes but she couldn't tell the difference from when they were closed. It was completely silent. There was no sound but the occasional drip of misplaced water. She wasn't fed, was given no water. No one spoke to her. Her time spent there was truly unbearable. She was slowly going mad. She found her self dreaming up some of the most peculiar things.

She also found herself constantly aroused. Which also proved to be a problem because she was tied up tightly. She sighed. Neji had to be hot on her heels. She just knew it. She could feel it. He would save her and she would wait patiently.

Neji jumped from building to building in silent rush. He searched the village carefully for TenTen making sure to search every square inch. But she was absolutely no where to be found. His flashed to a large empty lot. He could see absolutely nothing past the empty lot. He ceased running to deactivate his Byuakugan and inspect the lot closer. A building now stood in the same empty lot and Neji headed towards it. Taking out whatever security he found outside Neji made his way to the door and wasted no time bursting through the doors at a speed that could only be described by the Fourth Hokage himself.

TenTen had been captured three days ago. It was impossible to find her until now. Neji rushed into the building quickly riding himself of all any and all opponents. As he rounded a corner, He was slammed against a wall and attacked brutally until his eyes no longer opened and all consciousness was gone. He was carried over the shoulder of a man somewhere deep within the building.

When Neji finally stirred, he silently cursed the thought of more time escaping him as TenTen most likely drew further and further from being safe. All thoughts left him when in his peripheral vision he caught sight of his naked flesh. When he attempted movement he found his restraints. He was tied by his arms and legs against a wall and stark naked.

His eyes narrowed scanning for the person who dared to humiliate a Hyuuga in such a foolish way. His eyes lay upon a man smoking a pipe quietly watching him with burning interest as he sat in a chair a few strides from him.

Neji scowled. "And who might you be?" Neji asked.

"Is it not custom to give your name before asking it?" The man replied with a coy smile. Neji raised an eyebrow. "No more customary than to give your name before you attack another." Neji said. The man nodded with a slimy chuckle.

"Touche. I go by Tai-Ming. And you are the vary famous Neji Hyuuga. You are very well known. Goodie for you." He said puffing softly. Neji glared at him.

"Now might I have the pleasure of understanding why I am in such a revealing position as in the nude and on a wall?" Neji asked impatiently. The man chuckled once more and was engulfed in a cloud of smoke. He revealed a small woman in a long Chinese styled dress.

"Your going to be played with. Then you will obey the wishes of our master," she said simply, standing to walk slowly over to Neji. Tai-Ming grabbed Neji's chin and Neji's eyes widened. Something was strange. A surge of unfamiliar feeling dashed across his body. He was drugged. He had not eaten nor drunk any substance given to him, but of course he had been breathing so it must have been air poison.

"What have you done to me? What have you done to my teammate?" He asked a little louder at the end. The woman laughed again.

"SUCH SPUNK! I ADORE IT! IT TURNS ME ON!" She said dragging her hand down to flick Neji's nipple. Neji's head jerked back and Neji glared at her. "Although you glare such awful looks at me, your body tells no lies. Your quite lewd Mr. Hyuuga. You look like you may burst any moment from just one little touch." She said scraping a thin nail against his newly formed erection. Unable to hold back Neji grunted.

"Oh? What was that? A grunt? No that will not do. I need more or I'll never be satisfied," She said. Neji glared at her through watering eyes. Tai-Ming scraped his erection again making him gasp softly instead. Tai-Ming took his erection into her hand and began to pump him. She fiddled with his nipples as well. Neji writhed in disgusted pleasure while the woman with his devilish smirk played with his body shamelessly.

Neji finally moaned when Tai-Ming licked his nipple slowly. The woman withdrew her hand and cleaned it off with a nearby cloth. He also watched Neji breath heavily. "Good you are ready now." He said with such malice that Neji had to swallow in fear. He was released from the wall but kept tied up, Blindfolded, and led quietly to a room. The blindfold was removed and Neji's eyes widened.

TenTen was thinking of some way to escape the insanity. Neji bursting in to save her was the only thing that kept her sane and living. She had so much hope balanced on the next time that door swung open. He was close she knew she could sense him but perhaps something was keeping him from sensing her.

The door to her imprisonment was opened suddenly and she was ripped from the wall. She was carried blood and all to another room where she was tied down to a table. The man who laid her down left quickly and she noticed a man smoking a pipe. He glanced at her and gave a devilishly handsome smile. TenTen simply glared.

"What am I doing here?" She growled out. He simply chuckled. "Your here to entertain me," He said with her grin still perfectly place. "I'm sure you will enjoy it almost as much as I will." He said. TenTen's eyes shot hopefully over to the door when she heard it begin to open. Some one stepped in quietly and looked at them all.

TenTen smiled with such a bright shine of hope. "Yes Its you..."

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