Chapter One – Hikaru's Early Morning

Hikaru rolled over as the morning sun interrupted his sleep. He blinked a little letting his eyes adjust to the dimly lit room.

"I should've known better than to sleep facing the window…" he mumbled to himself rubbing his eyes.

He turned over pulling the covers over his head to try to get a little more sleep, waking up early in the morning was certainly not on his favorite things to do list. It was no good. He just couldn't drift off. He opened his eyes; the dark provided by the covers soothed them from the unforgiving intensity of the sun. The only thing he could make out in the darkness was the form of his little brother.

Hikaru watched as Kaoru's back slowly rose and fell with the steady breathing of deep sleep. He became jealous – why should his twin be able to sleep so peacefully while he lay here so… bored. The thought quickly disappeared as an idea formed in his mind. He scooted closer to the middle of the bed and grinned as he raised an index finger. He started at the base of his twin's neck and ran it lightly down his spine.

The older twin let out a small involuntary laugh as Kaoru shivered in his sleep. However, this was not enough to wake his sleeping twin, much to his dismay. He did it again, but this time he pressed a bit harder with the pad of his finger. Kaoru elicited the same response, only this time he issued a small moan.

Hikaru suddenly had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach; it felt much like a jolt. A series of extremely graphic images ran through his mind involving Kaoru and himself and a locked door. He shook his head trying to erase those scary, horrifying, but at the same time exciting thoughts. They only participated in the "brotherly love style" for their guests.

This thought calmed his jolting stomach and he sat up to look at the clock. It was only a couple of minutes before their maids would be coming in to wake them. He nudged Kaoru's back.

"Kaoru… Kaoru…" he called softly.

The younger twin groaned and ignored him. This did not please Hikaru, so he bent down over his twin and blew lightly into his ear. Kaoru jerked into a sitting position out of his half-wake state.

Hikaru wrapped his arms around him and ruffled his hair, "Time to wake up sleepy head."

"You're usually the sleepy head," Kaoru yawned gripping his brother's arms.

Hikaru smiled and a thought ran through his mind Kaoru is so cute…. He shook his head. That's like thinking I'm cute!

As those thoughts rattled through his mind he wasn't paying attention and he suddenly felt something jab him in the side. He jumped away and dove under the covers. The next thing he knew his twin was bursting out laughing.

"You poked me!" he accused.

Kaoru smirked pointing at him with the culprit of his sudden dive, "You weren't paying attention Hikaru."

"You're going to get it now Kaoru!" Hikaru grinned darkly as he pulled himself out of the covers. He jumped with the pile of covers and wrapped his little brother tightly in them. Kaoru tried to resist, but it was no use, in seconds he was completely invisible under the covers.

"Hiiiikaaaaruuuu!!!!" Kaoru's whining voice was muffled under the layers, "Let me out!"

"Oh I don't know if I could find you under all those covers Kaoru!" the older twin teased and started poking the covers in random places.

A pathetic whine issued from underneath. If it were possible his grin grew even larger, but he decided to go to his little brother's rescue.

"Aw, it's okay Kaoru! I'll save you!" the older twin started removing the cover layers.

A soft knocking came from their door, but it was ignored by the twins who were both enjoying their little game (though Kaoru probably wouldn't admit it.)

"Young Masters! Breakfast is…" the twin girl maids had come in to an interesting sight. Hikaru was half naked and stripping covers off a lump in the bed with a half-laughing, half perverted look on his face. They sighed, "Ready."

"Okay, okay we'll be there in a minute!" Hikaru sounded slightly irritated, as he did with anyone else (besides Kaoru) before he had his breakfast.