Okay. I did a sequel. Couldn't help it. But this ISN'T a chapter fic. N.O. It would never get finished if it were!

Watanuki thought it was bad enough that he was stuck in this damn club with a bunch of crazy boys who wanted to force him into ridiculous outfits. I mean, it was like he'd suddenly been cast into the clutches of several male Yukos who didn't drink!

But this was too much.

"Oy. More tea."

Watanuki felt the anger bubbling, but he didn't scream. Being rude got you "The Look"from Kyoya Ootori. And "The Look" was terrifying.

"Kyaaa! Who's that handsome young man at Watanuki-Kun's table?"

"Iyieee! He's so dreamy!"

"What uniform is that? Why is he here instead of at his own school?"

The clients were scary but...

"Isn't it obvious? They are secret lovers, separated by cruel fate and forced to attend separate schools! Their families learned of their forbidden love and so Watanuki-Kun was sent here to Ouran! But his tall, dark, handsome, mysterious lover could not bear to be without his darling's sweet kiss and warm embrace! And so he rebelled, skipping his classes to be in the company of his one true love!" Renge cried into her microphone, making elaborate motions with her arms as she spoke.

The clients got more and more excited with every word as Watanuki grew more and more disturbed.

Where the hell did she get such far-fetched and creepy ideas? Doumeki, his lover? Hell NO.

"Oy. Tea won't pour itself."

He opened his mouth, and immediately closed it as Kyoya's eyes turned his way. Silently, he poured the tea.

"Look, they compliment one another so well! With Watanuki-Kun's soft, angelic beauty and his lover's dark, mysterious and handsome appearance... Aaaah~! Wonderful!" Renge exclaimed.

"Wonderful." All the clients repeated, dreamily.

Watanuki inwardly groaned.


"What?" Watanuki grumbled softly.

"Where are we anyway?"

"Grrr.... You followed me here and you don't even know?" Watanuki hissed quietly.

"I was paying attention to other things." Doumeki admitted, staring dully into Watanuki's eyes.

"Like what?" Watanuki asked, nervously.

"Had a nice view." Doumeki replied, shrugging, a smirk pulling at the corners of his lips slightly.

"What view?" Watanuki asked suspiciously.


"Dammit, you!" Watanuki finally snapped, standing up and waving an arm at the archer. "YOU THINK YOUR SO FUNNY, DON'T YOU?!"

"Look at the tension! Sexual-frustration builds so quickly for him! He has to yell to relieve it! And he's too embarrassed to whisper to his lover in public. Oh darling, take me now... Let us find some place where we can share our love in a more sensual way... Away from prying eyes~!"

Oh God. He'd never wanted to hit a girl before in his life, but Renge was INSANE.

On the other side of the room the twins stood, watching.

"Huh... looks like those two are winning away our clients." Hikaru remarked.

"Our brotherly-love bit just looks fake in comparrison to a reallove between two men." Kaoru replied.

"Ah well. Less work for us." The said in unison.

And to Kyoya's surprise, they did not see the increase he had calculated.

That day they saw a 67% increase in their profits.

Ta da! Done! No more! You get this sequel and nothing more! (Sticks out tongue) So nyeh!