…….. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo uber sorry!!!!!!! I should've finished this months ago! It's been so long that I don't really remember what I was going to add to this story next. I think the best thing to do would be to finish it up with a final chapter! As promised – here comes the reason why I rated it M. *grin* Enjoy my first lemon writing!

Chapter 7: Bedroom

"Nah! Hikaru how do you do this!" Kaoru whined.

The younger twin was sitting Indian style in the chair at his desk. He was fresh out of the shower, his short, red hair still slightly damp. He brushed his bangs away in annoyance. His cheeks were a rosy color from a mix of his frustration and the heat from the shower. He scribbled out his latest attempt at solving his chemistry homework.

He turned to his twin who was returning from the bathroom. He leaned over Kaoru's chair pretending to look at the stack of papers on the desk.

"Like this," Hikaru placed a kiss on Kaoru' s neck.

Kaoru let out a whimper, "Hikaru, I… I have to finish!"

Hikaru sighed, "Fine. Fine. I'll help. It's easy any way."

He glanced down at his twin's homework. It made sense to him a second ago, but now the only thing he could think about was the taste of Kaoru's skin. He was hoping that his brother wouldn't object again, "You can do it later…" Hikaru grunted pushing away his twin's homework.

"But I have-"Kaoru was cut off by a soft kiss to his lips, "to…fin…ish.."

Hikaru grinned and pulled him into his chest, "Yes, I would like to finish."

He kissed him again, but this time he lengthened it by parting his twin's lips and using his tongue to explore. Kaoru let out a surprised yelp when he nibbled on his lower lip. Hikaru laughed.

"What's so funny?" Kaoru whined.

"How cute you are," Hikaru replied standing up; he knelt down and took Kaoru by the sides causing him to let out a little gasp. He laughed a little and hoisted Kaoru up.

He carried him to their bed. After setting him down he crawled onto the bed himself leaning over his twin. He pressed a kiss onto him going even deeper than the previous. Kaoru gripped his shoulders trying to pull his twin closer.

Both twins panted, Hikaru took Kaoru's chin tilting it up and gave him soft kisses along his jaw. His twin turned his head to the side and Hikaru continued kisses down his neck. His twin let out soft pleasant noises and shivered beneath him turning his already blushing skin a deeper shade of crimson.

Hikaru was glad that his brother only wore a pair of orange pajama pants to bed. It was easier than flustering with all those buttons of their school uniforms when he and Kaoru were at school. He slid his fingers over his twin's chest making sure he wouldn't object. Kaoru let out a small, strange gasp.

"Kaoru?" his finger steadied, "Do you want me to stop?"

Kaoru whispered, "Y-your fingers are cold, that's all."

Kaoru slid the icy digits into his mouth, touching them lightly with his tongue before starting to suck on them. Hikaru's hand twitched as Kaoru ran his tongue over his fingertips. He gave out a low groan and he gave him a small chuckle. He didn't want his twin to stop, but his growing want overcame him and he slipped them slowly out.

He brought his dampened finger around Kaoru's nipple teasing the sensitive area around it. He ran his tongue lightly over the tip of it. He could feel his twin jerk beneath him as it hardened.

"Ah!" Kaoru moaned loudly in response and covered his mouth with his hands.

"What's wrong Kaoru?" Hikaru teased as he smiled and flicked the reddened nipple.

"I...I …" For once Kaoru was lost for words.

"Do you like it?" Hikaru kissed his chest.

"…….Yes," his twin had squeezed his eyes shut and was blushing an even deeper shade of red.

"Nuh-uh you have to keep your eyes open Kaoru," Hikaru kissed his neck lingering there for a few moments.

Kaoru's eyes snapped open from his nipping, "Hikaru! That will-"

"Leave a mark where everyone else can see it," Hikaru teased.

"No….don't…. Hi-Hikaru!" Kaoru pleaded, but Hikaru had moved back to his chest and did the same thing there. This time when he lifted his head again there was a small purple spot on Kaoru's otherwise flawless skin.


"Aw, Nobody will see it," Hikaru grinned.

He pressed another kiss to Kaoru's lips as he pulled his knee forward to go in between his twin's legs. Kaoru groaned as it pressed against him allowing Hikaru's tongue to enter his mouth again. While he did this his hand traveled south teasing his nipples and tickling his stomach on the way.

Hikaru could feel his twin's hardened member through the orange fabric. He ran his finger down the length of it. Kaoru let out the neediest whimper yet. Hikaru moved both hands to the top of Kaoru's pants and pulled at the top of them. Kaoru stopped him as he gasped for air.

"What's wrong Kaoru?" Hikaru asked immediately stopping. It was hard to do, but he would never force Kaoru into doing anything.

"I'm sorry….. I'm… just………….. a little….. a little…nervous…….," Kaoru said very quietly panting a little between words.

"Awww its okay," Hikaru reassured him, "I'm hard too."

Then Kaoru surprised him. He lifted his hand and touched it to Hikaru's pants and gently gripped his obvious erection. A small groan escaped Hikaru at which his twin giggled. "You are hard."

"Kaoru……" Hikaru scolded, "You should be a good boy now."

"You're not," his twin said as Kaoru stroked him again.

"I don't have to be," Hikaru smirked and he returned to his twin's pants. Kaoru was going to regret teasing him

He thought it would be something easy, but tugging off a pair of pants from someone who was lying down turned out to be a little bit more difficult than he thought. He did revel in the fact that he'd pulled off Kaoru's underwear with it. Now his twin lay completely exposed in front of him. It wasn't like he hadn't seen Kaoru naked before, but he looked over his body more closely. The way it was flushed, his obvious need, and the way Kaoru's eyes, that mirrored his own, saw only him. They saw only each other.

He started to stroke Kaoru who responded by moaning and gripping the covers beneath him. Hikaru felt the swelled muscle become harder under his fingertips. He knelt his head down again taking the top of the hard member into his mouth and flicked his tongue over the tip.

Kaoru moaned loudly as his hips jerked in response, "H-Hikaru!"

Hikaru found it extremely pleasurable to hear his name said that way. He was enjoying the taste of the wetness that his twin had already expelled. He wanted to taste more, always wanting to taste more.

He started sucking and brining Kaoru's member in and out of his mouth. His twin cried out in pleasure louder and louder. Kaoru's back arched and his hips jerked trying to push it further and further in. Hikaru ran his tongue around it, sometimes letting his teeth lightly graze it, causing Kaoru to push so hard that his hands went to Kaoru's hips to steady them a little.

"H-Hikaru! Wait! I-I …." The rest of his sentence turned into a jumbled mess as he came.

Hikaru felt the warm and sticky liquid fill his mouth and swallowed it. He licked Kaoru's member cleaning off any excess. Both twins panted heavily.

"I'm sorry," Kaoru whined but Hikaru swept him into a hug and a kiss hoping that Kaoru would taste himself on his tongue.

Hikaru proceeded to slip off his boxer shorts. His aching member felt slightly better after being released from its tight confinement. He grabbed the hand lotion bottle from the nightstand.

"Wait," Kaoru s sat up and took the bottle. He squeezed a generous amount of it onto his own hands, "Let me do it."

His twin took Hikaru's member into his hands. He thought he was going to lose it when he ever so gently and slowly covered his erection with the lotion in massaging motions. Kaoru giggled as Hikaru groaned at every touch.

"You're sensitive too," he smirked at him.

"Not as sensitive as you, Kaoru," Hikaru took Kaoru's chin and pressed a light kiss onto his slightly swollen lips.

"….Hikaru.." Kaoru breathed as his twin leaned him forward onto his belly.

Letting a little lotion get onto his fingers Hikaru slipped his fingers between Kaoru's thighs spreading them without any resistance from the younger twin. He brought his fingers down to Kaoru's entrance letting them linger there for a moment.

He hesitated for a moment. He was afraid of hurting Kaoru. He looked at his twin's glazed eyes before sliding his index finger into him.

"Ah! Tha… Hikaru!" Kaoru was at a loss for words again. His eyes were squeezed shut tightly almost as if in pain. Feeling guilty, Hikaru started to draw his finger back out.

"No….. please… don't! Hikaru please," Kaoru pleaded drawing his hips downwards.

The guilt slipped away as quickly as it had come. Hikaru slipped it a little further out, "Please what?"

"Please…….. go…. Deeper…" Kaoru begged gripping the pillow underneath him.

Hikaru complied and let his finger delve deeper into his twin. He quickly became used to it and he whimpered. He slipped in a second digit. Kaoru winced a little spreading his legs a bit further apart, but begged for a third almost immediately after the second.

This was when he realized he had complete control of his twin. Kaoru moaned loudly beneath him begging for him to go ever deeper. He moved his fingers inside watching Kaoru follow each motion.

He slipped his fingers out of his twin who cried out as he did so. Hikaru hugged his twin as he positioned himself on top of him at his entrance. He kissed Kaoru first on his back and then moved to his neck, his cheek and finally to his ear. Kaoru shook beneath him his moans had turned to heavy panting.

"Hikaru…" Kaoru breathed quietly.

"Kaoru…" Hikaru slid himself slowly inside his twin. He could feel the heat and tightness as he became enveloped by his twin.

"Nuh.. Ah!" Kaoru cried out gripping the covers beneath him.

"I'm sorry Kaoru," Hikaru whispered into his ear.

"Hika… please… I… just want to be yours." Kaoru said quietly.

Hikaru couldn't resist anymore. At his twin's words he began to thrust slowly into him holding onto Kaoru's hips as he did so. It wasn't long before Kaoru began to match his thrusts with him. Hikaru's hands slipped back to Kaoru's member and once again it had become hard. His thrusts had become harder. Soon he was hitting the spot that made his mirrored half moan wildly in pleasure.

"Hikaru I think I'm going to come again…." He whispered.

"Kaoru…" Hikaru said as he reached his limit. He released himself inside of his twin just seconds before Kaoru released again onto the covers beneath them.

For a moment the twins were both still and panting. Both of them were trying desperately to catch their breath as they held themselves up. Hikaru could feel Kaoru shaking, threatening to collapse from exhaustion. He pulled himself out of his twin as quickly and painlessly as he could.

Kaoru fell forward into the pillows. Hikaru laid down beside him lifting up one arm for his brother to crawl over to him. Kaoru scooted to him and he wrapped his arm around his little brother holding him close to his chest.

"Hikaru…" Kaoru mumbled into his chest.

"Are you alright Kaoru?" Hikaru asked looking down at his brother's head.

His twin nodded and looked up, "Now I'm yours Hikaru… I love you."

He placed a tiny kiss to Hikaru's lips. Hikaru squeezed his twin embracing him tighter.

"I love you too Kaoru."

A long time in coming! This story is finally over! I'm happy and sad at the same time. I do have an idea for a sequel and a couple of one shots which I started a long time ago and I really want to finish. All of them pertaining to the twins of course. The sequel however would come from Kaoru's point of view rather than Hikaru's. He was a lot fun to get into the mindset of though.