Shishido bowed graciously after Ohtori's mother let him in to see his boyfriend; the woman requiring only a little bit of persuasion on Shishido's part. He'd be damned if he didn't visit Ohtori when the younger boy was stuck home sick, after all what kind of boyfriend wouldn't make sure that his lover was okay. Shishido made his way up the stairs to where he knew Ohtori's room to be, hoping that the other boy was awake. Upon reaching the room, Shishido knocked lightly on the open door.

Ohtori smiled weakly at the sight of his boyfriend standing in the doorway. It was a very welcome sight. Ohtori had been trapped in his room all day, only venturing to a different part of his large house when he needed a new box of tissues or his one disastrous attempt at eating. Since the chicken soup incident he had decided that it was better to just remain in bed; regurgitated chicken not being on his list of things to ever look at again. Ohtori thought that the pains of being sick might not be too bad though, if it meant that Shishido would rush over after practice to check on him.

"Shishido-san, what are you doing here?" Ohtori croaked out, wincing as his sore throat protested being used.

"What I can't visit you when you're sick?" Shishido teased with a smirk.

Ohtori merely smiled back as best as he could, thinking it better not to talk unless necessary; Shishido would understand. Nodding to let Ohtori know that he understood, Shishido pulled the computer chair from Ohtori's desk and situated himself beside his boyfriend's bed.

"So how are you feeling?"

"I've been better." Ohtori replied, "My head is throbbing, I feel cold and hot at the same time, I…" he trailed off his hand flying to his mouth as he shot up from the bed.

Shishido flew from the chair, sending it across the room to hit the wall from the sheer force of his movement. He rushed to Ohtori's side as the taller boy stumbled towards the door that led to the attached bathroom. Shishido tried to help the silver haired boy to the bathroom but only succeeded in getting in the way. Just as they reached the bathroom, Ohtori's self-control gave out and the translucent yellow liquid came spewing out of his mouth and onto Shishido's torso.

Shishido's face contorted with disgust and he tried to control his gag-reflex as his boyfriends vomit dripped down his shirt. Had it been anybody else Shishido would have been cursing and storming out of the house; but when the taller boy was looking at him with such apologetic chocolate puppy eyes Shishido couldn't find it in him to be angry. Sighing Shishido pulled the soiled shirt over his head and threw it in the Jacuzzi style bathtub so that nothing else would get any of the sick on it. He growled upon noticing the spatter of discharge coating his jeans and removed those as well.

Ohtori watched the hot-tempered boy step out of his dirty clothes, worried that Shishido was mad at him. He had tried not to throw up all over his boyfriend but Shishido had made it difficult, and Ohtori could only hold it back for so long. Biting his lip he waited for the brunette's biting anger that he was sure would come.

Upon noticing the uneasy looking on his doubles partners face Shishido sighed and counted to ten before speaking, "Look, Choutarou, it's no big deal. You're sick it's not like you meant to throw-up on me."

Ohtori nodded at his best friend and smiled gratefully. He stepped around Shishido to turn on the shower, "The smell will cling to you if you don't wash up," He explained, "You can borrow some of my clothes once we're done."

Shishido was about to mummer a thank you when Ohtori's words clicked in his head, "Choutarou, what do you mean 'we?' You're sick, that's probably not such a good idea."

Ohtori turned one of his innocent smiles on Shishido, "Don't worry Shishido-san, it'll be fine," he assured him, unbuttoning his pajama top.

Shishido knew better than to actually believe that Ohtori was thinking about his well-being in any way. Months of dating the younger boy had taught Shishido that although his boyfriend was overly polite and sometimes obliviously naive, he was not nearly as innocent as everyone thought he was. Sure Shishido usually initiated their sexual interactions but once they started Choutarou didn't hold anything back, taking full control of the situation and leading it wherever he wanted it to go.

Shishido knew that he should protest more; how would Ohtori get better if he over-exerted himself? However, Shishido also knew that he couldn't refuse Ohtori anything. Giving in before he even began to argue, Shishido tested the waters temperature before stripping off his boxers and stepping under the warm spray.

Ohtori's smile widened as he rushed to remove the rest of his clothes and join his lover in the shower; his haste causing a progression of coughs to rack his body. Once he got the coughs under control, Ohtori ignored the 'I told you so' look from the other boy and sidled into the shower as well. He wrapped his arms around the older boy's waist, pulling his strong back flush against his chest and placing kisses along the brunette's neck. Sucking and nibbling at Shishido's tender flesh Choutarou allowed his hands to roam over his senpai's body. As one hand caressed the expanse of solid abs and pectorals, slowing its progression when it traveled over an erect nipple, the other hand crept downward to coax Shishido's member to attention.

Shishido tilted his head to grant better access to his lover. As Choutarou's calloused hand continued to massage his growing erection Shishido couldn't suppress the needy moans that escaped his lips or keep his hips from bucking. Even with the occasional coughing and the lack of strength Ohtori was suffering from he knew just what to do to give Shishido the utmost pleasure, the fingers working into his hole were more than enough as they probed his prostate. Once Shishido was stretched, enough Ohtori removed his fingers and aligned the tip of his arousal with the puckered opening. Heatedly he pushed in, quickly setting a frenzied pace, pumping his lovers cock in time with the erratic thrusts.

The pace was disturbed as Ohtori sneezed and broke into another savage coughing fit. As the coughs died down he sagged against the warm back of his boyfriend, attempting to catch his breath and wincing each time air rushed down his raw throat.

"Oi, Choutarou, don't you dare stop now! You're the one who started this in the first place!" Shishido scolded

Ohtori smiled as he placed a tender kiss to the older boys shoulder, "Don't worry Shishido-san, I just needed to catch my breath, I'm not stopping."

"Good, and stop calling me Shishido-san when we're having sex; I told you it's creepy."

"Sorry Ryo."

Ohtori picked up the pace once again, pushing harder and faster hoping to finish before his body got too weak to handle it. The furious pace combined with the effects of illness quickly drained the energy from his body, causing him to shake and his grip on Shishido's hips to slacken. As Ohtori began to pant from the exertion of trying to continue on Shishido pulled away and turned to face his friend.

"I told you this was a bad idea; you're just going to make yourself sicker." He scowled.

"A-ah, b-but Shishido-san, I…"

"Yeah, yeah I know, you want to finish what you started; that's not gonna happen though, you can barely stand."

Ohtori opened his mouth to argue but was quickly silenced by a fierce glare and Shishido pushing on his shoulders making him sit on the tiled floor of the shower, back leaning against the wall.

"Don't worry I'll take care of you."

Ohtori gasped as the brunette took him into his mouth. The usually warm cavern felt cool against his fevered flesh, the tongue swirling around his member drawing moans from his sore throat. His head reeled with every suck or caress to his swollen manhood. The pleasure built until he burst, releasing his seed deep within Shishido's throat. As he basked in the afterglow, Ohtori was vaguely aware of his boyfriend violently jerking off right in front of him. The sexual activities began to catch up with his weary body and his eyes began to fall closed, lulled to sleep by the feel of strong hands washing his body clean.

When Ohtori awoke, he was dressed in his comfortable flannel pajamas and nestled snuggly under the warm covers of his bed. Smiling he laced his fingers with the ones resting against his hip, snuggling back into the heat of Shishido's muscled chest and drifting back into sleep. He was beginning to feel better already.